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Stupid Haircut之超级失败空气刘海;

Before you read, I have a disclaimer:
I really did not expect this blog post to go viral.
I've been blogging for 5 years and I thought "its just another random blog post, its fun, why not"
Little did I know that it would amuse and catch so much attentions.
I am just a normal girl that likes blogging okay, you read, you feel funny, you laugh it off.
I am not behind the ViralCham webpage and neither did I ask for this "fame".
Put yourselves in my shoes, if u just innocent write your blog but then it suddenly become like this?
Mean comments and bad opinions are not necessary.  You wanna read, you don't talk shit.

Believe me when I say I always make the worst decisions.
Yes, I went to to have a hair cut and I totally regret it!   *screeeeeaam*
On the day right after I went to makan Mamma Mia Coconut Ice Cream.

Why?   Because going out at such hot day made me realize how sticky and annoying my hair is.
How troublesome and unattractive when the wind blows them up against my face.

#2 my eyes are looking better day by day.
My fringe was parted to one side where it happened to cover one of my eyes.
NEHHH. I want them both to be seen ^.^
(will do an eyelids update soon)

#3 cus YOLO.  (fuck yolo. yolo is shit, biggest shit)

Before cutting my fringe. Actually to be honest, it looks perfectly fine, feminine, or even better,

Then I had to be so keh gao and went to cut it!!
FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK.  I swear it is the stupidest thing I've ever decided! 

Ugh. Back to the story,
 So I called and made an appointment at XX  saloon.
Neither did I think twice nor hesitate.  Seriously wheres that courage from

Arrived at XX saloon.
I have an announcement:

I hate this hair saloon. Yes. I mean it.
The hair wash and massage was good, but the hairstylist was annoying as fuck.
Throughout that 2 hours while my hair being washed, blew dry and cut,
the branch's director  (I chose a director cos I couldn't risk letting a rookie does my hair)
kept on PUSHING me to do treatment, buy their products, or even combs!!

Okay, I understand it is normal to introduce your products/services to the customers,
but please, KNOW YOUR LIMITS.
I had already told her that I purchased some treatment packages at other saloon, 
that I would go their place to try theirs once I finish those lah!!
But she still didn't give up! Keep persuading persuading persuading,  until THE END OF THE HAIR CUT. EVEN TILL I PAID. SHE WAS STILL TALKING. 想做也给你讲到不想做了okay!!

Walao eh, at one point I tried to change topic and told her that I was nervous to get my hair cut.
I said : 
我很紧张叻  很久没有剪头发了 尤其是刘海
She answered with : 
没有什么好紧张的啦  可是hor 如果你是做了treatment再剪的话 会更美的咯

Wtfffffffffffff wtf wtf I've never been to any hair saloon that pushes sales so hardcore!
I practically rolled my eyes to the back of my head, wished she get it done quicklier.
It was a disaster. Ughh!

A photo that I took to show my friends.
It's not finished yet, wanna see when it is?

Promise you won't laugh.
Just do it.
I don't care if I can't hear.

Promise le ma?

You sure.. 

Cannot laugh ah! 

If you're wondering, yes yes yes, I DID tell her that I wanna cut 空气刘海! 
She took my hair and observed, said 你的头发很适合剪空气刘海
TMD.   酱你剪给我的是什么 LJ

I got so so so so so FRUSTRATED  there's no word for this level of frustration! 


Look Not only that the hairstylist cut WAYYYY TOO SHORT for me, 
Still very unbalance ok! Super super unbalanced and seriously it looks as if I cut it myself. or worse
My friends keep emphasizing that nobody cut that short one lah! Above brows leh! Very tambai leh!
Then I'm thinking maybe the girl held grudges at me bcos I didn't wanna do treatment nor buy their stuff.
Just kidding buttttttt who ever knows.
Worst RM55 spent. I'm never ever going back.

The first thing to do was to show my friends and ask what do they think of it?
And here, I have gathered some of the reactions..

