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Double Eyelid Stitching Part 1: Process & Thoughts

This is gonna be one long ass blog post.
Be patient or be gone :p

So I bet yall already knew that I planned on doing eyelid-stitching since I stated it loud and clear in my 2015 Resolutions.
Yepppp, I  already get them done   T_____T   A round of applause for my efficiency please!
Its's a long story from consultation till them finally done, I'll gonna elaborate every single detail properly so you don't miss out. 

The Doctor
Dr. Ha is a very very good doctor, professional, patient, friendly, always smiling, never got annoyed even tho
I asked like a thousand times the same question regarding the procedure. Non-stop he kept giving me his words. He is very nice lah!!
So glad that I chose the right doctor, cos I always chose the wrong boys HAHAHA just a joke :p 

"Wei doctor what if the outcome not nice ah!!" Me being the paranoid me.
"Then I'll do it again for you, do until you satisfy okay?"   Says doctor with the world most friendly smile.
"WAAAAAAAA FREE IS IT"  Me being my greedy self HAHHAA.
"Hahah yes" Says Dr Hah, the world most generous doctor.
I was like  :O :O :O
Ok after he said that I'm not worried at all d lol.

Because the worst thing that I scared is that I paid the money, but the outcome isn't what I desired it to be.
懂不懂  就是那种钱出了还是不美的感觉 lolol
我没有怕失败  没有怕割到我眼睛之类的,姐只是怕效果出来不美!
可是听医生这么说 这么把握  这么有信心 ,我也没有这么担心啦  T.T

I can't tell you enough how good Dr. Hah is, I just can't. 
Maybe its because this is my first aesthetic procedure, with the money I saved for half year and more,
It felt more than just a procedure, it's the trust that matters.  The faith!!!!!!
And I am happy beyond words that I stumbled upon Dr. Hah. I trusted him with my soul and I have no regret!!
Lol sounds dramatic but u know how they say you need one week to recover and done swelling?
I'm typing this 3 days after the procedure and my eyes hardly swollen now!  It's healing really fast and let me tell you,
Dr. Ha's stitching skill is MAD GOOD. MAD GOOD I tell you 

I felt nothing throughout the whole process I almost fell asleep. 
The girls were there too, throughout the whole process. They watched as the doctor stitched.
They said the doctor was very fast, accurate and the whole process was actually scary hahah but the doctor handled damn well!
就是那种传说的  快,狠,准

The Process
All the photos are taken by Michelleeeeee, thank you loveeee <3 
Just to give u a head up, all these photos are not specially posed for. My natural self.
Damn ugly ah. Don't judge ah. And you'll know why I keep calling myself ugly d ah.

Arrived at Dr. Ha's clinic at 11:30 when my appointment is set at 11am. Hahaha :p
We happened to bump into a mid-aged aunty who was also waiting to get a aesthetic procedure too.

Ohhh, did I mention that Dr. Ha is a dentist too..
OK I KNOW HOW THIS SOUNDS TO YOU. But he is good in both teeth & face work!

This is where I'll be sitting the whole process.
I felt a little bit uneasy at first, was like 'hey I'm getting face work, why put me on this chair'
Confession hour, I've been afraid of going to the dentist ever since I was little.
So, putting me onto a chair like this only reminds me of my childhood phobia, double up my anxiety.
Nice work doctor.  *grumpy*

These two are Dr, Ha's students who trying that gain themselves some knowledge by being there to see the whole thing.
They were asking why would I wanna do this, how old am I, bla bla.

Dr. Ha!

The girls! They were there for me inside the treatment room.
Another milestone of ours  T.T    "看karwei变美之mission"

I was damn nervous I updated a super lala wechat status. 
In case something happens right, must leave some last words to my friends..
Choi.  I'm here typing this perfectly fine :)

Yes, I look like a bald when I tie all my hair up cos my hairs too thin and flat.

Hahaha!  Then I showed Dr. Ha my selfie photos, trying to describe what my ideal eyes look like.
I look as if I have double eyelid in all my photos, thats only because I kek my eyes open lols! 
I don't know how to explain it to you, I'll try to explain in next post.

Listened to what I had to say, he then poked my eyes with a thin silver metal thing.
Trying to create the effect that how my eyes will be looking after the procedure!

Doctor:  Is this okay for you?
Me:  *asks everybody else in the room*  

Yes, I said okay.
Dr. Ha then drew the place he'll be stitching the thread with a marker pen.
A super strong marker pen that it stayed on for 3 days AND I AM NOT ALLOWED TO WASH MY EYES.

After everything set in place, doctor asked if I was ready.
Hell yeaaaa, I've never been more ready!! Lolllll actually I was still nervous
Anesthetic injection comes next.  The anesthetic only on my eyes, not whole body.
So only my eyes get numb, every other part of my body still can function well!
I was awake throughout the whole time!! No pass out lolll

After the injection
Doctor:  How your eyes feel?
Me:  I feel like having two big marshmallows up on my eyes.

Please look at how single eyelid I am, and lazy eyes!  
I'm so sorry I lied you all with my selfies and all those fancy photos :p
I actually looked like this.

