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Fake Urban Decay Naked 2?

I am not a eyeshadow person.
I NEVER HAD any eye shadow palette. Back when I was younger I actually didn't find eye shadow necessary, naively I thought having eyeliner could enhance my entire eye makeup already.  But when it came to any special occasion for example dancing performance, photoshooting, or clubbing, I just used my girlfriends' ones (if they brought it along)   I know it sounds cheapskate but that was just .. ok cheapskate I have no excuse here.

Till this year, 2014, and I'm 9teen.
I figured it out I can't live with only applying eyeliner no more also I'm amazed by what difference eyeshadow could do in all youtube gurus' videos. And speaking of famous eyeshadow, has anyone not heard of Naked? I doubt that.    
So I put naked in my wishlist. 
Why wishlist because I had to work and save up to get one as I ain't no richie rich also it is really overpriced (retail price @ Sephora is RM188 if I'm not mistaken) to me, compared with all the other eyeshadow out there in the market are mostly RM40 ++ for all those drugstore make up products. 

There was a day, when my friend Ivor came to one of our group chat to ask
' Naked 2 for rm100, is it worth? '
We girls were like wat, really, is that authentic or nah!
She later said 
'My friend's cousin's works at a company that they sell Naked, only 6 left,  and they guaranteed it is authentic' 

Guess what was the stupidest thing we ever done?
We bought the lie.

How could we be so easily fooled? You must be thinking.
On my defend, hey, it sounded really convincing (the guarantee part).
So, 3 of us, Ivor WeiWei and I quickly ordered from that girl as we were afraid of running out of stock or whatsoever and that time was pretty close to Chinese New Year and we would love if we lay our hands on em palettes faster.

Well, I get the palette. 
It's is really light-weighted. Woahhh slow down boy, are you sure 
This costed me a fucking hundred probably the most expensive damn cosmetic I ever bought
Just kidding don't forget about em foundation & powder.

(Photos below are taken with iPhone5)

Followings are my FAKE NAKED 2:

This was when I used it for quite some time thou I'm a very clumsy person but you have no fucking idea how much I took good care of this palette because of the price lol. The sticker was already loosen up by the time I unbox this shit.

Open up the damn palette. For a newbie-beginner, I don't find anything abnormal 
The printed font, the colors, the brush, everything seems pretty good to me as all this time I kept thinking how expensive this palette is and it would only do me good but no harms.

Chopper, Snakebite, Pistol, Busted 4 colors on the back of my hand.
They looked pretty much the same, not pigmented, I had to apply like 4-5 layers to get this color in the photo. 
It is fucking troublesome and dirty when you had to apply like 4-5 layers to get the color layered, what if I wanna apply 3 layers? Then it would be like 10+ layers already wtf? Our eyes get dirt easily in that case. 

How did I found out the fucking palette is fake?

Case #1 
A friend of mine bought a fake Naked 2 in China, which confronted it to me as soon as she landed lol she was like 
eh I bought a fake Naked 2 leh! RM35 only if you converted it to MYR
 I was like but I bought a real one HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
She then said omg really! Show me!
*she came over my place to investigate*
After she played around with my mine, she turned around looking at me very seriously, saird 'are you sure this is authentic? Because it looked exactly like mine, even the brush, the eyeshadow powder all'
I was stunned a little, then thought that the friend of ours wouldn't lied to us.. I think?

I started using it during CNY.
From my observation, the color faded away pretty quick which is fucking suspicious because ain't no Urban Decay's are that bad. I watched almost ALL the makeup tutorial, reviews, blog posts on the Internet before getting the palette
(you know, this is what poor people do lol)  
All I saw was compliments, good words, and high labels about Naked 2.
But the fact that my palette was so suck annoyed the fuck outta me so I went around to ask 2 friends of mine, who owned authentic Naked 2 themselves if you know them, Michelle & Jayee. 

Just now, I went on a dinner date with Jay, whos bout to fly back to Aussie.
Unexpectedly she brought her Naked along with her, mind reader yay!  But then I forgot to bring mine wtf hahahahhaha she be like fuck you, then handed me hers 


Hers was SO MUCH HEAVIER than mine, mine weighted like a fucking paper.
Hers was obviously made up of quality cases but mine was just cheap plastic thing.

