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LOVE BITES | Fusion Cuisine

Hello! Didnt realize my hair was so short back then D; if youre keen of what do I look like right now, view some of my latest blog posts wookieee! Aha rewriting because some anonymous guy complained about my English :'((

That was the third day of Chinese New Year, I decided to catch up with some of my lovelies high school besties, since all of us hadnt catch up for decades already! Our initial plan was to go to Piknik. But it was closed during CNY, so we walked around and spotted 
Love Bites Fusion Cuisine
Ding ding ding! I remembered seeing some of my friends posted photos of delicious foods from this cuisine!
Since we were all there, why not give it a try then :D
Simay & SS! X
Bestie Weiwei 

The foods then being served up.
Some chicken thing. Cant remember the exact name of this dish as this was recommended by the waiter himself. 
The presentation is normal but the chicken, tasted so good I almost had it snatched from my bestfriend haha!

Some fish thing.  Recommendation of the waiter as well. Just so you know, that was our first time being there, had no clue what to order, so we just asked for recommendation and ordered them all lol!
Its tasted sweet & sour at the same time, and the fish is well-cooked & tender. Perfect for fish lover like me.

Hot & sexy pork. Highlight of the day I would say.
It tasted so good that it even beat some of the fine dining restaurants out there.
Furthermore, it came at a very affordable price.  I mean its really worth lah!

Oglio olio
Just like any other normal oglio olio dish. Nothing special I'd say.
One before I started eating like a dinosaur!

Not to forget - The yogurt in mint flavor.
That staff recommended us all yogurt drinks so we just took it.. 
Didnt get the chance to take photos of all lah but trust me, green tea's is the best.

Some photos taken while we were waiting.

Love Bites Fusion Cuisine
11, Nagore Road, 10050 Georgetown, Penang .
Note : Love toasts are only available from 3pm - 7pm

Ah.. speaking of Love Toast
Its their shop's  Signature dessert. Something similar with Taiwan's Dazzling Cafe's toast! 
But too bad, they ran out of stock on that day .. NOOOOOOOOOOOO

which brings me to my next point


I paid a visit back there again one week after! With different partners of course ;p  meet Jayee
Taadaa!  The love toast I mentioned earlier.
How can you not order this irresistibly tempting & yummylicious looking sweet pink toast?! 
Impression of Love - Strawberry Flavor   RM18.90
The cute staff let us to take photos before he cut the toast off.
Hahahhahahaah knowing us girls so well! :pp
Ohh looking even more delicious with the cream falling down and the ice cream!!
Those bread crumbs covered by the cream & ice cream. h e a v e n 

We even agreed that this is what girls should go for after got hurt, not some silly clubs to cure your wound lol.
Here, those desserts, will serve you right; they will show you what you deserve lololols dramatic me
Me again with the funny looking face. Nahh I was actually thinking 
' Somebody pls quickly take this cheesy thingy outta my face its smells so .. ughh I wanna throw up '
Lololols no offense but Im not cheese person -..-  like seriously 
Sensation of Love - Cheese Flavor   RM18.90
Woah what I can about this one .. not a word. Cos I didnt even have one bite.
And the smell, is strongggggggg like hell =.=   bad thing for hate-cheese-people like me but I bet
it must be heaven if some of you are crazie big fans of cheese :DD 

More of our girls crazy selca pix you dont wanna see.

So yea, ciao! 
Oh no, wait wait wait, in case you are hungry, here's one more thing I need to show you 

the finished one. 

Okay lah seriously guys, you gotta go try out. Its gonna be worth it, no matter its about the main courses, to drinks and most importantly to the toasts.  They are really good.  Wonder if I lie? Go find our yourself  :))



  1. atrocious english, please improve before you write anymore

    1. I am improving. Feel free to view my latest posts if youre keen. I wont stop writing as well as improving.
      Thanks for dropping by!

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