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Bobo Wedding's ♡ part 2.

Whoever told me you felt like crying reading part 1, aha thank you berry muchie.
I may be consider bout publishing a book since Imma such a good write :p hahaha keeding! 
Well part 2 has no more touching stuff because the next day was all about FUN :D

So some of us girls stayed over at Xiao Huei's after the night, thank youuuu so much & the nasi lemak super deli aha.
I didnt get any rest thou. It was too cold of a night and we had limited blankets. What I got was just a freaking towel. Damnnnn you all blanket-snatching asses AHAHHA. Before I realized, it was already 6 and Pei Ru was already up to hit the shower.  So I got my ass up as well, figured to doll up earlier to take more photos hoho.
Hello! Nice or not! Got sunshine or not! Aha cheekiness overload. But its been a sleepless night /; 
I looked like a total fucked. Had to apply thicker make up D;
Yay so we are the first two finished all the make up and stuff.  Spending time with this girl never gets bored.
Shes like a doll! Always that energetic 24/7 even it is 7am in the morning zomggg way to make yourself unforgettable Pei Ru! :p gonna miss you so much esp your voice man.
Wo de gurlpren.
Yours truly teeehee x.

We got to the bride, Bobo's house earlier. 
Just in time she got back from make up & stuff! :D Omgg shes so beautiful.
Whats with the bling on her breast nawwwww even the camera is envious of her beauty HA!
Got the golden opportunity to take one photo with her only cause she was the STAR of the day!
Luckily got this back up photo hohoho. 
Again with this girl, planning all the games and stuff. HAHA I was laughing all the time man.

So everyone knows that according to ours 'Chinese law' : 
we, as sisters,  must to let the grrom play some games and torture him as well as his brothers before he could bring the bride back to his place.  So we thought of some mini games already.
We were kind of taken aback because Bo told us not to play things that dont look good or nasty.
BUT THEN, suddenly rumors had it that those guys were being badass and said that if our games are not hiong enough, they are not coming. WTF IS THIS   

So we went to blend them some drinks as opening acts.
Someone reminds me what is in the drink already! I forgot D; 
I just remember putting in chili, salt, milo, eggs, soya sauce, chili sauce and moree!
It turned out to be super smelly I couldnt even hold the drink close to me eewww. GUYS YOUR DEAD
Here they are. Okay honestly I was so nervous that I wanted to pee so bad IDK why HAHAHAHA.
Ah Lee walking in like a boss.
His brothers gang. Most annoying brother award goes to.. the 3rd guy from the left, who is fanning himself one
Lehma he talked the loudest yet was the most gutless one. Aha so much fun he made 
We gurls were suppose to help them guys to tie em ribbons up BUT, guys never wanted to come closer.. they were all sitting far far away from us.  THOUGHT WE DINOSAUR MEH.  So nvmmmm.
HAHAHHAHAHA I lol-ed hard at this picture Mic edited. Dayummm asked them to play games dont wanna play keep talking talking craps oveh thereeee ;@ zomok ni mennnn.
Like finally, they cooperated a bit when we asked them to blow the balloons.
They be like 'blow balloons zomok? Done ady come on let us in'
Until we told them the game rule is..
You need to run from a certain distance 
To jump on Ah Lee's lap to make them balloons explode!
This guy trying to bargain with me abit . Nice try but NOOOOOOOOO 
They kinda cheated a little, before the other guy jumped on, the groom himself squeezed to make them balloons popped D;   later we changed the person, ahaha their faces when friends of theirs jumped on their laps. 
You should totes see their faces ZOMG! *tears of laughters emoji* HAHAHAHA

Btw, forgive un-glam poses of us HAHHAHAHA especially me omg I am wearing flipper I am so noob so ugly
Next next next, was for two guys to hold a slice of bread, which Peiru throw from top of them
With using their asses and faces HAHAHAHAH lehma we are not the mean one I swear.
Look at what some other guys are doing! Squeezed his own brother's face into others asses tsk tsk 
#BROMANCE level: asses & faces 
Woots hold on guyss, y'all weighted like elephant do you know that!?
Whole big gangs of them pushed us ladies to the door like dayummmm, my shoulder and neck got pain like lehma I never been in such crowded places before now I know what Satin fish felt like *roll eyes*
Last but not least, we made Lee to read vows. 
There goes my darling.. LEE YOU BETTER CHERISH.
Missions accomplished sistersssss :D!!
Mic : Must look into the camera, maintain my image 24 hours babeh
Chia En : These two bitches can be faster not.. wait smile, but wheres the camera!?
Ai Jia : No need flip your hair anymore lah, same ugly one HAHHAHAHAHA 
( look at face of hers! She always looks like this when she makes fun of me, I remember that face! )
Me : 2 second 2 second wait for the gorgeous one does her hair!
Sex & The City sisters! Omggggg old timess. Anyone remembers us!?
From this! Aha 2 years agooooo. Memoriessss ♡♡
Glad that we are all gathered on that day. Mmmmm 
Went to the groom's place for a while. Hmmm cute kid hopping in!
One quick ootd of mine bcos someone on askfm asked. Damnnn Im shoo nice took a photo upon a stranger's request aha
Happy couple, be happy and sweet FOREVERRRRRR! :D

This post has come to an end and seriously, I really really love days like this, which brought all of us girls back together. Lets do this againnnnnnnnn <3 ! One day. Love all the girls from Chung Ling Butterworth.
You girls are super awesomeeeee x

And again, Bobo laopo, happiest marriage to you.  
Dont o0o me please. Aha I am too cute to be scolde :p

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