WTF?  Then I opened it up, all I see from her palette made me just wanna throw myself out of the window. 
The printed fonts, the color, the plastic thing beside the mirror 

photo from Amy Tabby's blogspot

Left : Fake Ass Naked 2 // Right : Genuine Naked 2

If you notice, the font of the fake ones are bigger, looked vulgarer while the genuine ones are slightly brighter in color, smaller words.  The Half Baked is the most obvious in proving it as the fake one is kind of off the center and ugly.  

photo from Amy Tabby's blogspot, again

Top: Fake Ass Naked 2 brush // Right: Genuine Naked 2 brush

If you pay enough attention on it, the blending brush( the bigger and puffier) of the genuine one is supposed to be at the Urban Decay words' side ; but mine turned out to be at the words Naked 2  side .
Means it is upside down lol! 

Photos of our owns:

Top:  Mine (fake) // Bottom:  My friend Jay's (genuine)

From what I've read online, the left side of the genuine brush is supposed to be the blending one not the normal eyeshadow brush.

Top: Mine (fake)  // Bottom: my friend Jay's(genuine)

Look at that little hole things under the mirror, the fake one has 3 holes there and the genuine one is supposed to have 2 but I think Jay missed out as she took the photo too near but you can still tell because hers doesn't have the next hole after 3 colors the first hole.   What am I even talking about lol

My friend's thought on Naked 2. Maybe I remind you this girl uses all the high-end brands in the market and is very picky and hard to satisfy hahahahah #truestory so when she say somethings nice, it is and I believe.

My thought on Naked 2 (before I found out it was fake) :

'Wtf how on earth this thing faded so fast and smudged up easily all the time? Only an hour I took to have my dinner by the end of my date the color on my lids already smudge down to my lower lids which is the most disgusting thing it makes my entire eye makeup looked dirty and annoying I can't even save it with concealer how horrible is that? Also, the casing is light-weighted, it sounds when I shake the palette lightly (the sound of the cheap plastic I assume) , colors don't stay on, not pigmented, difficult to apply, not long lasting, and most importantly the person claimed it authentic and fool everybody. Cb'


Ain't got no rm100 to waste on a fake thing.
If I were to buy something fake, I could have just TaoBao it or ask my friend to get it for me from China as well. The more rm65 I paid but I got the same thing with my friend that bought a fake one.
RM65 OKAY? How many Mc Nuggets I could possibly buy with that money in the world?

By the time I'm ending this blog post, I should be getting my rights (and money hopefully) back lol.
Wish me luck!
I'm not gonna say anything like 'its not bout the money its about the faith' bla bla bla
Because the palette is  fake enough already I don't need to fake my ass any further eeew 
cause it is all about the money also the faith, maybe a little.

My mother was just lecturing me how I shouldn't 贪小便宜 by trusting that I can make good deals buying expensive thing with little money. Guess it takes a life lesson for me to finally learn. I'd rather to spend more to go to the actual shop then online shopping now.  Thanks you all useless online web pages.

Turned out my friend Mic's was also fake and she used it for 2 years already wtf!
She only found out as Jay and I were sending photos to make a comparison of ours.
How many more lies are hidden out there?
I would never ever ever buy any skin care/ cosmetic through the Internet.


Turned out the entire cousin's girlfriend thing was only in my imaginary world which is non existed -_- the one that sold us the palette was my friend's cousin who worked in a street deal company (something like groupon) but his' was based in Singapore. His cousin brought em palettes back from Sg as he was allowed to pick something from the company as the company was distributing bonuses to the employees. He chose Naked 2.  Of course he then sold the palettes, what on earth a guy wanna do with 6 fucking eyeshwdow palettes!?

And you know, they re guys.
They are insensitive, they aren't the one that use the products. They didn't even know the palettes were fake until finding it out here on my blog (ish mean Karwei at her best) Feeling a slight of guilt about ranting here on blog but what about the consumers' rights!

In conclusion, we are all victims here. 
The cousin, the friend, us, perhaps the company as well.

Damn people who produced the fake products, do those people have any idea how harmful the fake products can be to us? We don't even know what are the ingredients and stuff! And claimed that they are real. Pffff

This is why I have trust issues.


  1. Omg what did I just read this is so creepy cause you don't know what's the eyeshadow made of ! It'll harm your skin perhaps :S Be careful about online purchase next time babeee!!

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