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So I have recently realized that I had been making my blog a little TOO commercial-like and formal. 
I practically forgot the main reason why I started this little web page,

all I wanted is to record, remember and share little things.

I started with nothing but pure desire and passion to write anything, everything about me/ my life; 
as far as I concerned, I noticed that coming up here to blog stresses me out. 
Its slowly becoming like a task which makes me completely lost interest in.

I hate how it feels like a burden to me;
I hate how I feel tired by just thinking about blogging;
I hate how my friends always rush me to update when I have no clue what to write at all;
I hate how I always have to make sure something is blog-worthy and doubt myself like 10 plus times
before writing it, I always go 'Will people be interested in whatever this is I'm about to write?' ;

I mean, this is my own little space.
For me to express myself and mark little things thats I wanna remember in my life.
Why all of a sudden, it feels like a task where I have to try to impress ya'll?

No. I am not saying that I do not appreciate my readers, in fact, I do, very much.
I'm just saying that, if you are a true, loyal one, you'll like me for me;

I have an announcement: 

I am never ever going to use my blog as a people-pleasing tool anymore.
Realization hits me that never can I ever please everyone, no matter how hard I try,
There'll still be people that critic, make up stories, gossip, and twist my entire intention of doing smtg.
You could tell that I have tried, to be informative, provide whatever it is you guys wanna know.
But still, non-stop I had receiving bad comments, opinions and I'm really sick of it.
Its always about YOU.   But who the fuck are you? Why must I please you?

NO MORE. If you don't like whatever it is I'm writing you might as well get the fuck off.
Starting this moment, it'll be only about me!  (wah sounds lil a needy gf over here)

Hahahha here's the scary part!
*clears my throat*
From now onward, I'll randomly blog about anything that I like.
Maybe when I get a hair cut(in fact I did), or when I casually visit a cafe with my close friends;
Or maybe just a dinner. Really, just anything, as long as I feel like it!
I don't even care if anyone reads anymore, bcos I know people who truly care will :3
I want the day to be remembered, the laughters, the moments.
That's what 'Live at the Moment' is about. 

The reason why I'm putting a disclaimer upfront is because that I don't wanna anyone to go:
"Walao eh, this Karwei super lame lor, like this also want to blog, went to eat a dinner only ma, 
like we no eat dinner like that, you see I also no blog ma"

You more lame lor wei, people do what also wanna critic wanna judge. 
You are lamer. LAMER.   HAHHAHAHAHAHA 
Omg theres such word.. and no I didn't mean the ultra luxury expensive skin care La Mer.
Geddit geddit.

And yes I totally love my new blog template.



  1. somebody who like your blog =)March 30, 2015 at 4:15 AM

    yup you're right =) keep it up ;) there are humorous part in this blog that make it interesting for reader to read it :D

    1. Your name makes me go "awwww" thank you thank you! xx