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Skin Care | FAVORITES 2013

I know I shouldnt be blogging this right now, as my current face condition is the worst I ever have in these few years.
 Bcos my face sudd popped up alotsa pimples during Jan. Like I really didnt know why, just woke up & looked into mirror.. 'wtf so many pimples!'  Even thou they have cured but they somehow leave scars ;//
Scars are okay, but face is getting more & more qiao cui. I assume the reasons are
#1 Been staying up late ever since last year, always go to bed at 2 or 3 am. No good!
#2 Been putting on too much makeup lately & didnt remove them clean enough :(
Anyway its okay, Im gonna save my skin soon, watch me! :DD

And today, what Im gonna be talking about is..
Skin Care products that I am using lately. Know Im not professional but sharing is caring :)
Senka (Shiseido) Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam   is one of the best selling cleanser in Japan. I always have this confidence about Korean/Japan products cause they are pretty fussy about what they put on.
Pros  super foamy, the foam is very airy & light, like a gentle foaming wash :)) 
 It deeps clean your face especially after makeup. You can get the feeling after, super fresh & clean!
Cons  too much chemical & it smells not so good.

Senka (Shiseido) Whitening Lotion (Fresh)  also one of the best sellerI grabbed right away reading BongQiuQiu's review about this whitening lotion (might as well call it toner)  bcos hor, the bottle is full of Japanese words, was really attracted  by Qiuqiu's review as she posted photos of her obvious changes in 4 weeks after using the lotion.
Pros it really does brighten my face!! 
Unlike other products, just the name, this one really works,  Cant tell by photos but really lah!
but I truly recommend this bottle, if you wanna see photos,  click here to view Qiuqiu's  
Cons is.. little sticky , its bearable type of sticky lah, so its almost perfect already.  fuck you.

Note guys,  white cap is for oily combination skin & blue's is for dry skin (the whitening lotion)
Etude House Happy Fresh Witch Hazel  as my scrub cleanser. 
This is for oily / combination skin with blackheads.
Pros yess it scrubs very well & deep clean your pores. Say buaibuai to blackheads! Hahaha
Cons it makes my pores very big & face becomes rough -___-  read some reviews online saying that this product has helped their pores became smaller.  Nahh, it makes mine bigger.  
I may use it once in a while, not everyday. Else my face will be rough like a fucking sand paper.

Nature  Republic Aloe Vera 80% Cleansing Gel Foam (the white one) is in transparent gel foam & smells like Aloe Vera, my love :DD  its ultra mild cleanser as it suitable for super sensitive or peeling face. 
Pros it is very healthy for skin as it made 80% of Aloe Vera lols. Even thou its mild type of cleanser but never underestimate the cleansing power!  It does remove dirt effectively and super fresh lah! :D healthy type.

Nature Republic Tea Tree Blemish Zero Powder Toner  to help control sebum & oily condition on your face. 
Pros .. I dont know, just like any other typical toner?
Cons I cant really see what it does to my face. Maybe its bcos I didnt get the emulsion (fyi, its the same series)  I always believe that using same series of products would bring better result :D

Why didnt I get the emulsion? Bcos I got
Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel which I already posted about the review before.
click here to view my review about the soothing gel  :))  this product is super super famous.
It had 8 usages & super multi-tasking. From face to hair, and to nails.
Wanna know more just read my review lah! ^^

Skin Food Parsley & Mandarin Toner  which smells very good! ^^ I always love things that smell good.
I mean, who doesnt?!  I really loveeeeee these two bottles.
Pros, good toner. Tighten your pores, refreshing, non sticky at all. 

Skin Food Parsley & Mandarin Emulsion (for troubled skin) 
Nono technology it says. Purely made up of plants & fruits.
Of course it smells very good too, same series with the toner.
 Skin Food products just never let me down! :))

Pros, keep my face hydrated & smoother, non sticky at all, easy absorbed, very refreshing & feeling happy after applied (lolols self feeling)  and and and! Most importantly, it is worth the price.  
1 bottle goes a long way, my last bottle hasnt even finish even thou I applied twice everyday, for like one & half year.
it used to scare me cos no matter how many I apply, it seemed like the amount never even reduce -__-
I personally recommend this one too ^^ aiyaaaa, Skin Food's are always good hahaha.
How about sunscreen? Which is an essential, fucking important especially for tropical country like Malaysian.
I choose this Naruko Narcissus Defense BB Sunscreen with SPF50
Bet most of you must have heard of this brand lahh, owned by Taiwan Niu Er Lao Shi.
This sunscreen is quite disappointing .. sorry Niu Er Lao Shi but its very very sticky, literally made all of my hair stick to my face eeew. Furthermore, the BB function is bad as hell like it cant even cover up my blackhead seriously?  Big disappointment.  Now I have started to hesitate whether I should try on other of their products.

Thats all for today guys! I cant do this any longer am starting to feel a lil dizzy as hunger attacks hard.
Hope you enjoy this one & will be coming back with more! :)
By the way, this is the soap I got from a shop @ Straits Quay.
It smells like lollipop awww and its making my room to smell like one too! ^^ super duper happy with this
I got another one which is citrus & I have started using it already, dont wanna post photo cos it looks funny hahahaha 
really in love with this heart shape red love soap, bu she de use, gonna make me smell like lollipop ;pp
Makes my bad days go good, dark clouds went away, brighten your everyday HAHAHHAHA
This is the shop  -  Fresh Desire.
They're selling plenty kind of soaps, body lotion, body care and etc. Totally a heaven & we literally stuck in there didnt wanna come out hahahaha friendly staff too! :)  you guys might wanna check it out, its in Straits Quay.
Happy girls with our hauls :D 

Pamper yourself now girl, or what? You expecting someone else to do this for you? Wakey wakey.
- quote by le Karwei 


  1. can u post picture of the texture of Aloe cleasing foam ?
    I wonder to buy it because it said gel ^^

  2. Where did u buy tht senka whitening lotion? Share with me pls. Thankyou! :)

    1. I bought it from Watson. Go check out Watson outlets!

  3. How much you bought for the Senka lotion? :)

  4. Actually, I started using the Nature Republic Tea Tree Blemish Powder Toner and Emulsion for a week now, but I don't see any changes happening to my face. As for the product's reviews, most of them are stating that nothing's really changed in their appearance, so I think that buying that product was just a waste of money.

    1. I believed I had already stated above that it did not bring much changes to my face, refer to the sentence 'I dont know, just like any other typical toner?"
      Really? I'm glad I did not get the emulsion then. Thanks for letting me know!

  5. hi. Thanks for the review. is the Nature Republic Aloe Vera 80% Cleansing Gel Foam is the normal face wash or just to remove the makeup ? do i need another face wash after using it ?

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