Or even my families' 

LOL at my mom's reaction! Hahhahahaa
Cus I used to cry a lot when I get a hair cut, then she thinks I'll cry everytime lah now.
.... But I was close. I really wanted to cry.

Insults on texts are nothing, I was reluctant to go to the college the next year bcs I was scared being laugh at.
But how long can I run away, it happened anyway..
I interviewed some of my friends regarding what they think of my hair or do they think its cute or ridiculous.
And I recorded it cos I found them FUNNY. HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAAAH

Oi the last one looked so tulan for what.
So sorry I sound like a total kid. And thats our usual way of joking please no judgments needed :) 

Okay lah. Jokes aside, I still look okay when I have make up on.

Lmao so innocent-looking I cannot even.
As much as I hated being labelled HOT, somehow I guess it's better than being called a retard?
Yep, I am now very retard-looking.  And much younger than how I used to look! 

Wah wahhh.. it's true that they say you don't know what's good to you until it's gone.
Best example right there, my fucking long fringe.

Alright enough rants. Do you remember theres something about hair:
IT GROWS.  lol
No point being all negative and sad about it.
Before you know it, it might grow quite some length already :)

想跟大家讲  剪刘海是很冒险的 
找错人剪不对就KK了   你知道我的意思的 



  1. Is it hair story at prima tanjung ?
    I agree with u that the staffs over there are fucking annoying keep promoting me to buy their treatments! And my hair doesn't look like what I requested and expected from them. No next time for me

    1. Hahahahah cannot disclose which saloon is it. :p

  2. It still look OK and nice. Look younger. The previous mire feminine ,Now is like princess so chubby.. Still look nice. Cheer ��

    1. AWWW DID U JUST SAY PRINCESSS! Hahahhaa thanks for your kind words! xxx

  3. not a big deal lol.

  4. 對對,我之前也是中招過,他也是幫我剪到短短,現在我都去回熟悉的saloon剪我的頭髮而已~

    1. Hahahah 对咯因为只有熟悉的懂我们 后悔了T.T

  5. u might wan to cry; but i believe almost every one have a good laugh.

    1. Hahhahaha its fine. As long as they laugh it off.

  6. Your post very cute hahah :D I think your fringe will look nicer when it grow longer and try to curl it. ^^

    1. Hahahah yep I got these cute hair curlers frm daiso. Thanks!

  7. 我每次很怕剪浏海的,一定要千交代万交代。。。不可以短过眉毛~~~ 不过你剪了变比较可爱 ;)

    1. Hhahaha我很怕剪头发的 可是还是hiong hiong去了 T.T
      失败了 唉哈哈只好等他长了 ,谢谢你!

  8. HAHAHAA. i am now your new follower. Did you scold the lady for the hair cut?

    1. Hahahhaha I didn't! I was too blur to even notice that you cut too short for me. After I got home and suddenly 为什么我的头发越看越短 loll T.T

  9. To be honest, ther haircut looks fine. I'm a bit disappointed to see you posting something bad towards someone's business. It's like u r trying to condemn the salon. I have been your reader, i think you will lose ur fanbase if you keep prejudicing the salon. Seriously i really thought u r beautiful from inside out and a role model to all young people. Just my POV, dont take it too serious.

    1. #1 Thanks for reading but if you are one loyal reader, you would know that I am a very straight forward person (have not changed in 5 years). I often do reviews on my blog, foods, makeup, skin care products, anything! I sincerely believe that I deserve to have the right to give my comment after testing a particular "thing" no matter what it is. For example, I am the kind of person that reads a lot of reviews before buying something, I'd BEGGED for the blogger to be honest. If its good then say good, if its bad also dont ngeh ngeh say good cus bcos its sponsored (or not). People like me are about to spend a good fortune on it (example: camera). This is why I insist on giving honest opinions after trying a product/service. I have never advertised any product that I didn't like but pretended like I did.

