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(Singapore) Amazing day spent at USS!

Day started out gloomy. Before my alarm even rings, 
I was woken up by the noises of heavy rain sound.. 
First I thought awww what a perfect weather to sleep in
Next second it dawns on me that: fuck it's our USS day!!

We bought our tickets beforehand from my cousin's friend,
who, had some sort of connection that got us the tix at rm160/each
Normal price would be like SGD74 which means rm210  O.O!!
Goshhh we saved like rm50

Morning vibes killed a little by the rain but that didn't stop us :D 
Got up, headed out, have tons of fun as planned!! 
No choice already right, ticket was bought and it was a 1-day pass.
To make ourselves feel better we were like 
"Okay lah maybe rainy day, lesser people, less crowed we get to play more"

WRONG AS FUCK!!  Still damn crowdy there  T.T 
It was a Monday and raining, still got so many people.. 
Geez I can only imagine the normal days

First you go to the Habourfront Station, go up Vivocity level 3, 
take Sentosa express and go to the Waterfront Station! 
Thats where USS is at

We bought only the normal tickets because poor.
There's this Express Ticket that gives you the privilege to go on rides without having to stand in the line with normal ticket holders. Of course there'll also be a line for Express Tickets holders
(rich people everywhere but not me what is this) but the waiting time is much much shorter! 
For a ride normal tix needs to wait like 45 minutes;
Express tix probably only 5mins. Money works wonder, bruh.
Think it costs an extra $50, not sure, didn't ask, couldn't afford

Wonder why are there no people in this shot?
BCOS I TOOK THIS UNDER THE RAIN while everybodys standing under the shelter
DO IT FOR THE PHOTO. Look at how wet my hair is  T.T 

Wore a cropped top, high waist shorts and a flannel.
Only took it off for the photo bcos can't bear my fats to be seen!  T.T 
I'd actually advice anyone to dress this way to a theme/amusement park
If it's hot, take off ur flannel; if it's cold or raining or having a tummy after meals, put it on! 

but NO BIRKENSTOCKS!  Biggest mistake I made
Birkenstocks wearer would know how disgusting it gets when the shoes touch water. Its like EEW NO WHY SO GROSS I CAN'T WALK PROPERLY ITS NIAM NIAM AND SLIPPERY I HATE THIS
because it was raining remember, sunny days should be fine

Go for sports shoes or sneakers wookays 
You need a pair of comfortable shoes to walk in all day.

(USS map to help increase your understanding heheh)

First thing you see after the entrance,

Was posing for a photo at the same time pointing at the Souvenir shop:
"Let's go in there!!"

On the bright side, the day wasn't super hot and made us sweaty.
I prefer chilly cloudy day over a blazing-hot sunny one when I travel.

View back to my Bangkok trip, everyday was crazy hot and seriously 
the sun was a mood-killer because my friends and I
got all super sweaty, sticky hair and body and honestly no mood to take pics.
Or shopping because all we could think about was to go back to hotel to shower lol.
Yea and scorching sun makes people 10x tired too.. can't open your eyes and all
or is it just me :3

Anyways, the weather that day was perfect, rain stopped at 2pm++
and it got cloudy afterwards, no shinning sun hehehe
Just how I like it ;p

The cheapest tumbler in there, but too bad I ain't no fan of Kung Fu Panda.
Sorry cuties!!! 

Just a piece of information, if you plan on getting a tumbler(transformer, whatevas) in USS, you should do it the first thing you step in.
The first drink is FREE and the following ones cost only $2 each!! 
Which is quite cheap already considered a mineral water costs $2.8 in there 

Staying hydrated is very important as you'll be spending a long day there 
So be wise, don't go randomly purchase a few drinks priced at $5-6
Buy the bottle instead as it can be memorable too :3 or make it a souvenir lol

Sci Fi City

Did I mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Transformers!?
I almost teared(out of love) when the ride first started T.T
It's a 3D ride and you can feel as if your favorite transformer has came to life
Of course my favorite iz, Optimus Prime!!!! 

There are normal ride and single rider.
Normal ride is 2 people in a row one(I assume?), 
Single rider is where you will be randomly placed with strangers. 
I went for the latter bcos it's wayyyyyyyy faster!! 
Normal rides takes about 45mins, while Single Rider takes like.. 2-3 minutes 

I don't understand people that insist on taking normal ride.
I mean like, why? You won't be able to talk to your friend in there also,
just enjoy the rideee!

