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Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel | REVIEW

Guess what got in the mail today?  Taadaaaaa its
Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. 
Purchased two as they are having really great sales @ Hermo . One for me and one for bestie.
Hmpp this is mine, got it last month @ Gurney Plaza.   Almost finish already :((    
Im that kind of 'always-wanted-to-try-new-thing' person. So when I used up one product, I would go and try for another brand de products cos I likey new fresh thing unless that product is really really good. Then I will just stick to it! :))  
 you know what I mean? Hahhahahaah my point is, the soothing gel is really good lah! 
How to use? 
- Moisturizing cream, apply it after you apply toner on yr face
- Make up base, mix the gel with foundation or BB cream then apply onto yr face, it will turns out to be very natural and comfortable on yr face *trust me*
- Men use after shaving, it can relax sensitive skin. Share it to yr boyfie! Hehehehehe
- Hair treatment, which I do the most!  Made my hair smooth and no sticky feeling at all :DD
- Relax swollen eyes after u stayed up late or been crying all night over TV drama or fight with your boyfie lololol
- Nail essence, put on this gel after u done with you nail polish, clean and clear :)) 
- Body care,  yeeeeep I use it as body lotion, it weaken my mosquito-bitten scars and make my skin smooth. Most importantly, not sticky at all! I always hate those body lotion which makes our body sticky like shit
- Mask, u dont have to put on a mask sheet anyway, just put thicker layer of the gel on yr face and wash it off after 15 mins

[photo credit to google]
300ml one bottle. Its quite many the amount lah.  I have also read some reviews on the net saying that they can use one for 4-5 months.  But for me, one month only cos I use it twice a day, as body lotion -..- 

You can get it from any Nature Republic outlet as I bought mine is MYR32.90 (market price)
And now they are having promotion MYR100 for 4 pcs! 

So from now on, I will keep my eyes on Hermo website in case not to miss any good deal RAWR!
Thanks for reading guys and hope you likey the gel that I recommend 
*Blogger recommend*   This is not advertorial or paid post.

Been going on days without contact lenses but I honestly feel that my eyes got recover alr! Xx
Will go for checkup soon so that I will got permit to wear lenses during cny.
Come back soon guys, xoxo


  1. Hi, you did stated that you bought stuffs from hermo.. is ita trusted site? I mean is all the products original? Tq

    1. Yes. Everything from hermo is genuine and authentic. You don't have to worry about buying fake items there. Cheers

  2. how do you use this for your hair and face? did you apply it with something else?

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  5. Hye babe , come buy with me , RM50 get 3 !!! +60129834449

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  7. hi dearie..i wonder if hermo sell authentic Nature Republic product as i saw some -ve comment about this product that sell on Hermo from facebook page.. i already click & want to purchase the gel but after read those arrrghh i cancelled my order. :(

  8. Nature Republic's 92% Aloe Vera Gel is my go-to when it comes to moisturising my oily/combination skin. It works AMAZINGLY.

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