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Eyelid Stitching Part 2: Recovery process

As you guys know, I got double eyelid stitching d! I blogged the whole process in my last post.
(Read this first) Part 1: http://karweigoay.blogspot.com/2015/01/double-eyelid-stitching-part-1-process.html
Anyway, I just made my second visit back to the clinic for the doctor to check on my eyes.

Say no more, I bet you people got really curious on how my eyelids healing d!

Recovery Process

Day 1 (the same day I did):

I got home looking like this, my mom freaked out, nothing else.
No pain no fuss. Though I was feeling like having a thousand ants pulling my eyelids hahaha! They felt damn tight all the time. 
All is good and my eyelids felt like marshmallow till night lolol!! 麻醉药好强

The blue marker stayed on for days because I was too scared to touch, let alone removing it.
I couldn't sleep that night lmao!  Cus I was afraid of ruining the thread   :'( 

Day 2:
Bruises got worse than the first day, my eyes got all reddish and blood-like. Quite scary.
Hurt a little, feels as if I got punched in the eyes.  觉得自己被海扁的感觉

From Snapchat. I took this to scare all my friends 

My eyes got more swollen than ever, I made a call to AO klinik.
They asked me to not let water to touch my eyes yet, so I didn't shower HAHAHHA fuck lah I'm damn lazy cos they actually just asked me to not let water get onto my eyelids but I used it as an excuse to not let water touch me entire body!
I did washed my face carefully tho, without letting water near my eyes.

Wore a mask while I went out to increase peoples' curiosity.

There are 5 tiny hole on each of my eyelid. They marked where the thread went through.
Eyelid stitching, means stitching a thread through your eyelids, therefore forming double eyelids.
The threads will be looking kinda obvious during the recovery process, but till they are fully recovered,
They wont be seen anymore, so no worries!

我做的是stitching  顾名思义就是缝/埋线  所以有线是正常的 
刚做好的时候会很明显的看到有线在眼皮上面 可是等到完全复原就不会看到了!
所以要耐心等待呀  会变美美的  :)

Day 4 & 5:

Still bruising and swelling. But you can tell the shape is looking good.
Some of the parts got extra reddish and my mom said it was.. infection :// ? I wasn't but they come and go quickly!
On day 4 & 5 my eyes got quite itchy lor!  I beh tahan and I very carefully rubbed them.
Oh and also my eyes got very very dry  ://  luckily Dr. Ha did give me some eye-drop <3 

Here's a closer photo that I forgot whether I took it on day 4 or 5.
Either way, not much diff.
I stayed in these few days and almost died of boredom :/  

Day 6:

I got into a minor accident that's all. 

On the sixth day I had a lunch date with my best friend. 
So I filled in my brows a little, went out like this weeeeeeeeeee.
As you can see my eyes recovering really good d wow wow! Getting better each day.
Patience is ALL I NEED <3

I know you guys must be very curious and go all what happened to your face?!
Accident okay accident.   Let's ignore it, stay focus on my eyes :D

Day 8:

It's been exactly one week!
I made my second visit back to AO Klinik and I put on a little makeup cos I cannot tahan how deadly I look anymore!

Taaaaadaaaaa!  是不是蛮美了  :D    #不要脸
I drew an ultra eyeliner and made sure I didn't touch the thread at all.

5 of the tiny holes that I mentioned earlier already being slowly absorbed le la! 
Soon I'll have really natural eyelids d, can't wait :D
I even took a super chio selfie:


Tho the girls from AO Klinik advised me to not to put on make up/ wear contact lenses if its unnecessary.
Because my eyes still swollen abit lah actually, look at the photo, the dark dark part on my eyelid.
Thats no eyeshadow, its bruising hahaa.

From day 1 to day 8.
Hahhahahahahaha gosh such big difference!  
他妈的真的差很多 好像两个不同的人    化妆还有相机的威力呀

Guess I'll stop at Day 8 as I see them healing quite fast already!
Maybe I'll do a up-to-date post one month later.  But I'm already satisfy with the result on day 8 d!

Now, lets move on to another section,


Okay now I'm going to answer all your questions HERE.
Pretty sure you can find everything HERE.  If not, comment yr question under this post, I'll add it in.
Don't get on my nerves by coming up to me and asking the same question again T.T
I really cannot repeat the same thing for a hundred times okay?  And I'm almost there d.
Pay extra attention on the part you're keen! Be considerate and save both of ours time :p

Q:  How long will it last? 这双眼皮会耐多久
For my case(stitching) can last only like 2-3 years depending how fast the thread will go disappear;
For cutting, it can last forever.

But I chose not to cut, because I'm still young and I'm not ready to change my look forever yet.
I mean, if thing goes wrong with the stitching, I can always go back to the clinic and take the thread off.
If I were to cut them, uh-oh, even if I hate it also there's nothing I can do already.

