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Samsung NX Mini vs. Casio ZR1200 : Review and Comparison

Hey guys, I've been getting number of questions regarding the comparison between NX Mini and ZR1200. Common questions are :
1.  Which one is better? 
2. Is this (comment on my certain photos) taken by NX Mini or ZR1200?
3. Which one do you prefer?
4. Where'd you buy NX Mini? ZR1200?

First of all,  let me declare that I had already sold my NX Mini, within the first week I bought it.
I actually sold it to a blogshop owner. She collects second-hand cameras, then promotes them to customers who are looking for used items.  So yea, I basically just mailed her my camera and tipped more money to get ZR. What a trade.

Before making a comparison between these 2 cameras I'll first review them for you! :D
Of course there are pros and cons of these two cameras and please continue to read if you really are looking for a camera, no more messaging me on Facebook as all the question would be answered in this post. I am more than happy to help but I hate having to repeat myself to different person lol #EasilyAnnoyedBlogger :3

Disclaimer : everything I said in this blog is based on my own opinion. 
Different person different perspective :)  Photos below are all unedited but resized.

Samsung NX Mini

I purchased it recklessly, no further consideration was made because the amount of good reviews of this camera on the Internet is ridiculously countless. So I went for it without questioning much.  So much regret man, honestly can't trust all the good reviews on the Internet lol it feels like bloggers nowadays are being paid to advertise only, not sincere one :/ better self experience to learn

One of the thing thats good about NX Mini, it is so light-weighted that it feels like no weigh at all :D
It makes your selfie's duration lasts longer lol I am not sure about you guys, but most of the time I stop taking selfies is because I get annoyed by the weight of the camera (my lost Sony)  but with NX Mini, endless selfie time lol!

The design is sleek, looking classy and as matching as the name itself, mini. 
It is very handy I pretty much learned how to control everything within the first hour I got my hands on it.
The scenes and modes' functions aren't complicatedly placed; even the wifi is easily to be connected as it is Built- In, which means the wifi is in camera itself. The camera is very user friendly so I don't think anyone would have any problem trying to work with it.

Taken with NX Mini, in Beauty Mode. The Beauty Mode is a disappointment, it doesn't do much of soft skin effect to your face. Instead, it makes you photos become yellowish and .. ugly lol!   :c   My skin tone is very Asianly-yellow already I don't need a camera that specially emphasize on my nasty skin tone.  

Look! It makes me look more yellowish than I already am.  *cries*  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
To be honest, I'm never a fair-skin gal, most of my photos are taken at place with awesome lighting so I don't have to edit much.   From my years of selfies-taking experience (lol 7 years please) , most cameras work well under sunlight. 

But it comes to NX Mini, it works the otherwise.
Photos taken under sunlight are weirdly greenish and dull instead of giving the 'glow' to your face.

Eew, whats with the overly exposed?
Photos are suppose to look good under sunlight! :c

Selfie with bestie.
She was with me, hated the camera too and asked me to change quickly.
Oh forgot to mention just now, taking selfie is very troublesome using NX Mini bcos it tends to flip upside down only you flip the screen upwars 180'.  Er what I mean is, it tilts as you flip the screen up, so your photos actually look the opposite way once you flip the screen back down and view them. Very trouble de shuo!!

A hideous photo of me but I only have one photo taken with flashlight by NX Mini . And it looked .. hideous. 

Photos of object are neither sharp not impressive. 

Selfies are yellowish and normal photos are not impressively good.  What to do??

Well hello,
Casio ZR 1200

My to-go before accidentally clicking into good reviews of NX Mini.  Pfff. Waste of time and money :3
I'm sad to announce that ZR1200 looks way bulkier and actually weights heavier. 
All the shooting modes need to be adjusted and changed at the top of the camera, so it is not thin with that rolling thing on the top. Anyway, its easy for us girls to choose the shooting mode, Best Shot all the way! Hahaha.

Modes to choose from:
 Best Shot (up to 40 scenes to choose!)
Art Shot, 
Premium Auto Pro, 
ECO: ON (which I have no idea whats this), 
Aperture AE, 
Shutter Speed AE, 
Manual Exposure, 
Triple Shot, 
Time Lapse, 
Multi SR Zoom.

I normally use Best Shot for selfies & Premium Auto Pro for other photos taking lor. 
There are more than 40 to choose from in the Best Shot, such as HS Night Scene, HS Night Scene and Portrait, HDR, HS Anti Shake, Blurred Background, Slide Panorama, Scenery, Children, Sports, Foods & etc!
Too many to list out. 
I would change it lar depend what kind of thing I'm taking photo of :D

But it's very hard to figure everything out, the arrangement is kind of messy and I took 1 day to discover how to transfer photos from camera to phone lol.  As it doesn't built-in wifi so I have to use this Wifi memory card (complimentary gift lar)  but it was way more troublesome.

Bad thing about choosing white color gadgets, it turns yellow eventually!   
Hmm not eventually, mine actually turned yellow after just 2 weeks of usage lol wtfis this ah.
So I will suggest you guys to go for Black or Pink if you mind the color-changing process. 
Don't later complain ah nobodys gonna be responsible for that hahahhaha eat yourself. 

