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NakedUp Face Review.

I'm sure not many of you have heard of this brand called NakeUp Face. To your surprise, this brand has maintained the first and second place among the entire korean functional cosmetic brand since its inception (ranked.com). It even beats some of the trending makeup brands such as April Skin etc. Don't doubt, just because you haven't heard of it, doesn't mean it is not good enough! 

Today, I am honored to have received some of its signature products for reviewing purpose.
Here I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite products from Nakeup Face.
(Photos taken by SONY Nex-F3 with zero touch up, even the lighting also never adjusted ah, because I haven't installed any photo-editing software onto my newly bought Macbook yet. So, believe what you see.)

It may sound very new to you as it is to me.
NakeUp Face -A little introduction on the brand itself. 
The name is the combination of Naked Face and No Make Up, aims to give a natural-finished look.
NakeUp Face Waterking Cover Cushion

Cushion! How am I not surprised? Hahaha. This whole "cushion" trend has been going on forever and I don't think its ever going away. I bet everyone knows that air-cushion foundations are originated from Korea (I swear all the best beauty products are from Korea!) So, no matter what, I tend to trust Korea's products a little better. Be it air-cushion foundation or whether its from eyebrow pencils, eyeliner to lipsticks, every makeup products, I find K-beauty suits our asian skin better. Some of the western brands' products are great, of course, but some of them might not be really suitable for our skin type/tone. No matter how crazily obsessed you are with their products, you can't make yourself get used to their differently-contained ingredients as it is impossible to perfectly enhance your asian features, make your face look the best it can be looking as much as the Korean products. No denial.

Product Introduction: 
As stated in the name, Waterking Cover Cushion is supposed contain enough hydrating essence while at the same time gives amazing coverage. Meanwhile it provides SPF35++ as well, which is something we will appreciate very much, living under this crazy-scorching sun. The King comes in 2 shades too. Shade #21 for girls who have really faired-skin and #23 for natural finish for most Asian skin types. 

The main ingredients are propolis extract (vitalizing), aloe vera extract (moisturizing), rose-water (smoothing), and lotus extract (brightening). Sounding really natural-made and all types of skin including hypersensitive one can use it a well. No allege reactions, no breakout.

Hello from the other side!

There are two mirrors in the compact, one on the inside, another one is the case itself!

Look at the amount of its essence tho!

Just randomly dabbing on the back of my hand and I am impressed! 
(Unedited photo except for wording & collage)

Drew lines on the back of my hand with my pencil eyeliner to test the coverage.
So impressiveeee! You can't even see anything from any angle.

My thoughts:
It does what it claimed, so watery it makes you feel as if your dabbing water onto your face. No kidding, just look at the essence. I have never used any air-cushion that contains so much of hydrating essence in watery texture, which makes it really light-weights on the skin and has easy spreadability. Just one soft press on the cushion can practically cover your half face already. There is always a plastic lid to separate the puff and the cushion and it it solid tight, so the essence in the cushion will not evaporate easily.
The coverage is moderately good, I gotta say this cushion impressed me more on the hydrating part, I literally went "WOW, are you sure this is not plain water on my face" haha. 
Shade #23 that I'm using appears to be really natural and I think is suitable for most Asian Skin tone considered that Im a tanned-skin who always gets exposed under the sunlight most of the time, driving, walking, schooling, swimming. It gives decent sunscreen function too, SPF35++ so its definitely a daily to-go product.  Although the shade might look a little fair in the photos but let me reassure, it's not. It brightens and gives this dewy-glowing finish, your skin will turn out to look really healthy and bright, kicks away your original dull skin.
Well it MIGHT appear to be fair when u first applied but after 15-20mins when you skin fully absorb the essence, it'll end up becoming your normal skin tone but of course, looking flawless too.