因为我是用缝的 所以只能耐2-3年这样  ; 如果是割的话 就可以耐永远的
我不想要割  因为还年轻先缝缝看 自己喜不喜欢   几年等它脱落后再决定割也不迟。

Q:Does it hurt? 会痛吗
Not at all. Though I felt slightly uncomfortable on day 4th and 5th.
It's nothing much ma :)   It just felt like I got punched in the eyes hahha. For real!
Tho the recovery process hurt a little bit, oh just imagine you got something wrong and got punched!
Rest for a few days then no problem d la :D

真的不会痛  因为医生的麻药真的很强 ;
麻醉针打了我直接觉得自己的眼皮是棉花糖  麻麻的 什么都没感觉  ^_^
而复原的时候前几天 眼睛就会感觉肿肿黑青的  会有一点点不舒服 ;
可是我到第6 & 7 就不会这样了  很快就过去了

Q: How long will it take to be fully recovered?
According to the doctor, 7 days till its done swelling, 3-4 weeks till it becomes completely natural.
医生说7天会消肿   ,3到4个礼拜就会很自然啦 :)

Q:  Need to rest how many days till I put on makeup & wear contact lenses? 做了过后多久能化妆
Doctor did advice that I don't wear contact lenses for one month. Hahah but I couldn't tahan!
As you see above, I curi curi wore them and put on make up on day 8 already :p
Anyways, doctor said I could totally draw eyeliner, as long as it doesn't affect the part where the thread is placed.

医生是劝说停止佩戴隐形眼镜1个月左右  可是我不听话的第8天就戴了 T.T 希望没什么影响
化妆是可以啦!  只要没有影响到线的位置

Q: You already got double eyelid, why did you do again?
I am saying this for one last time, I DONT HAVE DOUBLE EYELID.
I know what I am so don't piss me off by accusing this and that

This is how my eyes normally look like.
Not only are they single, they're also super 'lazy eyes' 懒惰眼  无神眼
All of those fakee double eyelids you saw from my selfies are not real!  :/
I have this talent where I can kek my eyes from single to double eyelid for photo-taking hahaha!

Even after makeup I still single-eyelids one okkkkk.
So please, gimme a break <3

Q: Why you wanna reveal to the public that you did this? Aren't you scared of gossips? 为什么要公开 不怕被人讲吗
Hahahha I really think it's nothing, I just love to share.
Singaporen bloggers do this a lot: blog about their Plastic Surgery trip to Korea and all that.
And it's very common these days!

And you can never stop people from talking.  Does that mean you have to stop doing what u like to avoid being on others lips?
I love blogging and I'm gonna do it, despite what people say.
Don't you be so naive and think that you won't be the gossip topic just because you don't show nothing at all.
现今社会   很多事情都是 躺着也中枪 。
来去都要被讲了 , make your side of story worth the read   :)

Here's my tips on how to not care what people thin/sayL

Also, I wanna use this as a chance to advise people that keen on doing aesthetic/ surgeries,
Please go to the legit clinics!   Do not believe anything you see online.

这个不是开玩笑的   我想要告诉所有人不要轻易相信你在网上看到的微整店
有很多都没有certificate的  ,也不是真正医生
就上过几次的课程就敢敢学人家开店 真的太夸张了  好恐怖
请大家三思   不要贪便宜   ;出事的时候后悔就太迟了

Q: Will you be doing anything else? 除了眼睛你还会做其他部位吗
Hahaha I can't say anything for sure! But for now, nope, I wont be doing anything else anytime soon.
But I think I will be saving up for my nose next, but we will see :'(   need to save another round of money.

做了眼睛 就开始觉得自己的鼻子丑了   ;人都这么不知足呀。

Before & After Comparison Photo

Before double eyelid stitching and the eighth day after it! 
Tho they have not fully recovered yet but you can tell my eyes have very big diffs d heheh.

虽然还有点小肿 没有完全康复  ,可是差别已经很大啦!

Thank you all for reading and I'll be really happy if I helped enlightening your wonders
I appreciate all the positive comments that I've gotten.
For any of you that thinks I'm brave and all, thanks!   Luv you ~ <3 

And enough, don't keep questioning/ obsessing about what happen to my face lah!!
Lehma I fell off a motorcycle okay?!   Fuck damn siasui bye.


  1. Thanks for sharing KW! Didn't knew there were eyelid stitching, I just know can cut nia :P and you made a comparison of the two. Btw you should update your about me section already. I checked on it cause it's my first time to read your blog :)

  2. Lol I love your last sentences among all, haha...

  3. Hi Kar Wei,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us.=) Can I just ask one more question? >.<
    I heard some people say that using too much double eyelid stickers can cause eye lids drooping, will stitching possibly cause the same problem also?

    1. yeayea its true that using too much double eyelids' stickers make your eyelids saggy and not firm. and nope! it doesn't happen when you do eyelid stitching! because the thread that doctor puts in your eyelid is basically doing its job and pull the eyelid up, haha theres no way that it can cause "dropping" cus its totally impossible.

  4. I knew about Dr.Ha. A super friendly professional doctor. I added your wechat already, please accept my request and give me his contact. Thank you 😆

  5. Hello beautiful Kar Wei!
    I came across your blog while I was googling. I would like to know how's your eyes conditions now after a year and half. Would you mind update your photo on your blog? A closer look? I did eyelids one month earlier than yours at some clinic. I am so dissatisfied and upset the result now is like back to original eyelids. I am considering to redo my eyelids.thank god I found your blog. I love your blogs btw. Please update me your latest eyelids please. Thank you beautiful.
    Michelle Tan

    1. Hello Michelle,

      My stitched eyelids are becoming increasingly saggy compared to the time when I first had it done. I also think that mine reaches its time to revert back to the originals :/ thats the thing about eyelid stitching, they never last long. But fortunately they don't, because I am actually very unhappy with the outcome, so now I can redo a different shape, something Im more happy with.

      Noted! Will soon do an eyelid update. If not yet, you can always keep an eye on my updated on Instagram @karwei.goay you'll probably see photos of my eyes as well. Thank you!

  6. Wow, that looks really good. Doctors have done superb work there. You look more pretty now. Thanks for sharing such blog with us.


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