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Tea session @ TWG Tea Salon Gurney Paragon.

If you don't already know, the luxury and most authentic tea shop TWG in now opened in Penang!
Yayyyyyyyyy   Been hearing a lots of this tea brand a decade ago still haven't gotten the chance to try it out.  Now they're opened in Penang,  Gurney Paragon. Time to plan a proper tea session with da girls!  
Photos taken while waiting outside to get ourselves a seat.
Oh ya, all the photos in this post credited to IVOR      don't ask why if you remember how dead my camera went straight after the lil photoshoot we did.  Shhhh.

The menu. Obviously.

By da way, the service crews of TWG tea salon are not satisfying.
We raised our hands a little and called the waiters as we were ready to order. But they didn't come immediately till we had to call them for the 3rd or 4th time only they came to take order. There were times they just looked at us 
(when we called) , then looked away, then walked away ://
This aspect can be really improved yo TWG.

Photo stole from Ivor's.  Dat luxurious ambiance thou.

We had a special guest on that day

Jay is back from Aussie!  
So pretty so gorgeous omg I feel like a total potato beside her.
Don't can. Very pressure

Edited my arm which in real life it looks like a fucking hulk's arm.
What.  Looks ugly in real life can't at least a little better in photos is it

Me:  Did you washed your hair or nah? It stinks.
Jay:  Don't care *pout*

Hahahahaha just kidding. She smells great as always.

Omg look at this piece of shit. What is this
We graduated the same time, cut our hair the same time (before the graduation ceremony), kept it long the same time but look at the difference of our hair length wtf.  Is the weather in Australia better so hers grew in a rocket speed or what.  

Scones RM13.50 comes with milk cream and the jam.
Jay & Ivor ordered the same thing, yeaaa scones.
According to them it is nice until Jay ordered the second set of it.
That girl is really picky, a real pain in the ass when we out eating with her :p
But now that she said the scones are good, it must be really good then.

The Silver Moon  RM19
My tea. While Ivor & Dini shared another pot called Para Para or Sakura Sakura already I forgot wtf hahahahah the name is so tricky kept reminding me of the old song Para Para Sakura.

The Silver Moon tea was recommended by the staff. I asked for something sweet and smooth, he went to get The Silver Moon's tea leaf to let me have a smell of it, turned out it smelled really great like a flowery garden. So I just took it. Very satisfying order.

If you spot that three cute muffins on the tea set, that's French Madeleine.
My order. It is some kind of little sponge cake which shaped like a.. vagina 
I very unglam one.

It tasted really really good thou. Soft, tasty and beat their scones I believe :p

Girls being girls, couldn't stop taking photos throughout the whole tea session :p
Oh wait. Where is me   D:

Too busy eating dei.  Big eater here.
Don't talk to me when I'm eating. Don't interrupt. I'll eat you too.

Just kidding I'm so nice.  

Ivor and I.   Edited arms again lolol so fake.
Wait till the day I don't need to edit anymore

Was supposed to spend lmore time with this gorgeous but we couldn't
So yeaaa. Meeting her up before she goes back to Aussie.
That's a promise.
Till I see you!   X

The gals. 
Thanks Justin for helping us to take this photo hahaha.
Xin ku le!

Yours Truly's note:

Hello guys, I will probably stop blogging for a while now as my 3rd semester had started
Which is short sem, and it is very very rushy and I'll be really busy as well.
Also, I don't wanna fail anymore subjects so I'll see what I can do ..
Will still squeeze some time to blog thou!
Love you.

Thanks for reading,

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