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(Singapore) 5footway.inn Project Chinatown.

Instead of hotel, we chose to stay at some backpacker hostel.
Thought that since we wouldn't be spending much time in the hotel(just a place to sleep), in order to save more money(for food!!), also we've always wanted to experience the backpacker life!
There's no better country to start with than the safety-safe Singapore :) 


(Excuse my MuaChi HAHHAHA)

After making tons of comparisons and consideration, we settled down to this backpacker dorm located in Chinatown.  Chose this 6-beds female room, per bed costs rm58 per night only!!
Maybe some of you think that it's too much for just ONE bed, some more need to squeeze with 
5 more people in a tiny room. BUT look it up, all the hostels in Sg costs averagely rm80-90/ night.
Plus normal hotels in Singapore can easily cost rm150/person per night.. so yea.
I positive that we landed on a great deal!
(They also have 4-beds, 2-beds, and a double room yo)

The location of 5footway.inn is DIVINE. 
It's right at the exit of the Chinatown MRT station, super convenient! 
The street is also very happening, a very merry and happy atmosphere :D
The bed is comfortable! I'm the kind of person that loses sleep when I'm not in my own house 
or on my own bed, but that didn't happen there, I had 3 nights of wonderful sleep.
AND, free breakfast provided every morning!!
(rm58 only you still entitled to free breakfast, sounds like a steal to me hehehehhe)
Altho it's just toasts, cereals, and beverages(mocha, cappucino, milo), but better than no right!
Save your breakfast money and have a better dinner :p

On the cons side, the room is really really sardine-packed. You'll have to carefully move 
in the room so you won't hit any of the bunk bed(there are 3 in there).
Besides, your "roommies" might randomly adjust the air cond temperature, leave the light opened,
or blow-drying her hair so loud you can't feel your eardrum lols. Just common roommies problems,
which, aren't really big problems for me as I used to stay in a hostel of 4 too during college :D 
Oh ya and there are only 2 bathrooms so sometimes you have to line up to shower.
Also not a big problem because you'll have to learn to estimate your time right, 
I woke up 2 hours earlier every morning to hit the shower so.. yea. 
Manage your time properly. 

One thing that I was really unhappy about was the receptionists.
During check-in, we asked whether we can have the lower bed as climbing up and down can be a hassle.
They said can't, because all 3 lower beds are checked in by somebody else already.
The 3rd night only got 2 girls checked in *roll my eyes*
What kind of nonesense is that.. I pouted a little
But nevermind, upper beds were alright too :)

(view outside my window)

Chinatown MRT station is like the center of everything because it is equally near to 
Bugis, Orchad, Bayfront, Habourfront. Where all the top attractions are at! 
Getting around has been really easy :D 

In short, 5footway.inn is really worth the money. It feels cozy and everything.
I'll probably go back there if I'm visiting SG again!


  1. Replies
    1. No ohs dear! Still got 4 beds,and double room :D

  2. for a hostel, this place is actualLY REALLY NICE!! i love the all white theme in everything. it gives it an even more clean feel.