After the anesthetic effect takes place, Dr. Ha lured me into signing a 生死状

HAHHAHAHA no lah! It's just a formal paper stating that there'll be risk for every aesthetic procedure,
And to let me know that what I'm about to bring myself into and I'm all willingly to enter it.

Ok here we go.

All covered up like this so the doctor can put the concentration on my eyes?..

Thats it, we weren't allow to take anymore photos of the further process.
But I can tell you what happened BUAHHAHA.

Doctor first took a cap thingy and put it onto my eyeball, both of them. In order to protect my eyes.
And next, he started stitching d. That'll only be my assumption because
I really really really couldn't feel a thing, can't even tell if he was touching my eyes or no
I felt damn bored I almost felt asleep, but the doctor kept me awake by frequently asking how I feel

Doctor: How you feel?
Me: Nothing
Doctor: How you feel now?
Me: Nothing
Doctor: How you feel now

Okay I didn't caplock him and I know he just wanted to make sure I feel no pain. Very lovely and full of patience
He asked every 5 seconds, no kidding. Few minutes later, he's done with my right eye. Thats it?! So fast

Then my left eye, I guess the anesthetic effect kinda faded d, so at one point, I felt as if a knife stabbed into my eyelid.
I screamed.. The doctor said Sorry, then put on more anesthetic med for me. Then I felt alright d.

Very very very important. It is that one thin line between hell and heaven.
Make sure you go to proper clinics that provide good anesthetic cream. Don't siao siao.

15 minutes later,

Holla new eyes! 
It takes 1-3weeks to get really really natural eyelids. So I'll have to wait!
And the doctor say after 7 days, it will not be so swollen anymore.
Heh, I'm typing on Day 5, almost recovered d!  Nothing major also no bruises d

The stitching process took only about 10-15 minutes, 
The other time was just me swinging in the room, talking none-sense(I do this when I'm nervous),
Talking to the girls, being on my phone and the anesthetic application. 
Thats what makes the procedure long. Actually if to get it done quickly, 30 mins should be done d.
But the doctor tend to put u in a more relaxing feel, talk to you. Thats why :)

Uploaded this on Instagram and I received 2 emails & 4 new friend requests on wehchat,
Asking about information regarding this double eyelid thing.
Seriously this is like my very first time my reader emails me, and it's about a aesthetic treatment! Haha

The girls told me that it was quite scary to watch:
Dr. Ha was holding a very very tiny needle, then he flipped my eyelid inside out, and started stitching..
They said they damn kan jeong for me hahaha!

I survived.  
Victory is mine

When I thought I couldn't get any uglier.. I saw this photo of myself.. Smh.
Anyways, my eyes just swollen for a bit. No blood, no bruises (yet)
We then left the clinic, go to airport and jump on a plane back home.

If you're wondering about my vision afterwards, nope, no problem seeing things!
Just that my eyes couldn't get exposed too much under sunlight, seeing brighter things make them tired.
And I would love to have shades on all day, guess my eyes love a darker world. 

Guess I'll have to leave the recovery process in next post!
If I were to fit everything into one blog post, Blogger would sue me for being such naggy-ass blogger.
So, stay tuned to see how amazingly my eyes look afterwards! 
I'll update SOOOOOOOOON <3

My Thoughts

So far, I've received nothing but supportive comments from all my friends and families.
I really don't need any of your judgment because I is super happy with my decision.
My mom asked
"Most of the people went to do plastic surgery also damn secretive one.
Why the fuck are you not scared of letting people know?" 

I don't, I just don't okay?
It's really common these days and fuck natural beauty, there is no natural beauty.
Before you point your finger at me, think about how many surgeries your 女神 went for before they became your 女神.
Open up your instagram, how many of them pretty girls still 100% pure?
And you know what they say, even putting on braces is considered as plastic surgery. Pfff.

My point is, the society only cares about how pretty you became at the end of the day.
Not how many works u get done on your face. Don't even try to deny it
You know it in your heart.

And I want to blog about this, in case anyone wants to go for a double-eyelid stitching,
I'm always ready to share!!  Again I'm saying this, choosing the right clinic is crucial.
Whats with helping others to get more infos about the clinic you went to?
Lolll some people infuriating me, got the balls to do dont have the balls to admit.

By 2. Haaahahah
Ok just kidding :*

 I know some of you is very lovely and supportive.
Love you!! 

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for my next recovery post! xx
If you guys have any questions, feel free to comment down below!
In my next post there'll be before&after comparison photos, Q&A section to answer all your wonders!

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Part 2: http://karweigoay.blogspot.com/2015/01/eyelid-stitching-part-2-recovery.html

Part 2 is up!  Click the links above to read!


  1. Omgggg babe you're so brave!

    Though I didn't want to have double eyelid surgery/ stitching, I still read your naggy ass long post, so love me pls!

    And and I totally agreed with this "Open up your instagram, how many of them pretty girls still 100% pure?" And "the society only cares about how pretty you became at the end of the day" 句句都是名言!

    Cant wait to see your new eyes! Speedy recovery kkay ❤️❤️

    1. Thank you babeee ❤️
      Youre always so sweet!

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