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Tea & Party:

Someone is back! Need no introduction, it's all over Facebook & every other social-networking sites.
Da princess Jayee  is back in Penang and we kind of promised to bring her around *regrets*  
These few days (actually 2 outings only wtf) were probably the best days, I've had really boring life recently. 
If you notice, I hardly blog about my personal life or outing, sigh, it's not because I'm lazy or anything it's just nothing fun was happening to me, in my life.   IT WAS DULLLLLLLL. Till I went to this tea session with the girls. It was a great day I love them.

Warning: this post is going to be full of our close-faced selfies. Do not continue read if you get nauseaous easily or cannot handle ugliness of yours truly.

Was supposed to have a lunch date but neither of us could make up our minds, 3 of us were very indecisive (ughh treal #girlsbeinggirls moment) When they came to pick me up after my class, they went 'Are you hungry or nah?' 'Not quite' I said.    'How about a tea time instead of lunch then?' they asked. I was like 'Whoaa okay, Suffolk House then'   

And there we go, did a lot of jamming (hipster term, not traffic jam) in the car, arriving at Suffolk House.
Jayee leading at the front and rocking her expensive outfit.

Confession hour, I've always fancied about this place.  Since I accidentally got my ass here several years back, well, I was just keeping my friends company to come here to meet her mother. By the time we stepped in, I was stunned by the entire thing, the ambiance, the interior design, how classy the whole place looked, even the smell of it excites me lol!  I'm ashamed to say this but it was the first fine-dining I ever first stepped into or any higher class restaurant in this case.   Because I was born in neither rich nor wealthy family, below average if you are wondering. I was a total noobie when it comes to the enjoyment of life. I remember the most grand celebration our family had when I was a child was at KFC. I was like the happiest kid in the world!  Now that I've grown and met new people, earning my own money, trying to improve my life as well as my family's.  I earn and I spend, it's MY money.  

Lol got carried away, a little sensitive here. We girls are currently at the the money topic right now in the group chat.
Can't stand the judgments of people these days. Too much man.

Hello Ivor!  Another one that I hadn't met for a really long time. Whenever I ask her out,
She was always busy preparing for her A-level exam, 24/7 busy one wor.  Now that shes done with it! 
Hopefully we can hang more.   *sings* I need your love I need your time~

Finally reunited, after god knows how long.     Jayee why your armpit so clean are you Jolin Tsai
Anywayz, I  heard a lot of comments/rumors/made-up stories about our friendship, about how 'fake' we secretly are to each another, gossip behind their backs yet act like godly sisters in front of the camera. HAHAHHAHA those things make me laugh man.

If only you could see the real us hanging out together, just one time. 
Look at how true we are  'Who was your tweet about?? (bitchy ones)'   'You guys'
How real we expose ourselves; How loud we laugh; How freaking ugly we look eating seafood/ crab together lol.
If I were to sabotage them, I would had done it earlier and they would had too. Need no to put on the mask until now.

Of course we insult & call each other names sometimes but isn't that what best friends do??
Best friends 'Shut up bitch'      *calls you back something more offensive*
Stranger 'Shut up bitch'    Best friends 'DID U JUST CALL MY FRIEND A BITCH' 
Maybe not so hyperbola but you get my point lar,   always got each other back!  
✄ un-cut-able friendships.
HAHAHHAHAHAHAH I need to stop making up new words. Btw the scissor symbol chio ma??

We've got ourselves 2 pots of tea Earl Grey &  Mint n Fresh. 

Just in case you're keen about the price of the high tea set. Hehehe. 
One set for Two rm70++ exclude taxes,   we ordered tea for 4 because we are monsters!
Nope just kidding, we were waiting for Vivian, woots. Perfect four.

More selfies! The lighting is gorgeoussssss. Whoaa look at Ivor popping her ass tho :p

Vivian was finally here! Just right in time the foods were served. Did you plan this VV

Two set for Four is like, each person gets 2 scones, then the rest all get only 1 piece.

Looking fabulously.  I AM HUNGRY ALREADY 

Me:  "What do you mean the portion is for 4?? It fits just right in my stomach"
Someone:  "Staph eating you fat ass you gonna squeeze that tight jeans to explosion"

Me:  "Trying to lecture me about my weight?? 信不信我把你也吃下去??"


Me:  "這樣有沒有?? 不看鏡頭  假死看旁邊痴笑的樣子“
Jayee:"角度是不錯  但是你整個感覺都做錯了  .   Let me show you how it should be done"


Anyway walao eh please look at how gorgeous she is.   I'm over there like :

Rolling back to my potato land.

FACE SO ROUND FOR WHAT. I ain't no the representative of the fishball company

Someone:"沒有"              OK.

Jayfuckinggorgeouseeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥ 
I'm so done looking like a potato beside her, its been like what? 7 years we have been friends??   Okay la to be honest back when we were 14, I already got jealous of her beauty even tho we were just typical lalas that went skating and all, but she already stood out as a lala. Lolol haha. Speaking of which, I think I'm already used to it, used to feeling like a crap beside her.  Hashtag Habit   Hashtag Numb

Me: Am I really true friend to you? If yes can you do me a favor?
Me:Try to be ugly abit can??


Favorite girls woohoooo. 

Last but not least, my college outfit. (Lie. I purposely dressed up a little cos I knew we were going to take a lot of photos) 
Yes, this is after I purposely dress up already lo. Imagine how horrible I look on normal days. Oueks

Suffolk House – Penang’s first “Great House”, a stunning example of an Anglo-
Indian garden house and one of its most important colonial heritage landmarks.
Discover the spirit of the 200 year old building and its garden through personal
guided tours, indulge in a meal in our charming restaurant richly decorated with
period furnishing. With its stylish interiors and picturesque lawn,
Suffolk House is also a unique and elegant alternative for social and corporate
functions and events.

Winner of the Award of Distinction in the 2008 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards
for Culture Heritage Conservation
Operating HoursTours : 10am to 6.00pm (last call @ 5:30pm)
Self-Guided : RM 10
Guided : RM 15
(Discounts apply to selected entries)

Venue Hire & Special Functions: Enquiries-+604-228 1109 or info@suffolkhouse.com.my

12noon to 2:30pm Lunch
2:30pm to 5:30pm- Afternoon Tea
7:00pm to 10:00pm- Dinner


So you think this is the end?  #NOPE
We girls also went clubbing at some other night. Girls bonding time! 

Getting ourselves prepared at Jay's!   Look at her, purposely put her hand around my stomach to help me out with hiding my fats.   HAHAHHAHAHA #ThingsBestFriendsDo     Was planning to wear this white bustier top, but then I discovered the layers of my fats are horrible, terrible, vegetable.  So I changed :D

Into this lamnua cozy pajamas looking singlet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE tops like this.  根本超顯瘦的.
In case you're wondering, it is from H&M yo.   

Light dinner at T.F.I.Friday before we turn up. But after the meal we got too full to move, turn down for wut.

Michelle & Chia En then came to meet us. Woooohoo. All girls party! 

One thing that I wish guys would understand, when you see a table is full of girls, doesn't mean you have the chance to hook up with any of us.  We make it a 'all girls party'  for a reason, is that we don't want to see dickheads like you to annoy the fuck outta us.  It it totally okay to cheer the drink, make friends with us, but forcing us to dance with you and stick at our table throughout the whole night? Fuck off ok? And no, we don't need you to buy us drinks. 
If we can't afford to buy ourselves proper drinks we wouldn't even be there. We ain't that cheapskate.     

I am so irritated by some guys that think they got the 'golden opportunity' once they see a full girls table.
Okay. Got carried away again. I'm annoyed ma  :3

My partners in crime.  


Me and my signature hair flipping move.  HUHUHU.

Look of the night.

It wasn't a great night I must say, but my girls were awesome! :)
We then went to Vivian's place to crash and had long pillow talk before we go to dream land. More like pillow gossip
I cherish nights like this, how we are all gathered together, had fun and laugh hard.

I asked Jayee,
"Why does it feel our friendship got better this time you came back?"

Jayee:   What chu talking about? We're always this good. You talk some more crap and I'll hit you. 
#gangster   hahahhaha no. She didn't even know I was taking photo of her

Us chilling at the beach after the tea at Suffolk House.   Before going for dinner at Batu Ferringhi.
Don't have any photos of us dining thou,  cause we had seasood - CRAB   WOOOOHOOO
All our hands got dirtied and filthy,   so delicious so happy!    

Vivian, probably the best person I've ever met. Must emphasizes it!! She has always been so kind and nice to everyone around her. Damn it.  HOW CAN YOU.  IDIOTS EVERYWHERE. INCLUDE ME lolol.  No lah. Just saying.  Shes the best I like being with her T.T

And this is the worst person I ever met, took photo while I was talking. 

Ivor's henna art the dreamcatcher; I've got feather too but so far no photos gok lol.
Maybe next post!

Miss her already and she hasn't even leave. Goshhh. Planning for another meetup hopefully we could all make it!
Miss our silly jokes and Ivor being partially tipsy in her mind, always crack the funniest jokes. 
Aw man.   Can't get enough of the girls 
There aren't a lot of people that make me this happy so I must appreciate!  

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