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Bestfriend's birthday celebration!

Birthday celebrations get increasingly challenging each year.
I mean, you already gave your best last year, what to do this year ?! 
And the fact that some people are making birthdays such big and fancy dates, 
it just kinda stresses ordinary&humble girl like me, out :p
No I'm not talking bout my birthday la.. but my friend's! 
I want them to feel special and loved on their big day, not having anything less than what they saw other people did on social media lols. Seriously eveything that people post on social media kinda gives us 无形的压力
Maybe its just me.

Cut to the chase!
So two weeks before my best friend Weiwei's birthday,
I casually messaged her boyfriend on FB asking what was he getting her for birthday,
I don't wanna get the same thing laaaaa in case crash gifts right.
Then he was like 
"eh, why don't we plan a surprise for her?" 
I was like yea cool.
Then we contacted her close friends from her college, her colleagues (who couldn't make it :/) 

We decided on waiting her at a cafe(without her knowing) while her boyfriend brings her out to lepak,
by the time we're ready then he'll bring her here and give her the excuse of chilling.. 
It went pretty messy because.. you'll find out later! Just keep reading! :p

First thing first, of course, we got heliums!  Hohoho
It's becoming one of the birthdays "must-have" prop.
Not only do they look great in photos, THEIR SO FASCINATING AND MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER :3

Here's Simay paying for the balloons bcos I had no cash at all wtf #worstfriendever

We made reservations at a cafe in town but we had to go all the way to Bayan Lepas to get em heliums! 
Jie drives ok
I was like seriously? Totally different roads lor. I was so cranky and..
*drum rolls*   the moment I saw these little shits I was like yea it's worth it.
HAHAHA don't know why ah they just got the power to make people happy!  :D

It's a home-based business. Anyone that wants their number can come ask me on my facebook!
This guy was helping us to stuff the balloons into the car, which, turned out to be a very bad idea..

Please excuse my Sam Poh, I pull it out when I drive bcos I hate how seat belt presses it against my chest
No need to look at the back mirror MEH. So dangerous   ://
Then how ah, I drive a little car nia so there's really not much space..

deng deng deng**

Cus YOLO. Hahaha! 
And it's the only way.

As good-looking as these heliums are but they're actually pains in the ass.
Keep tangled altogether and it made them unable to fly up in the sky cus tangled liao got pressure, heavy..
Don't know lah some psychic shit.

Something went wrong. 
The cafe that we booked a table at, didn't bother to seat us, even tho we booked. And we asked for a more spacious area so its easier to move around taking photo and stuff la.. but they didn't give it to us.
Meh, the waiter didn't even look at us. 
Three of us felt it would be uncomfortable to dine in such awkward atmosphere, 
So we decided to switch location!

(don't wanna mention name in case I get bashed in the name of ruining peoples business tsk tsk, 
but I believe in freedom of speech lor)

Strolling around beach street, foursquare-ing for good cafes nearby.
And we finally decided on Coffee On The Table, I'm so glad that we did, because
Always been a big fan :3

Settled down at Coffee On The Table & met up with Weiwei's college friends!

Annoying SiewHui :p

Vain a lot before the birthday girl shows up.
We actually waited for quite long, due to her bf's clumsiness of not being able to find the place! 
Hahhaha. No lah our bad actually, last minute changed the location :'/

Don't even get me started on what these things look like..
HAHAHHAHAHA they're actually filled with water that add weights so the heliums don't fly off.

After an hour of long wait,
And several paranoid phone calls from her boyfriend, 


They found their ways here!  

She came in with "wtf, walao"   but didn't look surprise at all. 
Smhhhhh. Was expecting her to tear :p
Quite a failed surprise but still, the feeling that everyone gathers together and have a good time.

Some food pics in case you're tired of seeing our faces already :p

Aglio Olio with prawn.


House Style BBQ Chicken, which, is very very nice!
Must try :3

Very blurry selfies with the birthday girl.
Idk wtf happened but my TR performes like shit under low light ://
I'm still trying to get a hold of it!  Till then, do bear with these bad quality pics. 
Too lazy to bring my big ass Sony out everywhere.

Thanks everyone for showing up especially those have exam the next day :p 
but who am I to thank anyone, isn't this the birthday girl's line lol

Happy birthday again silly!  xx 

"How long will you love me?"
"Till all the ocean dried up" 


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