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May Favorites : Makeup Hauls

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Hydrating) RM145 Sephora

My first time purchasing Laura Mercier's products and I did not regret at all. MONEY WELL SPENT.
This primer is light-weighted, has gel-alike texture and water based. It creates a smooth, invisible layer to protect your skin under all sort of heavy make up such as foundation, blusher, and bronzer you're about to put on.

I chose this in Hydrating (they have various range for the primer alone, you'll for sure find one that suits yourself the most!)    because my face is very dry on normal days already I can't risk it to go under makeup without creating a layer of protection firsthand. It will crack. Thanks this primer for saving my life! Speaking of which, I heard that Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer is good too. Will save up for that.  Aw man. Why good things are always expensive haha.

Squeeze out a small dot at the back of your palm and it would be enough to cover your entire face
According to the Sephora girl (my cousin works there!!) , if I were to apply it everyday with the amount like this, the product can actually lasts up to 2-3 months.  BUT, it was too luxurious for me to use it on daily basis lol. Such high end product okay I bu she de use every single day leh.  It's like my baby I would only use it on dates, outings, or special occasions hahaha.

If you have not already notice, once I spread itevenly on my hand, it absorbs really fast and my skin has obviously became more moisturizing, toink-toink, smooth, and heavenly comfortable!  Feel free to compare it to the photo above. It makes huge difference.  You have no idea how important primer is. It basically acts as an warrior okay, to keep your pores from clogging, your skin from cracking, makes your makeup lasts longer. Hahaha. So glad I went for this one. I love it!


CHANEL Le Blanc Compact Powder RM200 CHANEL's counter

As I previously mentioned, this purchase was totally due to the smooth selling skills of the Chanel's beauty consultant and all I ever wanted was to look around.  What she did was kept on telling me this is the latest powder which the brand has improved their technology to guarantee their customers a smooth finish yadah yadah yadah. I was like
 "Well, since I lost my powder, I need a compact powder for touch up my makeup anyway?"  So yea, there I goes.  

It feels smooth on the hand but gives a total different feeling on the face. My face was already so dry that using this powder actually make my skin kind of peels off and cracks a little.  Yes. I did told the beauty consultant that the major problem I have with my skin is that it is ultra, super duper dry. Yet she said this powder would work on me.   Lol nope. Sorry. Your theory was wrong.

Shade 20 Beige

Purchase that I regretted the most. With a price like that I would rather to go for Laura Mercier or Make Up For Ever.
*heart shattered into million pieces*

Can I just say that I lost hope for Chanel's cosmetics? Well maybe just the face products.
Have not tried the lipsticks which everyone raved about, I shall not judge just yet.


Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder RM150 Sephora

I reviewed it here.
Now it had become a product that I can't live without. I pair it with Sigma F30 big fluffy brush and they perform perfectly tgt!
Lately I've been using liquid foundations that make my face go too sticky, and oily. I had to. My face is too try to use matte-finish products. I had to go for the watery one. Watery foundations are tbh, very sticky. Oil based ones are needless to rant about. There are times where my hair accidentally stick to my face and even I flip it so hard my neck hurts, 
it is impossible to get off of my face. Salute to the oiliness of those foundations lol.

Therefore, it is a must for me to apply this HD Finishing Powder. It makes my face smooth like velvet woohooo.
No more hair sticking to my face.
More review click here.


Confession hour : products with cute packaging get to me the most :3   hmmp!!

The Balm Bahama Mama RM69 SASA

I used it everyday back when I worked at SASA as a part timer.
It was the first bronzer I ever used. It blends out really well and natural, the powder is highly pigmented so make sure you do not accidentally dap it on the other part of your skin where you don't wish to be contoured. It's going to get all dirty and hard to fix up.  ;/ been there couldn't done that lol.   As the pigmentation is so good that a little can go a long way. 

The other thing is, it is matte powder. It does not giving glowing finish to the skin like some other bronzers do.
For my personal liking, I actually matte bronzer over the shimmering one. 
If you did not contour it well, your face is going to end up looking dirty and oily instead of glowing ;/
Its just one close line. Very dangerous leh I scare. I'll just let highlighter does its job.

