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Review: L'egere Skin Beautifier CC cream & Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder

Has anyone of you ever heard of L'EGERE?
Never have I.

"  L'EGERE is a Korean cosmetic/ skin care brand research-based center rooted in Korea, a country that is famous for plastic surgeries technique. They invite the most authoritative dermatologist and plastic surgeons focusing on medical beauty for a long-term development.  

In the beginning, their products were specialized in sensitive skincare after surgery by cooperating with clinics and hospitals in Korea. When these products, gradually, built uo high recognition, L'EGERE, a brand which represented as medical beauty, was created and thus established in 2003"

Woah. Now it got interesting. These products were professionally produced by famous plastic surgeons!
Doesn't hearing that excite you so much!? It did to me! Can't blame, always wanted to go for plastic surgeries ;S 
My curiosity has been piqued. Wanting to try out these products and see if they really live up to the reputations!

2 weeks ago, I was sent 2 L'egere latest products, Skin Beautifier CC cream as well as Water Cool Aqua Powder.
TO BE HONEST!   I am not a BB cream person.  I talked about it in my previous blog post when somebody asked, I told her that I am not a big fan of BB cream, yet CC is acceptable. So if you're reading this, no, I wasn't lying when I said that.
Until now, I am still not a big fan of BB cream okay okay okay okay
The stickness and thickness of BB cream makes me skin feel as if it can't breathe. Big NO

How will a CC cream do to me? Read till the end to find out :D    :D   :D

L'egere Magic Skin Beautifier CC Cream 50g  

Feature : 

ALL IN ONE completed correction cream, a moist milky-white cream, infused with exclusive CC capsules that magically transform skin for an enlivened complexion. Innovation capsule technology keeps the exclusive CC Capsule fresh until application, 
so you can get the most lucent complexion.

What it does :
Primes, Hydrates, Corrects, Evens, Perfects.
Makes skin smooth & fair, as well as prevent bloating by hydrating the face and with firming properties to keep skin firm and tight.

Direction :
After following the daily skin care routine, apply generously on face and sensitive area. After 15 mins, it will match your skin tone and present natural look. At the end of the day, clean your face with cleansing oil/ milk.

How I do it :

Bare, bare, bare bare bare bare face!   :C only brows are drawn and lipstick applied. 
I hesitated before doing this,   What if my readers see my true color and hate me since!?
Because all this time, my photos are well-edited or taken when I was nicely dressed and made up, therefore, my skin always looks good, but the truth is it isn't!   I have so much flaws, imperfections on my face  :(

PS:  went for a facial treatment 2 days ago these photos were taken, on my way to recovery 

Okay lah got lens got brows got lip color.
Some of you must be like meh, the bare face you talked about isn't even close.

If you look closely, or not,  you can tell I have small dots on my cheeks, around my nose area.
We called that 油粒 in chinese.  I've also got terrible dark circles down under my eyes :/

Magic CC cream come to rescue!

The texture is milky white colored, and seems to have tiny particles all over. Which is come to my curiosity, I google up a lil 

This kind of texture is called 魔術粉體, when you first apply it on, it appears to be milky white color. As soon as your spread it out on your face, it blends instantly into your complexion and change into your skin color.   Guess thats why they called it magic cream!   O.O

Spreading it out with the god-given gifts, my fingers.
I like using brushes but undeniable sometimes using fingers bring a better result than brushes. Sometimes!
Anyway please make sure your fingers are cleaned  :3  you don't wanna bring trouble to your skin do you

Taaaa-daa!  *flips my hair*
How does my face look? So much better and fairer and dreamy-like 

The coverage is light to medium.   Apparently it didn't do a great job at covering the red dots and dark circles.
But pretty good I'd say, my face appears to be fairer and more radiance, no?
Yet the dark circles still looking obvious. Think I need a concealer to pair with it, then it would be perfect!   #YESSSS

Hello you!   Whatever it is that you did to me, I like it 

What do I think of it :

The first time I used the cream, I wore it to college. 
I thought I looked no different, just like any other normal day how I wear skin-colored sun screen to school.
WRONG!!   My friend stopped me and said 'Eh what did you do to your skin, you look radiant today'
I was like  O.O   ARE U SERIOUS.   He said 'Yeah! Unlike how dead you normally look normally, you face glows today!'   
=_____=   dono to be happy or sad.  But its true I always look pale and dead at college.
Suddenly my friend thinks I look better and more alive. Some more hes a guy and he noticed smtgs different! 
I don't know about you but it surely felt amazing to me :3 

The reason why I refused to use BB / CC cream before was because I was more a liquid foundation person.
I like going for full face makeup, from primer to setting powder go full or go home, 整套做齊.
There are days where I want to let my face rest a little, but still wish to have better complexion so I don't go out and scare people off, or afraid that I'll somehow bump into friends on the Internet and they'll start talking how different I look from photos :3
How!?  Don wan make up still need to make up.  Gien gien gok sien sien 

L'egere Magic CC to the rescue! 
One thin layer of it and maybe conceal them dark circles. Settle my brows and add a little lip color.
Good to go!  

