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Girls Gathering | The Twelve Cups

How was your day?
Hope you had a great day bcos Im gonna make it better by making you read my happy happy post ;pp
As the tittle said, girls gathering.. how many photos do you think I have? ..
but trust me, I will try to squeeze & make it summary! Hahhahahaha

So it was 4th day of CNY, chor sei.
We decided to gather up the girls (especially for Joy & ChiaEn who came back here to celebrate CNY) and we had alotsaaaaaaaaaa fun!  You know, when the girls gather, fun just comes naturally. You dont need to make efforts, or worrying what should you do to have fun. NOOOO, we dont need to have fun, we are fun ^^

Ivor being driver of the day (tor chek sai!)  while Joy and me being selca queen of the day lols
Tsk to Ivor's peace hand sign, drive with both hands lah you dangerous ass.
@ The Twelve Cups. 
Address: 12, The Whiteaways Arcade, Beach Street, 10300.
No. Tel: 604-2626812
(Nearby Disted College Hospitality building/ Alliance Bank, located beside Subway) 
The mini & cosy cafe which is well-known by their signature crepe cakes.
We literally ordered all the flavors so we get to try all of them lah! Le smartest idea by le Chia En
Signature tourist shoot ^^
Jayee & Ivor are super tall right tskkk nvm wait, I will tell you why . after
Many many with this princess & she kept asking me whether its us two too pretty or the camera was too good. 
Aiyoooooo I really wanted to say this beh paisely 'BOTH LAH! But the first more HAHAHHAHAHAH'
Joy was the photo-bomb queen for the whole freaking day    *glare at her*  
I was out of focus but I looked so happy and she looked so pretty :DD
I was like 'oi okay le mou? I want eat already'
'Eh take photo of me! Take photo of me! Before I eat'   lolololsss typical girls' line.
Next next next, get ready for some crepe cake photos spam ^^
Oreo Mille Crepe
 Tiramisu Mille Crepe 
Mango Mille Crepe.

- hmm I can just rmb whose I captioned, sorrry its too much and I wu neng wei le -________-
Btw, editing my own blog address on every pix is a must. Bcos I took all the photos, then of course I should get all the credits. its not called being selfish. who would love their own photos being stole? leave a comment.

Snap back to the topic, their crepe cakes are niceeeeeeeeeee! to me.
Miss J kept saying Humble Beginning is nicer, which i never tried before.
I was mad then i dont wanna kiss her back hahahahahahhaha no lah jokes! :DD
The lovey dovey couplessss.
Grab them from their boyfies and *kachaaaaa*
Us girlsssss ♥ best outing partner ever!
More of us 5 failed selca photos but I dont wanna post cos too failed. Blurred until cant even see our nose -___-
Nahhhhh looks! They wore heels but me, sandalsssss.
*But she wears high heels, I wear sneakers(lyrics of You Belong With Me) lololols emooo
But dont mind being short as long as you feel comfortable :DDDD sounds like self comfort but REALLY LAH tsk
Last one of us 5 tourist shoot :DD 
Then we planned to party but failed one.. nvmmm next time ^____^
What left for us.. after the couples went back.
Joy acted like being on her phone then we disgusted her *roll eyes*

For those who like to be on their phone all time when hanging out, I suggest you to stay home instead lah. I mean like its fine, you can take photos, edit, then upload. But it is not necessary to stare at your screen from the moment u sat down till the moment you get up.  Of course I am not saying Joy lah shes is not like that. I am saying everyone who is doing this trolololol like seriously, I hate itttttttttttttttttttttttttt. Yr boyfriend wouldnt like it too.

As conclusion, it was a fun-filled and happy day! :D
Except for the night plan spoiled was kinda disappointed but our passion still burning lololols
What the fuck am i saying.

Btw, how was your cny? Mine was awesome good leh. wait till I blog kkkkkay
Kthxbye & iloveyou to everyone who is reading this 


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