Bahama Mamas one shade darker than Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, which I'll later talk about.

The Balm Mary-Low Manizer RM72 SASA 

Okay before sharing my opinions about this highlighter, I want you all to know that 
The Balm is a very very amazing brand. It is actually under the same company with Benefit, cheaper version of Benefit but works so so much better than Benefit products.   All of The Balm's products from face primer to eye shadow, are very satisfying to me. 
They're priced very affordable yet have the quality of high-end products. 

I once saw Jen (fromheadtotoe.com) labelled The Balm's eye shadow palette as the most pigmented one out of so many other high end branded shes used.  See?!  Its not just me. The Balm is amazing to everybody as long as you know what a good thing is :)

Back to the highlighter,

Offense: Highlighter, Shimmer, Eyeshadow
Charge: Too pretty, Too popular
Antonyms: Womanizer 

Hahhahahaha will you just look at how cute it it! Awh their packaging concept is always sassy, naughty, and impossible to resist!
As stated above, not only I use it as highlighter, it works so pretty as eye shadow too.
IT IS SO PIGMENTED (Are all The Balm's products are so pigmented or what!?) 
One of my classmate actually asked what did I do to make my face glows like never before. I was so thrilled to hear that!
Of course, it's all about the highlighter wow wow wow. It makes my face look more glowy and alive.
No more death and dull face walking around in campus :D

(Photos will be attached at the end of the blog post. Be patient)


Too Faced Beauty Blogger Darlings RM69 Sephora

The concept of this is to sum up the industry insiders (bloggers / vloggers) ' favorites from the brand, to create them in smaller size and combine the items altogether in one box so we get to try them all before purchasing the actual size ones!  
Its very thoughtful of Too Faced.   
Im a sucker when it comes to youtube gurus' recommendation, whenever they talk about something is good,
I always get tempted to try the item before thinking much, whether is it suitable for me.  
Having these babies packaged in tester size and sold them at cheaper price is brilliant. 
Plus the price RM69 is totally affordable and needless to say, very worth for 4 high-end branded (tho they're in tiny sizes, still worth!) 

Apparently there are 4 babies in there.

Primed & Poreless Face Primer

Something you apple before any face makeup to fill in your pores and wherever the foundation couldn't get in.
 Hmmm not my favorite one so far, I dont't really have a lot of large pores so I couldn't exactly tell how it works on large pores. Not saying I have perfect skin!   I do have plenty of blackheads, guess they covered up my pores ughhhh can they please design something to cover up blackheads instead of large pores hahahha. I believe there are people whom need it.    
*raises my hand secretly*

Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer

I have very very very oily lids and this manages to hold them back. I use the primer when I have to put on like very heavy eye makeup, and it never fails me. I wore it to clubbing once and it was a very sweaty night, crowded and packed with all kind of human beings.  Yet my eye shadow still stay on even after 3am. I checked them at Jiao Sai (where we usually have our supper) and my eyes still looked pretty good. The other time I wore it for photoshoot, stood under the sun for few hours also no problem :D  

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

My second favorite item from the kit.  Do I have to mention that IT SMELLS JUST LIKE CHOCOLATE?
Just like the name :D  Its neither too dark nor too light,  looks perfectly fine on my yellow-ish Asian skin tone. 
I actually got Ivor a set of this Blogger Favorites kit as birthday present and shes been loving the bronzer as well!
My intention of telling you guys about this is because that Ivor and I share quite a different complexion, skin tone, face feature too.   Yet the bronzer works well on both of us.  I believe it would look just as good on everyone, if you don't mind giving it a try.

Plus I've been using it quite sometimes already but it feels like I didn't touch it at all lol.
I think this little one can last for a pretty long time!  :D   So freaking worth.  *tears of happiness*

*drum rolls*   My favorite one among the kit -  Better Than Sex Mascara
I need a moment of silence to get over how freaking amazing this mascara is.
*Thanks, Too Faced. For producing this godly-awesome mascara*

I am not a false lashie girl. I never knew how to put on fake lashes. Therefore mascara plays an important role in my eye makeup I got my first mascara from Maybeline (wells, they used to be the king of it) when I was 14 and I had been on hunt to search for the perfect mascara since. And I found it!   It is Better Than Sex.   Lololol to the name, sounds so wrong. 
The mascara of my life.  The one that I've been waiting for and can't live without. 

