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Review: CLIO VIRGINKISS Tension Lips Lipsticks

Hello guys!  I'm finally here for another product review. 
Miss me doing em reviews yet?   :p
Well listen up gals, today I've got good stuff to recommend for ya'll!
I'll be reviewing CLIO VirginKiss Tension Lips lipsticks!!
They're so far the best products that I've ever received for reviewing purpose! :3

Eh come on it's lipstick!
Any of my close friends would know that I am lipstick-fetish and I can never get enough of them
My life motto is  "There is never enough lipsticks"
HAHHAHAH :p  they're just so wonderful and enhance the whole look by just one touch.

Product Descriptions:

All of the colors look so pretts! Can I get all please!
The sad news is they do not carry no.1 & no.2 in Malaysia
But you can easily find the following ones in any SASA stores nationwide! :)
Here's some brief introduction of the shades
No.3 Instant Love:  Irresistible warm tone for pinkholic girls.
No.4 Pretty Plz: Charming, girly carol peach that won't leave no dead skin cells!
No.5 Shock: Red orange that makes faces appear to be brighter.
No.6 Bangarang: Light red between pink and red.
No.7 Some: Must have for Fasionistas! Red burgundy color!
No.8 CHU: Pinkish bright cherry red.

In this blog post, Im going to be talking about shade no.7 & no.8 :D

Product Packaging:

The packaging is sleek and rather classy. 
The lipsticks are very light-weighted too. Easy to carry everywhere!
Even tho the tube is not exactly slim but I adore the design! 
It's got a flat bottom that makes it easy to stand and not just roll around and make a mess :S


CHU wowed me when I first applied it on my hand, it is a very highly concentrated burning red! 
And I was soooo worried that I couldn't pull it of   :/ 

SOME is as chic as expected. I've always wanted one of these burgundy color!

Formulation & Pigmentation:

The lipstick is extremely creamy. I have to be very careful not to let my hair near my lips.
I'm so scared that it'll pull a red line outta my lips across my face :/ 

The first layer of application can hardly be seen because it is very sheer the first swipe.
Then I tried reapplying for 3-4 layers to achieve the effect that I want,
It turns out to be very pigmented and loveeeeeeeeely!
I guess I love how it initially appears to be so sheer because it means you can actually use it as light pink,
 reddish-pink, or even burning red. It all depends on how many layers you put on.  
Of course, after 3-4 of swipe, it could be very very pigmented and has glossy finish.  


*wearing NO.8 CHU in photos above*

As for NO.7 SOME, I don't really have a lot of photos hahahahaha.
Tho I wore it to a brunch date with my bestieeeee!

The lipstick lasts HELLA long. 
One can go on 4-5hours without reapplying it!  I am impressed :O! 
WELL except that you eat, then the color will fade A LITTLE. Not all, just turn lighter.

This is NO.7 SOME turned pinkish red after I devoured a super heavy brunch :3
Still got color lah of course! I actually liked how it turned out and couldn't be bothered to reapply 


I really really like this lipstick.
Because you know what, reason #1,
it is a lot cheaper than other high-end makeup brands out there.
And what you get is just as good as those expensive ones!  The texture, formulation, pigmentation all

#2 It is crazy pigmented that I actually DO NOT HAVE TO bring it out for a short dinner/ lunch date.
Expecting it to last approximately 4-5 hours is easy peasy. 

Do I even need to further elaborate this on?  :p 

Wait wait, I'm not done yet.
I'm still gons talk about another product from CLIO, which is 

CLIO GELPRESSO Waterproof Shadow

" It is filled with sliding melting gel texture in the retractable auto pencil. It glides on smoothly and gives  dramatic eye makeup. Creamy and melting formula stays put all day long without smudging. "

It does what it claims, shimmering and lasts all day, literally.
How would I know? 
Because after I made this swatch on my hand, I kind of forgotten that it was there,
Until the next morning when I'm typing on my computer, I saw some bling bling thingy on my hand.
I was like "what the heck, it is still there!?" after like two showers and countless times of hand washing.

I tried it rub it away but apparently it couldn't be erased so easily. 
I had to get up and grab my makeup remover. 
In the one swipe,  voila:

It confuses why I tried rubbing it away so hard(with water) but couldn't succeed, 
one light swipe with makeup remover then its gone ://

Anyhow, I use it as eye makeup primer because the color is breathe-takingly beautiFOL! 
Plus its power of staying on, I wouldn't have to worry about my eye makeup smudging lor.
Good one CLIO.  
It's products all got superb quality but selling at such affordable price.

Where to find CLIO products?

Any SASA outlet. 

Had so much fun taking the photos! 

That's all for my review today.
Hehehhehee thanks for reading.


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