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Working experience#2

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How's life everybody?
A couple of days till CNY and I just done with my job at a clothing fair.
Trying to make a living and a life. It would be really lifeless rotting home all day err day during sem break.
I have a very unpleasant working experience that I would like to share also rant.

Still remember when I learned in last sem, there was a course trying to lecture us how to handle office gossips, difficult people, how to cope with your colleague or something like that. I thought that was lame back then.  Now I just realized neither the lecturer nor the college was kidding us. You are seriously going to meet a lot of unexpectedly nasty, difficult people when you're out in this community working.

Note:  This post is not intentionally written to mock nor attack anyone, yours truly is just plain sharing her experience from her point of view. I hope you'd understand. Also my blog ain't no gossip site.

The fair that I worked at was pretty huge and many clothing brands were all gathered up there to do their clearance sales. Promoters of the brand I worked for are 4 in total, including me. Our supervisor stated that we have to take turn to break for lunch and dinner, which means 2 of us will have to wait while the other 2 out eating first.  We were allowed to have an hour every break. 3rd day of working.  The other 2 promoters went out to the mall knowing they were going to surpass an hour break time, leave us (my friend Janet and I) their punch cards and let us to punch for them. We were happy to do as they were actually out running errands (personal) on that particular day so we thought why not?

Who knows. They started crossing the line. They started going to the mall for nothing or what I don't know as I don't see the fun in it during that 1 hour lunch break leaving us their cards and only got back after 2 hours something.  Janet and I were still fine with it for the few first time. Till they started hooking up with the guys right next to our booth. So they did the same again, leaving the card. Woahhhh slow down. We punched the cards for you girls was to help IF there was any situation, not to let you take advantages of. As usual, coming back after 2 hours more but have the cards punctually punched. Jees. 

One day, Janet and I and another friend from the other brand went out to have lunch @ McD which located pretty close to our working but we were afraid of not able to get back in time, we let the other 2 gals have our cards to punch just in case. Plus, since we've been helping them loads, they shouldn't be having any problem with helping us bad right. It was not always about you.  In expected, we took 1 hour 15 mins to get back and they helped us to punch them cards. Yayy.   Then night, there goes their first time pissing me off, very very very upset.

They took more than fucking an hour without informing us or at least asking us to out for dinner first. They just went out for almost 2 fucking hours without a single word. My friends and I were starving and I almost fainted of hunger lolol! Seriouslee. How irresponsible can you be?   Would you at least let us know first? It was not fun trapping in a fucking cold place famished and dizzy. I really thought they wanted to get back at us for taking more than an hour an lunch time. Ohmygod.  Did you see us be doing anything when you guys do that?  NOOOOOOO. Who are you to revenge when you are the damn one who did us all wrong.  I actually typed a really long paragraph in my phone when I was pissed and hungry but I decided not to share it lolol it was really harsh.

Also, they started coming to work really late and I don't know how they got their cards punched really nice maybe the help of the guys from the next booth? HAHAHA did I mentioned that they just became instant bestfriends?!   Kept on talking, chatting, gives no shit when the customers approached. Seriouslee son? You are here to work, not to social. And then only act all hardworking when the supervisor comes visit. UGHHHH I can't believe these people
 How shameless can they be?

OK 忍   百忍成金.
Sorry for the bad English my brain can't even think straight I didn't even have the energy to think for a proper sentence as I'm blogging this really tired and sleepy - 

Next I wanna share my pretty pics hehehe! Cheeky#
Took a day off and out with bestie last Saturday! Yayy 

Taken with phone. Bad quality!  ;3  
Quite into VSCOcam recently hehehehe.

*digging something*

*digging something again*
Because I always can't seemed to find anything once its dropped into my bag. HAHAHA


Love the view, not the face;


Getting my nails and hair done tomorrow, can't wait! X
Will update again tomorrow if I have time to. Muahhhhh

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