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Birthday Lunch at Basil, Le Bistrot

It was my birthday*   7th July!   'What year?'    Every year lolol
It was also a public holiday so the girls called up for a lunch date. 

We picked this highly raved cafe, Basil, the current famous, out of so many other amazing ones. Bad decision I'd say. 
The reason why Basil is so overrated was because famous girls visited, tho nobody even talked about the foods or rated them, everyone seemed to be thinking this way -   'Woah she went there. Lets go some other day!'   
Hahaha don't get me wrong tho, I'm not judging or anything hehehe in fact I'm one of those people too! :s

Woke up to huge pimple on my left cheek. Tried my best to conceal, yet it is still showing in every photos.    
But I decided to just leave it there, dont want to edit it away bcos nobodys perfect  and we humans get pimples anytime anywhere anyhow!  :D   Unless your face is made out of iron, then go away.

Feeling like a Micky Mouse with shades up on my head.

Ivor's order.  Some beef main course recommended by staff over there.
Bad choice, hahahahaha. The portion is tiny and it looked exactly like homecooked soy sauce chicken pieces.
She complained that even homecooked tasted better than the dish. Oops.

She went all grumpy once it was served, I mean the portion was already disappointing.
Whats up with the bread over there anyway?! She got even grumpier when she started tasting it. 
Then finished the whole thing silently, no talking no photo-taking. I felt bad for her but I still feel like laughing

Sorry Vor, at least I do it here not right in your face the other day otherwise I would srsly get punched.

My order, Fish & Chips. Similar with Weiwei's so no extra food's photos taken.


Was showing Ivor how I would like the photos to be taken.

There she goesssss. Fast learner I like

The Khoo sisters :D

My pimple brings all the boys to the yard. They're like, its better than yours.

Karwei, youre almost twenty which means you've been fat for almost 20 years
Not only did I aged, I grew horizontally T.T   please stop 

We planned to go Dolce Dessert Shop after the meal but celeka, it didn't open on that day
Public holiday no need do business ah?  Fish youuuuuuuu

We then ended up at The Safe Room.  I hadn't heard of it before we visited, assumed it is a newly opened cafe
(Wahhhh guys enough with the cafes in Penang d loh. So damn competitive d ah)

Signature lock board was being hanged up high so it is easier for people to spot the cafe :D

With plenty bouquets of flowers being placed at the front door. Yep. My assumption was correct
Diz cafe haz got to be newz! 

Sooooooooo crowded for a cafe.
It feels super hot in there, maybe it was too packed that day, maybe the air-conds are not strong enough?
We girls were sweating all the way, didn't even to chill at all.  Were all annoyed & complaining how hot it was lol!

' Its fucking hot in here, Im done Im gonna get outta here '

Inspirational quotes framed as photos everywhere. They make me feel as if I'm living my life meaninglessly 

Some gas tank I don't know what is it for but it looked fucking majestic so I decided to take a photo of it.

Another thing that I observed, cafes nowadays are too lazy to even print a menu? I dono if they were to cut cost or find it chio
Its very tired and messy to look at and hor, especially theres a damn queue behind you, looking up the board with cramped neck having no ideas what to order yet the people behind are staring tightly, I HATE DAT FEELING.
I usually just simply order anything to get it done with  T.T  ke lian hor

Not sure if I can call myself a blogger, it is an overused term.
I'm just a girl with a blog   :)

Mango smoothie/ icecream thingy.  Very freshly squeeze and the sweetness is just right.

Deng deng deng,  the heaven dessert, Coconut Ice Cream
OU MAI GAWD.  It tasted so heavenly you have no idea okay?!  I'm so craving for it right now T.T
The coconut was so fresh and mixed perfectly with the ice cream. Damn it, I'm going back this weekend

We then went to First Avenue to have some shopping time and all of us got HAULS :D
Simple happiness bro.

ANYWAY, if you're wondering my photos' quality turned so much better,  
I GOT MYSELF A NEW CAMERA :D    lolol such crazy camera hunt. Bought 3 cams in a month -_-
Sony NEX F3!!  Yes, the same model as my old one that I lost in Reggae.
Don't ask me why, I just felt myself wasn't complete without it in it and IT IS LITERALLY, THE BEST
I knew it had been discontinued, so I started looking everywhere for it. Then I found. ITS ALL SO WORTH IT!

My birthday, 19th birthday just ended like this. 
No fancy restaurant dates cos I have no boyfriends, nor I have any kangtao to give me expensive gifts.
My circle is small.  Realized that I don't really have many friends  :(
Which is sad, because I'm someone that like noises, big gathering, merry parties with a lot of people.
Everything that I ever wished for, just can't seemed to happen.
Sigh.  I'll talk more about it some other time if I feel like doing so.

Thank the girls for keeping me company on my actual birthday. 
I actually went to take away dinner alone at KFC then went back home to watch The Great Addiction while munching my birthday chicken.  How fancy hahahah


  1. Dear, your post is the most honest one! I will not go to Basil anymore HAHAHA! and welcome to Sony family :D:D

    1. Me too! Will never go back! :c I hate those fake reviews man made my had such high expectations.
      Hahhahaha been using Sony for years d lar! :p just that I lost it whiles ago T.T nvm now we all uses same ones hoho awesome!

  2. Loving your outfit! Oh, and the mango smoothie looks gooooodd haha


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