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Mama-mia Coconut Ice Cream day;

So my friends and I decided to give ourselves a "live-like-its-sem-break-even-tho-finals-around-the-corner" day. We drove all the way into town(we live at the edge of the mountain of Pg hehe) to have this fancy coconut ice cream which Dini and I had been dying to have for weeks! But obviously we got caught up with too many school works, could hardly make time, not even for one short ice cream break =(

We saw quite some people posted photos of these delicious cold stuffs. Being the Big Tamchiaks we are, we looked at each other with the "loves-filled-eyes" emoji faces. And here we goooooo ;p

I've always been a big fan of coconut icecreams! Or coconut-made anythings
Also a hardcore coconut drinker lahhhh, always annoy my friends wanna drink coconut T.T

Dini lovee.

 Apparently Dini and I thought it'd be boring to be by just ourselves so we asked the lovey-dovey to
 come along as well and they did! Day got much noisier and also funner laaaa :p

 Hello little heavennnn! 

Come here you good-smelling piece of happinessssss

RM6 per.  The nook located right next to China House cafes.
Opens daily from 10am to 7pm.

To be frank, this isn't the best that I've had, 
and even the one at One Stop beats it!  And One Stop had it selling at rm3 while MAMA MIA 
is double of the price..     but hey its a tourist spot. What do we expect.

Still very satisfied getting to eat this under such hot burning sun!
Ain't no kidding, not only the ice cream, we could feel us melting too smh.

Being one of the fattest tourist, lil boy looked at me in horror sigh.

Oh don't I just love days like this.
Spontaneous plans, worries-less conversations, laughs a lot, no troubles.

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