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Review: Cerro Qreen 10pcs Brushes Set

Another collaboration with Natta Cosme,  whom I'd always loved to work with.
They're very efficient, lovely and considerate!   
I received a gift box from them as a Christmas gift!
As usual, never failed to surprise me, I got overwhelmed unboxing!
Omg why do you have to be so damn sweet :D   

Sweetest thank you card from Natta Cosme. Mad love!

 What's really unexpected, was they had this super delicious peanuts biscuit attached in the box
HOHOHO very delicious yo!  I picked them right up and put them in my mouth hehehe
You gotta know how tamjiak yours truly is :p

Now, it is time to reveal what was in the gift box they sent.
That's the thing with Natta Cosme, they never stated it in the email.
They kept us guessing and wondering. Hmpp!
 But thats what a gift is about right :p

Think you can guess it in my post title,  they sent me
Cerro Qreen 10pcs Brushes Set

I've always dreamed of having a complete set of brushes!  I mean really!
In fact, I almost purchased a brushes set from the internet, which I had no confidence in their quality, reputation, and also the website. Seemed not trust able :// that was why I hesitated.   Till the next week I got home from college,
I got these amazing ones from Natta Cosme. Mind reader!

CERRO QREEN Cosmetic Make-up Brush Set - Black & White ( 10 pcs ) 
This set of cosmetic make-up brushes is most suitable for all groups of people, be it the new hands who are interested in cosmetics or experienced people in make up. The cosmetic case of this set of brushes uses the simple best match between black and white while the inner is the warm milky color. There are all together 10 brushes in it that could beautify your eyes make up, foudation and so on. The wooden handle of the brushes can withstand decolorisation and the comfortable surface makes it convenient for you to hold your brushes while you make up.
-  details of products from Natta Cosme's website

[ Content ]
10 pcs 
[ Weight ]

1. Powder Brush         brush length 18cm //  bristles length 4.6cm
Comfortable and soft bristles that could capture the foundation powder even more easily.
What do I think :  
 I love love love this brush. I bring it everywhere I go just in case I need to touch up my makeup while I am out, this brush can be really helpful. On the other side, it is so light I wouldn't even notice that it is in my bag.
How I use it  :   
I use it to apply powder/ foundation as the last step of make up, to set everything in place.

2. Blush Brush     brush length 16cm //  bristles length 3.4cm
Made with natural goat's hair, enhanced comfortableness and great ability in holding powder.
 What do I think:
I called it a big angled brush. People usually use it to apply blusher but I chose to use it to apply bronzer and it works perfectly well!  I'm guessing it's the angled thing that helped.
How I use it:
I use it to apply bronzer on my cheek bones.

3. Foundation Brush     brush length 15.7cm //  bristles length 2.9cm
The brush does not absorb water and oil,making it easier to spread the foundation more evenly.
What do I think:
This is one of the brush I used the most among the set. It blends my foundation and concealer well and it touches the place where your bare hands couldn't reach. Never applied foundation/ concealer with your bare hands anymore!  It is not clean and your foundation wouldn't be even.
 How I use it:
I use it to apply concealer, especially under my eyes, and help blending in my foundation.

 Another photo of the 3 brushes I just introduced.

4Eye Shadow Brush   (Large )    brush length 15cm //  bristles length 1.2cm
5. Eye Shadow Brush      (Small )   brush length 14.5cm  // bristles length 0.9cm
Soft and comfortable, gently put on your make up without hurting the weaker skin around the eyes.
These 2 are normal eye shadow brushes, they are soft and gentle to use.
The large eye shadow brush is a C brush and can be used to apply shadow to the crease, lid or brow area. I primarily use it to apply shadow to the crease then use a longer brush to blend. It can also be used as a smudge brush.
How I use it:
I use the big one to apply light colored eye shadow all over my eyelid; and the small one to apply the darker colored eye shadow on my lashed line and the end of my eyes.

6. Hard Eyebrow Brush      brush length 13.5cm   bristles length 0.6cm
Perfect hardness yet it does not damage your skin, can be paired with liquid eyeliner to give you the meticulous eyeline ever.

7. Eyelash Brush     brush length 15.5cm //  bristles length 2.6cm
Specially designed for your neat eyelash
I called a spoolie and I used to comb the lashes either before apply mascara and after to help blend the lashes better so the lashes don't look like spider legs. It can also be used on the brow in place of the brow duo.

8. Fan Brush     brush length 16.8cm  // bristles length 3.3cm
Conveniently cleans away excess powder for a better makeup.
It is a fan brush which is typically used to help sweep away fall out. Can also be used to apply blush and even foundation but primarily used to sweep fall out from eye shadow.

9. Lip brush     brush length 9.5cm //  bristles length 1cm
Full of elasticify, can absorb tiny powder to make your lips shine.

10. Angled Brush  (not in the photos)
An angled brush that can help create sharp edges, can be used on the brows (to fill in) or be used as a liner brush.  I use it as eyeliner brush and it is really dirty I don't feel like showing it.


I love this set of brushes!  They're perfect for me.
Not too much, not too little, 10 pieces is just right.
What I really really love about them is that the brushes are really soft and it feels really cute when it touches my skin awwww hahaha! Am I the only one that feels that way :D
Also, they are easy to clean, easy to keep and light-weighted!.
Not to forget about the quality, I heard that some of them are made of goat hair.
I may not have used the most high end products but the quality of Cerro Qreen

I think a complete set of brushes is kind of a necessity for girls right.
I speak for all the girls here! As I watch youtube makeup tutorials, all the youtube makeup gurus always have the perfect set of brushes.   It is so important to get a good ones!
All the complimentary brushes that were being attached in the cosmetics are mostly rough, hard to use and low quality. How do you expect the company to send you a good brush when you only purchase the cosmetics.

Log on  http://nattacosme.com/ to purchase one for yourself!
They prices are really cheap compared to retails price.
Now you don't need to spend a lot to get good quality stuff!

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