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Its 3:12am and Im starving. . . craving for burgers, which is the best supper for us Malaysian.
Since I cant have it, so I decided to torture myself with blogging it
One with Ivor, le best food hunting + hangout partner
We girls love to try new foods, bcos eating same old foods is too mainstream ^^
Same money, but you can spend it on smtg new & fresh?! Your choice.
Then we found here @ Marshall Burger.
Address:  124-C, Jalan Burma, George Town, Penang.
Tel: +604 229 9124
Opening times: Tue-Thur, 5pm-11pm; Fri-Sun, 5pm-12midnight; closed on Monday.

'A roadside favourite turned full-fledged burger joint, Marshall's is popularly known for its signature pork burger. 'The Boar' - very aptly named - is a two-storey stack of freshly ground pork patties topped with melted cheese, bacon and veggies. If this porcine feast doesn't rock your boat, opt for 'The Bull' consisting of Australian beef patties, American cheddar cheese, bacon slices and accompanying greens.'

I have special feeling to this Marshall this name as its Eminem's real name. And me,  have always been his top no.1 big fans :DD 
Pork, Chicken & Beef.  We tried 3 of them
Dont ask me which photo is which one,  Im not good at recognizing burger =.=

But the thing I wanna say, its good!  Average price is each rm9.90. Worth the try. 
Its definitely better than the biggest burger in Penang (Zul's Burger)   which is totally a joke *roll eyes*
By the way, its really hot & crowded in that lil restaurant.
Three of us happy with our burger wee! :DD

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