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Make Up For Ever HD Finishing Powder Review ; How to prevent white cast disaster

Recently, my Youtube's subscription page is filled with this topic : 
Angelina Jolie showed up at her husband, Brad Pitt's new movie 'Normal Heart' premier with these white casts all over her face, and neck.  Mean people been making fun that it was cocaine and stuff 

A close up photo. It was truly a disaster, wasn't it?

Reading through the comment box and found out that the white cast was caused by this make up product called HD powder, by Make Up For Ever, a very huge cosmetic company with their well-known professional products.
I was shocked! I actually have this HD finishing powder I just got it not long ago, about a week back.  And I've been loving it so much! So far, it worked perfectly fine on me. It gives my makeup a smooth finish and sets it to last all day !  I didn't have anything bad to say about the powder until I saw the photos above .

I was worried and wanted to return it to Sephora, but they said they didn't have the returning policy, plus, I lost my receipt already ..T.T      Wells guess theres nothing I can do to make them to accept my return.  So I did a lot of research online about preventing the appearance of white cast and fortunately, I've got exactly what I needed to know. And now I'm gonna share with ya'll confused dolls, yo yo yo check it out

Now let me review the powder first :

Without letting us down, the packaging is sleek and very high-end looking.
I got this one in big size (8.5g  0.3oz  rm145) while they actually have it in travel size (4g  0.14oz  rm80)
My cousin, whom currently working for Sephora been raving about it and telling me how amazingly it works and what kind of wonder it does.  I was like 'yeaaaa, whos better to trust than my cousin?!'  so I went for the big one, it was also because that powder is something that I'd use every single day .
I have oily combination skin, my T zone gets really oily at time while my cheeks are dry.
I was worried that it couldn't work on my entire face and I can only apply on particular area like T zone because the products description says it controls oil, gives your skin a matte finish . 

Will it be too much if I apply on my cheeks and crack them?
Surprisingly, no!   My cheeks loveeeeeee them.   And everyone that I had forced to make them touch my cheek, did,  too. Lolol I just love love love love how smooth my face is after I put it on and can't stop touching it. #SelfObsession 

You can tell the powder is colorless or what do we call it, translucent.
It is so finely milled and the powder is light weighted.
It is easily blend and a little can cover my whole face already so I believe this one can go a long way.

So my routine is that I will only put it on after my blusher, bronzer, my lips, everythings on.
As it is truly translucent and doesn't affect a thing, gah just gotta love the texture!

Oh, one thing that I don't like about this powder, it gets messy easily! It goes everywhere even when I am just dapping lightly with my brush. There is no way to dispense the product without creating a mess!

What do I think :

I really really love this powder I'm more like obsessed!  It makes my face so smooth and when I touch it, it actually feels like pearl lol!   It gives my makeup a matte finish and sets it to last all day, makes my pores go invisible, my skin looks really velvety and gorgeous!  I adore this product so much I can't put it in words.
Ignore the fact that it causes white casts under flashlight, this is how much I loved it! 

Is the powder worth the money ?

Thou it is really pricey and not the kind of makeup product I'd usually go for, but it's worth it.  Hey, I mean think about it, finishing powder is smtg that sets everything in place, your eye makeup, blusher, bronzer, and make them all last a long day. You wouldn't want it gets all smudge or cracks up or fade away while you are halfway working, or shopping.  When the price is high, it has to be the quality or good ingredients that make it. 
I always believe in this, especially after I got conned with fake Naked 2 palette. 
You get what you pay for. Always.
And cosmetics are not toys, no playing. It is stuff that you put on your face, you can cut the cost on your clothes on your bags or shoes, you can never cut it on cosmetic. You know the bad ones can cause breakouts,  clog pores and stuff.  I been through there, which is why I keep on telling everyone around,  quality is everything.

Oops, taking it way too far. 
Now I'm gonna share with you the little tricks that I found to prevent the white casts :

#1 Don't take photos with fucking flashlight (duh!)

#2 Don't wear it at nights (pfff, means you've wasted money on thing tht has to be selectively used?)

#3  Make sure your face is moisturized, prime it perfectly with primer, the hydrating one. My choice is Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer (which I'll be blogging about soon)  tht I got on the same day, both of them work really well tgt which I'm really thrilled about. No primer? No problem. Make sure you have your moisturizer on will do the trick but my advice is for you to go get primer bcos srsly it plays such an important role in your whole makeup look.

#4 Apply the powder with big fluffy brush that evens out the powder, make sure it doesn't get struck at one particular area especially under your eyes , remember, just dap it on lightly will do the trick.

#5  Use makeup setting spray after the powder,  my choice is Urban Decay Chill Cooling & Hydrating Make Up Setting Spray. Urban Decay has various choices of makeup spray, go for the hydrating one! It will definitely help!

Last thing before I sign off, to share this with you guys,
My favorite youtube guru making a comparison out of both Make Up For Ever finishing powder.
To prove to you, that the white cast is real

Thanks for reading guise xx hope my tips help 


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