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CY's Birthday Celebration at The Cruises Steak Haus

 To the birthday boy, it was supposed to be another typical night where I annoyed the fuck out of everybody around to bring me out for dinner. He didn't have any idea that we were gonna celebrate with him bcos his actual birthday was 2 days after  BUT due to a girl god and best buddy of him got to go down to KL for Blasterjaxx on Thursday so we had to do it earlier for him :D   
 tho unfortunately the girl god didn't get to go KL at the end of the day. That girl god was me lol. Shut up don't judge it's an inside joke you know nothing about, just between us friends 

Very insensitive lor if he said he didn't know cos I purposely dressed up nicely leh!!
I usually just look like a ghost wandering around them when we go out makan :3  

We actually bought the Korea Palace BBQ's coupon on groupon, intended to use it on that night.
BUT the restaurant didn't pick up the call and it was too risky to go straight down all the way to Crystal Point.
We stay at Tanjung Bungah leh hello? Speaking of which, the Korea Palace is really irresponsible.
What kind of an attitude is that zz. 

At the end we just got all pissed and the birthday boy suggested to go The Cruises Steak House.

Wanted to see how my ZR performs under low-light places.
Pretty good right!! For a selfie camera.

Chen Yi BB. She refused to go to the celebration at first cos she was having headache and said she anti-social ah.
Anti social my ass hahahhahaha mingle around so well! 
So glad you were there even tho your annoyance level is .. speechlessly high yet important to all of us :D

Look at how our souls leave our bodies lol.

My classmate muscle man had to squeeze in cos he was defeated by our beauty lol.

Birthday boy, you know we love you. Xoxo

Even tho sometimes you drive us so much cray. Xiao xin we punch you!!

Best people I met in college life ;D   
don't be too proud please you all also very lucky to have me :p

I ordered one of their signature steak in the house. It was totally uncooked, probably bcos I demanded it to be medium rare.
It was too difficult to chew and my teeth very pain so I ate half then full already -___-
Too expensive to let it go to waste, threw it to the birthday boy hahahahhaha sucks being my friends man. I always couldn't finish my foods and they'd have to be responsible for that hahhaha. NO BF MA CAN MA. 

Amazing people of the night. Well I am the most amazing one.


I need to stop before someone punches me in the face. My god.

The waitress walked up to our table in time, while he was taking photos with others and had no clue wtf is going on.
His face went  :O  , then :D

Wah so happy ah.  Zao Qing beside also so happy ah.

The moment he realized we are the best fucking people he has ever met!!!

He said he wanted this bag for very long already. Haih see we can read your mind hahahhaha

Hide behind him like this so I look petite.  #evilthought

Chun Yen puto please forever remember us and love us cos we are so amazing and HAHAHAHHAHA we love you too!

Thats it for today.
Thanks for reading xoxo

Hahahaha putting them at the end bcos I'm not the main character of the day ma.

Please view these if you think I'm ugly tyvm.

 Been obsessing with winged eyeliner lately.
Instead of eye shadow, I actually put highlighter on my eyelids so they look brighter than usual. 
Attempted to do smokey eyes but I always end up doing a bad job, get everything all messed up and looked dirty,
So I kind of give up on smokey eyes in life lol.

Love the details on the sleeves.

Okay still ugly lol. But I do have this talent of looking nothing like my true self in photos.
BB said must embrace my talent. Yep.

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