      #2 I DID NOT sabotage this hair saloon. I initially put their name up big and clear but then their management team called and asked me to take it down, I DID. I am not some unreasonable prick that doesn't know the seriousness of something. "Keep prejuding"? I only said it ONCE that I don't like this saloon. And I made the statement based on my REAL EXPERIENCE. If I were to sabotage them, I wouldn't erase their name right after 2 hours of publishing this.

      #3 I wanna admit that I did make one mistake. I really didn't expect this post to go viral. I rant a lot on my blog, for years, and nobody ever gives a fuck about me. I honestly have no idea what is going on right now. I'm just "just minding my own business" and suddenly I'm on peoples' lips.

      #4 I am too crazy to be beautiful inside out, I know this myself but still, thank you.

      #5 NO THE HAIRCUT DOESNT LOOK FINE. The first thing my lecturer said as she walked in my class was "OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO UR HAIR"

      #6 Again, I wanna emphasize the whole intention of blogging this, was just because that I was too lazy to explain to ALL my friends and their reactions are too precious to be forgotten so I decided to blog them up here. And I also wanted to rant about the hair saloon hehehehe but Im allow to rant on MY blog am I not?!

      My POV lah its peaceful and my hands are sour lol have a goodnight :)

  10. This is the 1st time i read ur blog...and i like ur attitude , so straight forward ...*cute*....^^
    Well, I feel it's juz fine for u to share that which saloon and who's the stylist that brought u this hair style...so tat girls lk us would be aware of that...thx for ur sharing...u r so adorable ...^^

    1. Thank you thank you! But theres not a lot of people that appreciate this kind of straight forward-ness :( hahaha its not fine, I might ruin its reputation so I chose not to disclose la :p
      hahaha no problem! x

  11. Don't worry,still look so cute~ <3
    Maybe can try this next time :)

  12. Hi. I was your fan. If u r beautiful, even u r bald; its still beautiful. Obviously u r a person who cares how ppl think of urself and this is not called straightforward. This is a kind of obsession.
    Have a good day....i believe you will understand how a reader feels. And dont get angry pls , pls accept the fans constructive critism. Shoutout all the way from Brunei
    Stacy C.

    1. Hahahah "straight forward" is how I always speak whats exactly on my mind, it does not mean I do not care what other people feel. And I have never ever mentioned that I don't care what people feel. I obviously do! If not why would I collected so many reactions lol. Wheres this coming from and how is that related?
      Obsession? I have already said that this is how my friends and I usually talk, yea sounds like an obsession but hey we've been communicating that way for years and we r happy that way. I ain't gonna stop just bcos people like u told me to?

      But yea I'm learning to take criticism tho I feel its really unnecessary why don't everyone just mind their own business and I mind mine and my own blog? :) and hey don't call yourself my fan, I don't think I deserve to have fans. If you like it you read it if you don't its fine just go ^.^ thanks for your comment tho.

      Have a good day x

  13. I also got a stupid haircut for my bang..that stylish still said till so pro how to cut like this like that, but after cut it..it was like wtf? This call "kong qi liu hai" ? Wanna cry but cant do anything also T.T

    1. Omg it seems a lot of people experienced the same thing as I did.. dont cry dont cry we are in this tgt just wait them long ok T.T

  14. hahaha you are not alone. i also very geh gao and cut my fringe weeks ago, super regret! but i have no one to blame cause i chopped it by myself T____T
    but i think you look ok la, still very pretty... hair grows very quickly so dont worry!

    1. hahahah thank you! x
      ya lor wei actually we looked perfectly fine the way before why so gatai go cut, i mean me too -.- hahaha but if I didn't I wouldnt have brought so much laughters to people. so its fine ;p

  15. 这美发师完蛋了,祝他好运


    1. 是她自己剪的嘛 又没有在冤枉他 T.T
      我都没写是谁 也没说理发店 呵呵呵

  16. 剪了直接变女神..真心话 XD

  17. hahahahahaha omfgggg the video
    够力咯那间店 他们对“空气刘海”的idea好像跟外界有点差 =.=