Oh!  It has a rack thing where you can just put it on the table and take photos of yourself.
#ForeverAloneTime #IKR

Photo samples time!  

Best Shot Make Up level 0 selfie
Told you I have skin problem ..

Best Shot Make Up level 6 selfie
Which I normally use.

Best Shot Make Up level 12 selfie
Too fake. I look like some HK plastic model.  No no, the point isn't about me being pretty, I'm implying that I look fake.
The thing that Make Up mode does, other than giving soft skin effect I personally think it helps to shape your face and gives a sharper-looking chin.  'Whoa I've got chin of JuweiTeoh!'  I once told my friends. Hahahhaha. No hate! Metaphor :p

Not selfie, taken by best friend in Premium Auto Pro mode.
Aww see! Not only selfies look awesome, even taken by others look awesome too. 

Taken in a low light situation with Best Shot Make Up level 9. Without flashlight

Make Up level 9 - with flashlight.
Lol  I don't like it :c my face looks overly smooth and everything just looks so fake.

HS Night Scene and Portrait
I'm actually surprise!   All this time I thought photos taken flashlight are all gonna look insanely soft skin and unacceptably fake.  Now I know, it's all about how you adjust the scenes and work with it!  It can work really good like normal cameras too.

Food mode.
IM GONNA MARRY YOU ZR.  I'm not kidding!   Before bringing the camera to my friend's birthday celebration at The Cruises (you can read it here),  I convinced myself that its just a selfie camera, do not expect too much from it. Especially when it comes to taking group photo, it was gon be a wreck. Surprisingly, no! It proved me wrong!  :O

Let me reassure you, The Cruises is very dark inside with the idea of romantic candled-light theme.
But I manged to get this shot, with everything looking clear and awesome detailed, not blurry or shaky.
Niceeeeee :D


If youre a friend of mine on Facebook, following me on twitter or Instagram, you can notice that my recent photos look quite chio got or not!!  Deng deng, now you know why liao,   my skin care is called ZR1200 lolol (said Cheesie)   Oh ya, among all of the reviews I read, Cheesie's got to my heart the most!   Such a powerful blogger.
You can read it here  : Cheesie's review

Done with the reviews.  Now read carefully for the pros & cons of each camera 

Samung NX Mini's pros :
  • Light-weighted
  • User-friendly, easy to handle
  • Cheaper

Samsung NX Mini's cons :
  • Upside down selfies
  • Yellowish photos outcome
  • Beauty Mode is basically useless it doesn't soothe my skin at all
  • Photos not as sharp and flashlight makes you look hideous 

Casio ZR1200's pros :
  • Unbeatable skin brightening mode (makeup level)
  • Works well with all kind of scenes provided
  • Works equally amazing when it comes to low light places
  • No need to edit photos anymore lol
  • You'll love yourself more when you look at the outcome photos cos it makes you look like a goddess
  • Photos don't look fake as long as you know how to adjust them

Casio ZR1200's cons :
  • More expensive (but worth it if it makes you happy)
  • Photos turn out to be blurry if you don't hold the camera steady enough 
  • Can tell you're using  神器 lol!
  • Nobody would trust your photos anymore lolol.

What am I talking about.
Now the questions need to be answered!

Q:  Which one is better?
A:   Duhh? Casio is the way to go!! Let me just do this.   

Taking selfies with NX Mini, my reaction :
 'Eew what the fuck why do I look so yellow and ugly and Asian I have to edit a lot later ugh I'm so lazy'

Taking selfies with ZR1200, my reaction :
'Omg who the fuck is that in the camera? Is that really me? My mother would be so proud to see this side of me!   Okay now tell me why the fuck am I still single, huh?? Thats a total goddess-looking girl on the outside of the camera'

HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA sounds ridiculous but true. Once you use skin brightening mode you can never go back to using normal ones. I'm allergic to the reality. I don't wanna face the truth that I'm ugly lah can. 

Q: Is your photo taken by NX Mini or ZR1200?
A:  From now onward, ALL of my photos are going to be taken by ZR1200 unless I state the otherwise.

Q: Which one do you prefer? 
A: Don't think I need to answer this anymore. NX Mini disappoint me a lot, so yea.. CASIO!
Plus its super crucial for an ugly looking girl like me. If you know what I mean, now I don't have to put on a lot of makeup to get nice photos, awww man.  Thank god for skin brightening mode

Q:  Where's you buy the camera? The price?
A:  I bought NX Mini at rm1180 wooohooo. My friend got it for me at Lowyat I think?  ZR1200 I bought at rm1400, I think it's overpriced bcos you can actually get a much lower price out there. So I'm not sharing the blog shop I bought from.

Feel free to comment down below if you have anymore question!
I love you all thanks for reading! And my shoulder iz cramped zz, this post took hours to finish.
Gawd gons go get some sleep.      Have a good night! 