NakeUp Face Waterking Aqua Oil Mist Special Edition

Product introduction:
Let me tell you what luxurious! This Mist!
Not only it contains highly-concentrated propolis and organ oil, but also pearl protein! These first two ingredients have the ability to moisture and soothe(for sensitive skin) your face inside out. Yet, leaving smooth and non-sticky finish because the brand is using aqua oil formula, it's more water than oil; the pearl protein will leave your skin looking really dewy, radiant finish!
I think its crucial for girls to practice this habit of using face mist because some of you don't know that, your makeup will look very rough and unnatural on your dry skin. No one will find a face full of dry patches attractive lol. But how do you prevent it? Just one simple spray will prevent it from happening, spray before and after the makeup, two times, and don't worry, it would;t smudge your makeup but only to set it in place. You'll then realize that not only your makeup is much more better-looking and glowy, but also moistured and lasting longer.

My thoughts:
I am a mist-person. My makeup is never finish without a mist.
To me, mist isn't just to set your makeup but it hydrates and eliminates dry patches, prevent your makeup from getting cakey. Especially for dry skin, it's very important to keep your moisturized throughout the whole day. Like myself for example, my skin is so dehydrated to the point it's sensitive, so it needs intense hydration on it. I like how this mist works on me, it's more than just hydrating it gives that GLOWY FINISH. Ohhhh, you know I am a sucker for anything that makes my skin looks extra smooth and shiny!
Love this mist, you have to try it!

NakeUp Face One Day Water Volume Lip Ink

Product description:
Lip Ink is a very new name to me.  The formulation is upgraded from Lip Tint but with longer-lasting power and more hydration. The brand found that Lip Tint can be really dry on the lips, after a few hours of application, the lips will starting to get dry wrinkles and even cracks. So they come up with this idea called Watery Lip Ink.

It claimed to be one-day self tattoo lip ink.
It pumps up your lips, also the texture is really smooth and can remove the dead skin on your lips.
It is 60% water-based, enough hydration to keep your lips moistured throughout the whole day, and leave the finish looking shiny and no tackiness.
You can use it to create gradient lips, or also full colored lips.

My thoughts:
Here I have with me is color #4 Look AT Me(eye-catching reddish-pink) and #5 NO makeup(nice peachy color).  The color is really pigmented and prettttyyyyy! Most importantly, its really as watery and moisturizing as it claimed to be: one minute, my lips can be get from dry and cracked to nicely-pumped and moistured soft finish!  The lasting power is alright, you will still need to touch up after meals.

NakeUp Face Diamond Ampoule Wedding Mask

I brought this mask along with me during my trip to KL.
Cause you know, traveling, you need as much care as you can get.
And nothing beats em facial-masks, easy, convenient, and masks are the best for last-minute hydration!

Are you seriousssssss?
You must be asking. Well, not only you darling, I was shocked too to look back the "before" photo and out them together as comparison, my pigmentation, sensitive red spots, and a few acne-scars areeee gone! For real!(Not really gone-gone but the scars got lighten a whole lot, it's so obvious already!)
And my cheeks appear to be pinkish-pinkish like natural blusssherrr! :o  How is this mask so amazing? Gosh I'm so glad that I took a photo before, then only I see the improvement after. I bet I wouldn't notice the differenced if I didn't take the "before" photo to compare with.  My dull skin also got brighten and appear to be more radiant-looking.

I'll be sooooo happy to do my makeup if I were to be a bride that day :p
My face would be glowinggggg from the insideee.

Overall, Nakeup Face really worked magic on me.
If you're reading this blog post only to wonder whether you should get it or no, 
believe me, go for it! You wouldn't regret it!
And for the those of you who are completely clueless where to purchase,
click here. The products will be shipped to you all the way from Korea! 
Authenticity guaranteed with really affordable prices.

Thanks for reading! Hope I helped! 
See you soon.



  1. wow! This brand of cosmetics and skincare products seem to have excellent results. I especially like the lip colours, foundation and the mask. The results are awesome and really effective.

  2. Hi dear
    Would you please tell me where to buy it or the link to there page because i tried to search for it but couldn't find it