Damn it I'm so dramatic but please allow me to rave about this mascara over and over again.
I can't even leave the house without slightly putting on a coat. If you're a friend of mine you would know I've been carrying it everywhere. And my lashes been looking really obvious in my recent photos, no? I have never been this obsessed with any cosmetic before!   :3  hmmm I've used it for a month plus now, apply it everyday, sometimes twice or thrice a day.   So afraid that it'll finish up without me being aware.  Twice I went to Sephora wanted to purchase the actual size but they were out of stock!  T.T    

Anyway the name of the product is so wrong hahahhaa this happens a lot :p

Friend : Nice lashes! What mascara do you use?
Me :It is Better Than Sex!
Friend : *awkward*  Hmm okay. Whats the name of it?
Me : Better Than Sex!
Friend : LOLOLOL nevermind just tell me where you got it I go ask myself.


Never permed nor curled my lashes (looking for a good eyelash curler, any suggestion?) 
Just one coat of Better Than Sex. One fucking, light coat!   Hello?! Do I still need to rave more about it?
The most coatings you apply the more voluminous and longer your lashes would be. The best thing is it lasts all day! Doesn't smudge up at all even sometimes I fell asleep in class and woke up later having no idea whats going on with my life,  my lashes game is still strong as ever. Also it separate your lashes one by one without them sticking tgt. Some mascaras do that it looks dirty af.

Penang's Sephora better stock it up soon otherwise I would purposely fly down to KL just to get this. Not even kidding.

Btws!   I recently got Tarte's Light Camera mascara & Benefit's They're Real mascara as well.
None of them work as good as Better Than Sex. Sigh sigh. Waste of money. But at least I knew.
Too Faced's all the way!   (Will include both of these mascaras in my next haul post, perhaps)

TT  stop being so amazing Too Faced you''re expensive lol.


BCL Brow Lash Ex RM54.90 SASA

Instead of using just brows pencil, I'm more into the combination - brow liquid pencil lately. It appears to stay on longer and looks way more defined than using the pencil ones.  Especially at the tail of your brows.   (Check out the photo above)

The BCL Brow Lash Ex has 2 ends.  One is pencil while another one is liquid.
I use the liquid side to draw the shape for my eyebrows then the pencil side to fill in to achieve a more natural look.
I tried filling in my brows with the liquid side but then the hair on my brows get all wet and just.. eew.
Theres a reason why they created 2 ends at the first place, guess we just have to follow its concept hehe.

This brow pencil is perfect for me and I'm currently using the second one. The first one was spoiled bcos I forgot to put the cap back on after I'm done.  Cons about using the liquid side.  Make sure you keep it really well.
I'm not sure whether you guys notice or nah, my brows been looking really natural recently (self complimenting wtf)
BUT IT's TRUE.   My brows used to be solidly ugly and stiff and unnatural.  And I also heard a lot of funny stories people joked about my eyebrows hahhahahaa.  I didn't know how to draw better mah!  Thank god I found this pencil. Yay

Anyhow, I wouldn't recommend make-up beginners to go for it.  Its a little bit tricky to control and is easy to screw up. 
Its better for the experienced chicks and for the beginners, have to practice before you get this.  (Own opinion lah ok)

The upper line is drawn by pencil side ;   the lower one is by liquid.
Different color tone but they mix up pretty well when it comes to eyebrows. Plus, they match my hair color!
Will be using them forever till I find a better one to replace it, which is difficult cos I'm really picky.


Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Eyeliner RM49 SASA

It was the most powerful eyeliner in the SASA store. When the customers walk in, ask for the best eyeliner, the beauty consultants & sales girls  would immediately point to this product. But does it live up to its reputation?

It is definitely not the blackest eyeliner in the market but it certainly is easy to be handled. 
By the time I unpack it, the tip kind of split up into 2 parts. Pff. It's new leh!? I didn't bother to go back and change cos I was lazy.   Tried using it for a while and the parts just stick back together lol?  The quality of the brush tip needs to be improved.