  1. T_T sh** man . i just bought the latest nx3000 today. impulsive buying. argh .yes indeed my skin look so yellowish during selfie ><

    1. Omg thats bad :// I feel you. Try to play with the setting and all see if it can be saved!

  2. can you tell me which blogshop u sell ur camera to?i wanna to look around=)

  3. thanks so much for the review.. very hard to find this camera in Philippines but I found one and im buying there <3

    1. Congrats! :p hope youre having fun with your new camera.

  4. Hi, may I know which blog shop u sold to? As I want to sell mine and get zr too.

  5. uhmmm i'm still thinking which camera shld buy casio for me looks abbit fake wif the face lol and the nx mini as u say disappiont for u alot :((
    ( hard to choosing )

    1. Heyyy you can actually adjust the "make up mode" to be lower if you were to avoid 'fake face' hahahah.

  6. thanks for ur sharing Goay=) now i know buy casio better but dont know which model to buy,.. zr1000, zr1200 or zr1500? hard to choose =(

    1. No problem! xx ZR1500 for sure! Its an upgrade version of ZR1200 selling at a much cheaper price compare to when ZR1200 first came out. Its definitely worth the money!

  7. Hi, did you put the neck strap on the camera? it seems hard to put it on :(

    1. Hmm which camera you're referring to? Well either one, nope I didn't put any neck strap on any of them. In fact, I didn't even see any neck strap coming with the cameras too.. whutttttt.

  8. Do you have any place suggested to buy zr1500 with a lower price? :)

    1. Do try Lazada! It seems they're having good deals there (:

  9. Hi there, I've read one of your entry regarding another selfie cam of yours which is the SONY NEX F3. May I know which is better? SONY OR CASIO?
    please please hope you reply.I'm planning on getting either one of them! hope you'll reply me soon! :)

    1. Hheheh hello again, I know it may be a little confusing that I talked about how good Sony is then praise Casio afterwards.
      Regarding your question, Sony and Casio, which is better? The answer is, SONYYYYYYYYY for the win.

      Sony Nex F3 is not just a selfie camera, it's a compact camera with quality of DSLR, high quality, amazing performance under low light, smart adjuster, needles to manual it much, photos appear to look more classy if you were to compare it with the outcome of Casio's.

      Casio ZR1200, is just a selfie camera with makeup mode and nothing more, the quality of the photos are so bad I couldn't even bring myself to blog with the photos taken by it. The only reason why I'm saying it is good is because I was comparing it with Samsung NX Mini, which, is total useless camera(sorry Samsung lol). Hence, Casio is only good when it was to compare with NX Mini, but with Sony Nex F3, Casio still got a lot to improve.

      I love Sony Nex F3 so much to the point that I actually got 2 of them. I lost my first one(in white) in a club, later on I got Casio ZR1200 for a change but it couldn't satisfy me as much as my old F3. Guess what, I then got another Nex-F3(in black) again! I'm currently using my second one :P never failed to impress me.

      Hope my infos helped!

    2. Awww :) thank you so so much for your reply. Oh, but if I'm just aiming for a good budgetable selfie camera.. then I should get the CASIO? Cause I heard if I were to get the SONY, I need to buy the bulky lens thingy as well to make the picture quality nice? If solely for selfies.. CASIO OR SONY ? HMM last question! thank you so much for your time!

    3. Nahhhh, you don't have to buy extra lenses for the Sony as it originally comes with a very good one. But its true tho Sony tend to look more bulky and harder to be carried around especially when I were to go clubbing and stuff :S hmm, if its just for selfies, go for Casio without hesitations darling! xx

    4. aww. Okay okaay! <3 Thank you so so much for the advice and prompt reply! can't wait to get my hands on a new camera soon! Love you bebeh Stay awesome!

  10. Hi...thx for sharing the post. May i ask samsung NX camera nice or casio zr nice?bcoz i need to buy it for my gf birthday present...since i look thru or post, so would u mind 2 gv me a suggestion so tat i can hv a decision on it...And also, is it samsung NX camera can change the lens?

    1. Hello! Regarding your question, I pretty sure I made my point really clear that which camera is nicer LOL. The answer is Casio ZR, for more infos you might want to look clearly into the blog post. Thats really sweet of you to be such thoughtful and nice boyfriend! And no, Samsung NX Mini's lens cannot be changed.

    2. Nx mini lens can be changed. Is a mirrorless camera. Advertisement shows it.

  11. Hey sweetie, may I know where did u sold ur samsung nx mini?

  12. Thanks for sharing,
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  13. Hi, does the Casio camera you using have build In Wi-Fi like Samsung nx camera? :)

    1. Casio ones don't have built-in WIFI but you can always buy WiFi memory card ma! :p

  14. If for normal shooting (not selfie), samsung nx mini or casio zr1500 better?

    1. ZR1200 all the way :) It's more like the kind of style that I'd like. Colors are soft and brighter. NX Mini's outcomes tend to be more yellow-ish :s

  15. may i know where did you sell your nx mini ?

    1. I sold it to an online blogshop I have forgotten which

  16. Hi , a great sharing from you and I love it ! By the way , would like to learn from you if I m going to get a selfie camera , Zr 1500 or Zr 2000 with wifi better ? Thanks :)

  17. Hey can I check how do you on the flashlight? I have a problem with the flashlight

  18. Hey can I check how do you on the flashlight? I have a problem with the flashlight

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