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LIESE Bubble Hair Dye Cassis Berry | REVIEW

Typical Tuesday. Waking up and feeling like the worst day of my life.
As usual, checking out my daily horoscope advises before get up from bed & spotted it saying 
'今日需做些让自己感觉开心的事  只要保持心情开朗  便能让身边的人焕然一新' or smtg like this lolololol    

I decided to dye my hair today and in order to 让身边人焕然一新 hahahaha also to 保持心情开朗
So I went out to grab..
Liese Bubble Hair Dye, choice of color - Cassis Berry 
The salesgirl told me its like some kind of dark red.  Mummy wanted me to go for brown but..
Brown color is just too mainstream. I dont wanna be mainstream ;pp  so yessss, I picked this

Ever since all of us have graduated, almost everyone went and dyed their hair .
I waited until today bcos hor.. as much as I love color hair but I really dont wanna damage my natural super silky smooth hair which I was born with ;pp  pardon me being so buay paise but really I didnt wanna spoil that  but now, goodbye black hair! Hahahha
Things they provided inside the box.  Read the instruction and fully understand it then youre good to go!
Things to do before hair dye - 
#1  Selca as much as you can before your black hair is gone
#2 Get read for some serious damage after the dye lolololol 

Alright.. lets start and let the photos do the talk! ;))  its my first time dying hair by my own.
Looking awkward pls dont mind hahahah
 Yo! Gloves on.
 Double read the instruction before you go wrong.  My face is damn retarded but its okay, I still love me.
Start the work -  pour the liquid in this black little bottle (it says Solution 1) into this bigger bottle.
 Oh no wait! One last selca of black hair. Goodbye hahahahahahahhaha
Me pouring the liquid carefully.
Next, gently turn the bottle upside down a few times to let them mix. Do it for 5 times.
*Attention: just gently turn it upside down only, dont shake the bottle*
 Then you change the cap of the bottle, its provided in the box.
Lastly, you just gently press the center of the bottle and here comes bubble! :OO
Apply the bubble foam on your dry hair, remember to cover your hair completely with foam and slowly massage it in.

Wanna see photo of my having bubble foam on my hair?
Okay but make sure you dont leave immediately cause the outcome is very nice lorrr T____T

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA okay lah you can laugh lah cos its really funny XD !! and ugly wtf 
Now you can totally imagine how will look like if I bald.. yucks 

I leave the foam for on my hair for like .. 45 mins.
The instruction stated 20-30 mins but dont follow it.  Put it for longer time and the outcome will be nicer lah. Xiang xin wo.
The first outcome. Nice not?!    Not very satisfying for me ;S 
Changed to this oversize lazy lamnua big tee shirt cause the previous top kena dirt. TT
So I decided to go another round! Weeeeee 
Did I mention that the amount is quite many?!  Hmmm 3 short hair girls can share one bottle. Really.

The final outcome is..
Taaaadaaaaaa! :DD 
Changed again to this neon green top cos the oversize tee shirt also kena dirt wtf.
Hello hello, put on my little red dress to selca abit ;pp aiya   #girlsbeinggirls
In case youre wondering about my hair quality now,  its still smooth and silky! Awww ♥ me so happy!! 
I cant say there is no damage at all but luckily its still like 70% smooth like old hair of mine! Very nice!

So the conclusion is 
I LOVE LIESE    mainly, it is simple & easy to use for girls who tryna DIY hair dye at home *like me*
Second, it doesn damage your hair too much. I dont know about other brands but Im happy with this one ;))
Plus the color is really niceeeeee and really brighten my day! Hahhahaha horoscope is accurate ;)) 
Any of you out there who wanna change hair color before CNY, be fasttttttttt! Choose Liese.

[ This is not advertorial or paid post, just my own recommendation ] 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this.


  1. Turned out very pretty. I'm having the same dilemma about not damaging my smooth damage free hair. Did you do the next round right after the first?

    1. Yes. I did the second round right after blowing my hair dry.
      Honestly, Liese's dont damage hair as much as other brands'. I tried Revlon months later, it got my hair damaged really really bad. So yea, go for Liese if you can :)

  2. First time dye and it turn out so pretty geh?
    Cuz my fren used this too and the colour not really satisfy her.
    Maybe diff hair diff outcome? lol
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. Gonna try after SPM haha.

  3. May I know what brand of contact lens are you using?

  4. Is it safe to dye your hair twice right after the other?

    1. Don't think it was a good decision that I made. If you're asking for my advice, don't do that lol.

  5. Hello! I was wondering how long your colour stayed in?

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