Pros of this eyeliner :   lasts up to 24 hours, doesn't smudge, water proof sweat proof. 

Liner on the top : just one coat (is it coat? Is it name? Can't think of the name of it lol)
At the bottom : several times I drew back and forth. 
Well I told you it isn't the blackest.

With a price like that I don't expect it to perform very well. But it's still good lah not like I'm complaing but ..
IT COULD BE BETTER.     *peace*


Color Combos Lipstick in Code 9 RM18.90 SASA

Why isn't this brand big yet!?  The lips colors are amazing I mean look at this!
The shade is perfect and would look good on just anyone!  It's like orangey-red but more orange and it reminds me of watermelon I don't know why lol. The first time I swatch it on my hand, I was like I MUZT GET IT.

I wear this lipstick very often I normally just slightly dap it on my lips, you can't even tell that I'm wearing any lipstick.
It is very natural and gives a more-alive look.  When I was to go to dinner I would apply several layers so it looks more sexier sassier.
Aiya you can create just another look you want, the natural or the seductive one,its all up to you, just play with it.

Color Combos Mineral Lip Gloss in Code 02 RM12.90 SASA

Very sticky.  I hate lip glosses. They got all my hair stick to my face I hate that. Go away.
Why did I even purchase it?  Bcos SASA was having a promotion where it goes  :

Two Items (lipstick + lip gloss)  for RM19.90. HAHHAHAHAHHAHA yes!!
It's like rm10 each!   Bitch please just admit it you can never resist promotion like this. 


KOJI Blusher/ Hightlighter Dono How Much Was Gifted By My Friend

It's 2 in 1 blusher + highlighter, works okay, did not bring much surprise.
I wear this like everyday to college tand I have nothing to complain about it. Looks cute and natural on me.



Products used :
 BCL Brow Lash EX
Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Eyeliner
The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer 
The Balm Mary- Lou Manizer (highlighter & eyeshadow)
Color Combos Lipstick (just slightly dap on)

I actually wanted to share more products but this is getting too long and very lag to load so I'll just talk about them in my next post, probably June favorites?   Aiks I would love to talk about some of my other purchases as well instead of just cosmetics so I kind of make this a Favorites post so I can keep up to date what I've been loving and wanting to share with you guys!

I stated the price of the products as well just to let you guys have a clue about it bcos I personally prefer beauty reviews with prices stated within so it's easier to shop within my budget. It's not trying to show off or anything you know I love you.

Thats it for today. Thanks for reading.
Do let me know if you've tried any of these and what do you think?



  1. Ahhh I should read this post before I go to Sephora ytd. The Too faced beauty blogger darlings is so tempting!!!!!
    Plus the price is really affordable!!

    1. Ahhh just make a trip down to Sephora one more time, pretty sure thats what girls usually 'accidentally' found themselves at! Hahahhaa.
      Yessss it is worth D; But only the paragon outlet has it, the QB one doesn't. Just you let you know xx

  2. Lol Just read your blog now cause too busy with my exam. Wanna ask some question, do you use any BB cream? Any brand can you recommend me since last time i went for BB cream, got 1 sales girl said some brand only suitable for age like 30 or 20 or 40 like that.

    1. Hello! Hmm tbh I'm not a BB cream person and I honestly do not believe in the whole concept of it(about how 8 in 1 function or smtg like that). It is probably because some several ones I had used before let me down and from what I've learned BB cream clogs your pores easily than liquid foundation. So yea, if you've got other options, don't go for BB cream lar! Try to look for liquid foundation with SPF function or sunblock with nude color based :))

      Hmmm my recommendation would go to Kanebo Freshel BB cream(silver color bottle), you can find it in Watson! It is nice and has HIGH coverage, no need to use concealer also manged to cover all of my imperfection on face. BUT after long time of using it I discovered that my face looks dull without makeup. Not sure if its the BB cream's fault but I stopped anyway. Hahaha yes, when I used to work at SASA the customers that look for BB cream are usually aged women. Not saying young adults can't use lar but try to avoid :)) CC cream is cool too!

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