It somehow becomes my everyday-to-college makeup routine must use item :3


Next what do we have here 

L'egere Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder 9g, RM88

Feature : 

Patented Water Soothing Technology
The powder transform immediately to water molecule upon application, gives the skin a brand new experience! Different than common powder, the patented water soothing technology wraps up to 60% moisture within the powder. 

Pore Treatment 
Oily skin can be controlled effectively with the fine particles. 
The water soothing feeling instantly tightens the pores, giving you a perfect, crystal clear look.

High Moisturizing
The vitamin B5 and lecithin ingredients maintain the skin's elasticity and gloss, provide a highly effective moisturizing performance.

Whitening & Anti-Aging
The well-known AA2G whitening ingredient can effectively restrain the accumulation of dark pigments, giving your skin a rosy-white look. The natural tea leafs extracts are effective against oxidation, and enchance skin protection against environmental damage.

Brilliant Gloss
The ultra fine powders embellish small wrinkles, pores and imperfections;
where the brightening particles allow your skin to bring out a shinning gloss from every angle.

Directions :

After daily skin care routine as well as BB or CC cream, apply a suitable amount onto the powder puff, 
first adjust the amount at the back of your hands(pat off the excess), then gently apply to face.

How I do it :

By this time I already have CC cream on and eyeliner so got look better or not!?
Please don't say NO.

Carefully patting the powder down under my eyes, trying to conceal my dark circle better.

Frankly speaking, I really really really like this powder. Why?
My face feels cool upon application, it gives you chill and super hydrating to your skin.
Read the features above, the powder contains water molecule which is a crazy amazing formula!!
I don't think you can find that kind of technology here in Malaysia, yet. 
SOOOOO CHIOOO. Makes me so happy every time I put it on

Did I mention it also does an awesome job at minimizing my pores!?
PORES BE GONE   :D   damn lah so good. 
Total perfection.

One bad thing with this powder is that you have to be very careful applying.
It gets easily stuck at some certain parts of your face especially eyes area.
DO remove the excess powder or you'll end up looking like a zombie, with uneven skin tone :/


Pretty sure you cannot tell from photos but my pores are all minimized and my CC cream is nicely set.
The aqua powder makes my makeup lasts longer than it usually does.

What do I think of it :

DUHH?   Its so freaking goodddddd.
It might sound really weird but the cooling effect when I apply it makes me feel happy, strangely 
Its like I'm applying water on my skin so it doesn't harm my face like other cosmetics did 
Win liao loh.  Korean formula

Where to buy L'egere products?

Look up to the nearest SASA store around your area.
Yes.  You can find them in SASA

L'egere Magic Skin Beautifier CC Cream 50g,  RM98  
L'egere Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder 9g, RM88

Overall review :

These babies, they're not only cosmetics. There's actually skin care essence in the cream.
When you put it on, not only you don't have to worry about the skin being harmed, it actually help to repair your skin, correct the complexion and gives ultra moisturizing and acts as sun screen too!

However, I personally find there are pros and cons of these 2 products 

Pros :
Truly moisturizing  (bear in mind that I have really dry skin)
Super convenient and easy (put it on and youre good to go)
Makes my skin glow  (not only I say this!)
Increase radiance 
Correct my uneven skin tone

Cons :
Difficult to handle  (powder gets everywhere)
Came off too fair for my skin :/ (er, it didn't change into my skin color after 15 mins)

Yet, pros are more than cons and the products are raved by Taiwan beauty bloggers/ magazines and all!
Apparently I'm the only one that finds them amazing, the cream itself received a lot of compliments from all around the world.
Don't believe me?  Watch this!

Thanks for reading hopefully I helped  xxxx


  1. lolol! Am reading it now! :p

  2. Just thinking, if you unsatisfied with your skin, why not search for better and suitable skin care for wonderful flawless face instead of keep using cc cream foundation or compact powder to cover all your blemish and oil seeds?

    1. My skin doesn't have much problems actually, but don't worry I found the perfect skin care for my face already. And I don't have any blemishes if you're wondering thanks for the concern :) This blog post is for advertising purpose only.

    2. Also, I don't understand what you trying to imply here. Are you pointing on me or wonder why others with bad skin won't use skin care to cure instead of using makeups? If so, I can tell you that even if you try, all sort of ways, blemishes and pimples, oil seeds everything all these problems can't be solved overnight. It's gonna take months or even worse, years. So curing your face problem you have the right to be pretty as well, even just for temporary. If it makes you happy then just do it. Theres nothing wrong with trying to make yourself look good.

  3. Friendly and quick. For a person who hated going to the dentist I am not dreading my next cleaning!
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