Took this photo bcos obviously.. I didn't have the heart to buy :/ 
Eh its expensive and the bottle feels fragile, the plastic is very light weighted
And looks like the head will come off anytime.
I WAS LIKE NO NO.  No matter how much I love you, my Optimus love..

But now I very regret already lah!!!!
Next time if I'm visiting again I'll buy for sure T.T

Lesson of the story: BUY!! DON'T HESITATE! 过错好过错过
HAHAHHAH a quote from my friend.

No lahhh but seriously, you gotta imagine, one week later, back home, 
Lying on your bed in the middle of the night,
Will u have regrets that u didn't buy this damn thing? 
If you're unable to answer this question most likely you will,
better take it back home with you!!!!

Came all the way here already, what's a twenty dollars to save :3 

Am I the only one who thinks this is.. wrong?
HAHHAHA get it.

Star of the day: Battleship Galantica. (the red one)
We lined up for about an hour for this ride!  It lasted for only like 30secs lols.
Cousie excitingly suggested us to get onto the first row without hesitations BECAUSE 
I was like WTF R U SURE and tried talking her out of it..   =.=
Apparently I failed in the hand of destiny bcos it appeared we can't choose our seats
and when it came to our turn,
the staff in charge went "you two, first row"
I was like shit, destiny


but I loved it!!
My heart literally stopped when we reached the top 
Okay just kidding because there was no time to think so much
Before I knew it, we already went dropping down the hill 
and scream like nobody's business 
Ermagaaaaaa I love that feelinggggg
Too bad the line was too long
I would've lined up for second time 

Didn't go on the blue one bcos the waiting time was about 120minutes, lehma siao.
And the time they estimated is usually low balling so in fact it can take up to 3 hours..
No baby no, ain't no wastin 3 hours on a damn ride

New York

(Guess who made it to Fifth Avenue!?)  

.. Now you know why nobody ever hired me for carshows
I look like a hippo leaning against the vehicle.. Bruh 

Ancient Egypt

A very pretty Egypt princes and a warrior kept glaring at each other for some unknown reason
They tryna make whoever attempts to take photos with them feel awkward, 
The only thing I feel is they r going to have an intense sex afterwards 


Had our lunch at Oasis Spice Cafe in Ancient Egypt.
They serve Indian food there, I order this really delicious curry rice.
(maybe I was just too hungry lol)

With the entrance ticket, we also got $5 off voucher for meal.
The food is originally $13 but with $5 off, it became $8 only :D 
Gotta love discounts 

The Lost World

Didn't spend much time in The Lost World bcos the line for the ride was crazyyy.
What a waste man, finally getting to USS but the crowd made it difficult to enjoy every single ride. Come to think of it, I probably only went on 40% rides.. 

This is exactly why people keep going back for so many times!
Way to keep your business huh, USS 

Far Far Away

Yes, I went on this red mini roller coaster which is like a smaller version of Battlestar Galantica.
It's not as thrilling but you can at the same time overlook the entire USS and the lakeview!!
It  took about 20mins only so why not 


Meet the cousie! 

Hehehhehe a bit paiseh to say but I LOVE this Madagascar ride.
It's like a boat thing that carries you into a dark river and you can see all the Madagascar characters talking and acting, so cute!!!!!! Some people maybe think it's lame but I was like AWW!!
Wanna see the cutest side of Kar Wei?  Bring her to a theme park

We spent the last hour strolling around,
making sure we take a really good look of the place..
Every single corner!! 

Right before we exit, saw this(these) cute little costumed minions walking around
There's even a line and 3 security guards helping with the line..
U know u got it, the sensational minion boys. 

*Couldn't laugh as cheerful as my cousin because
I just finished having a corndog and it was all over my braces 


The opening hours of USS is 10am-7pm.
We got there at 11am and obviously stayed till the end
And went to Siloso's beach afterwards! (next post)

I'm surprised I lasted that long because 
If you know me in real life, you'd know I am the kind of asshole that
screams tired all the time.. even without doing anything
The day before USS I was like noooo, how tired will I be tomorrow
but surprisingly, I got super hyped the next day and my face was like :D
The entired time lollll.
Its like being back to 3 years old.
Ok maybe 5.

My point is, you'll be so occupied and entertained in USS
you won't feel tired at all!  AND I REALLY LOVED IT THEREEEE
There wasn't a moment I'm not smiling in there 
(except when I see the prices of em souvenirs)

(A candid while trying to flip my hair the right place,
turned out they looked better being flipped)

Yep, thats pretty much it.
Next I'll be blogging some of Sg attractions 
Stay tuned loves!! :D


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