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Lost my bag in Reggae.

Correcction:  somebody stole my bag in Reggae. 

Here's how the story go ;
Just like any other normal Wednesday night, me going to party with my closest friends
As usual, I brought my bag along.   Don't give me all this 'you don"t bring your bag to clubs' shit, if you are a lady, you do and you know it.   All the tables in Reggae Mansion have these drawers thing under them, so it's just kinda like my habit to put my bags down there, having my friends to watch it for me.  Wells, not only me, I can say that almost every girls have their bags put down under the drawers.  After a few drinks we kind of had our guards down, as people around are mostly my friends, expect the table right beside, there was a gang of boys standing weirdly and looking suspiciously. We didn't care much of them as the party was really turning up!
I mean, who the hell cares for everybody in a club anyway.

Till 2:20am something my friends told me me that they wanted to leave already.
After saying and kissing goodbye, I went up to the drawer to look for my bag
But it was already gone!    It was just not too long ago since I saw it there,
The odd thing is,
That gang of boys whom having the table right next to us, was gone too!
Correction here! Turned out this gang of guys weren't the suspicious ones. They are actually one of my friend's friend lol. And they explained to my friend that they actually left early bcos some stranger kept on getting close to them and they were annoyed, so yea ..

After finding out my bag is lost, hen my friends (who were still there) quickly helped me to look for it, even some Malay strangers they also kept asking their friends if anyone has seen my bag.  Sooooo nice T.T
I called my phone also lah but it was already turned off, cb your move also very fast hor
We all gathered up in front of Reggae and everybody was worrying about me, till the manager came out and asked what happened.   He wasn't even surprised when I told him the incident.
' This is not the first time already, some girls also lost their bags last week. I think there is 內鬼 ' he said.
Can't exactly tell what that means but I think what he was trying to say is incidents like this happened a lot already and he's thinking maybe the same gang of people did that?? To take advantages of drunk, happily partying people?

The next day in the morning I saw the last location my phone was turned on was at Sungai Petani KL!
Wtf I don't know which is more accurate but both places are pretty far from Pg.
The thief didn't turn my phone on for nothing, they fucking used my FB (already logged on) to send stupid shits to my friends wtf!??  Can this/these people be anymore brainless?! 
And no, I didn't set any pass code for my phone. My bad

How do you people steal? Do you not have a brain, or a heart?  Do you have any idea what kind of troubles you could bring to people just bcos of your selfishness and bo ah kai-ness? If you really want something, just go to work, earn money and get it, since you can steal, I expect you to have arms; since you're in a club, I assume you to have legs.  Wells, since you're not an OKU, I'll just take it that your brain stopped functioning,
I really really really hope that karma serves you right.
You'll probably find cancer in your body by your next body check-up.
No matter you in SP or KL, hopefully your car crashes into the drain the next time you are on your way coming to Georgetown for another secret plan to steal other girls' purses
Also, you won't even have enough time to use the money you made from stealing other people's assets because is it so low that God decides to cut your 40 years of life

I am not even sorry for saying these,  many other friends of mine also lost their bags in there!
I didn't even know till they commented on my status. Omg seriously, how many victims already?
other than the thief/ thieves, I also have words for these specific group people

To people that add oil on fire by blaming how I shouldn't had brought my bag to clubs cause nobody did. Fuck you okay? Almost every girl does. And those who said I shouldn't had brought my camera, fuck you twice okay? From what I've known, girls who owned a camera usually bring them all around. Okay you can scold me for being careless, mind-absent, but how is this my fault that I brought my own stuff out?  Who knows people nowadays are so evil? Who knows that their things are going to be stolen? If like this then blame every girls that bring bags to clubs all around the world lah? Silly

To friends who are really concerned about me :  After everything that happened, I found out that a lot of my friends are truly genuine angels! Some of them even came back to Reggae purposely just for me and I knew they were very far away already TT.  Also some of them were worrying about me being unable to sleep(obviously I am) , they actually stayed up with me, seeing their eyes almost dropped off is kind of funny. I then went to get 2 hours sleep as I have my last paper the next day. But they didn't sleep neither!  Some more helped me to turn on the fan, off the lights and shits, slowly closed the door, asking everybody to speak softly not to disturb me. Wtf so sweet can!?   So fucking touched okay I might not show it on the surface but I really am very touched bros! TT thank you all!  對我好的人很少  只要你對我好  我都知道  

Lost all of my photos,  only have this note to post.
You know who you are :)

Every party girls who love going to Reggae, be more careful okay!
Trust me you don't want to experience this. 

Here's come the sentimental stuff: 

I didn't realize how serious this matter was till I came home and stared into my mother's eyes.

The moment when I told her that once again, I lost my phone. Sounding even worse this time, I lost my bag,  my camera   SONY NEX F3, phone iPhone 5, wallet Tory Burch, Raybans were all in there.
Not to be materialistic but to let you know the value of these stuff 
I finally came to realize that how heartache I am actually feeling

Just so you know, everything that I mentioned above, I bought them all with MY OWN HARD-EARNED MONEY.   Got my F3 when I first started doing online blog-shop business when I was 17 and proud, iPhone 5 that I just got not too long ago, probably 4-5 months, remember I lost my i4 last year?  TB was also something I bought to reward myself as my blog-shop business was going really well at the beginning of the year 2013.  Raybans, wells, with this crazy sun in Malaysia I honestly think that everybody deserves a good pairs of sunglasses.    How do I put this?  I never ever, ask for extras money to spend on all these hmm not luxury, but they're not necessity right.  Money that my mother gave me is only enough for normal meals, rental, petrol (sometimes).

And where do I get all these extra fucking money to get the things that I fancy? 
To go to good restaurants? 
Late night chilling with my ladies?
High teas & lovelies date with gfs? 
All my clothes and accessories?
Skin cares and cosmetics?

I worked.  And still working.
I really don't like when people go all 'aiya just ask from your mom lah! Sure she'll buy another for you'
And how well do you think you know about me and my family?
Because no, unlike what you think of me, I am not the kind of girl who just asks for money and gets whatever she wants right in her pockets. I wasn't born in a wealthy family and I am clearly aware of that
I learned it the hard way at my very young age, knowing that money is very limited in this family
So I don't demand for stuff that is out of my parents' affordability to stress them out.
Even things that may seem really normal for you all but do you have any idea what I been going thru?

I spent most of my weekends doing part time job as a promoter in supermarket like Tesco & Jusco.
Maybe sometime roadshows with higher pays but you don't always have that opportunity.
I refresh the page of 'Pg Find Job Place' every single day just to not miss out a good job.
The amount of emails that I sent applying for jobs is probably more than the likes of my photo.
Every semester break that I had was barely a break, I spent them all by none-stop working

You probably can't tell.  That's because I never showed this side of me.
Everything that I posted online was all nice everything like going on high tea dates, good dinner places, expensively-looking desserts following after, and an enjoying-life selfie to end this circle.
You never seen the side me of working and sweating, worrying about the salary will be enough for the next few weeks or nah

I never wanted anyone to look down on me.
I had people looking down on me all this 19 years of my life, ever since I was a child
I worked so hard to achieve what myself want.
I don't blame my parents for not giving me all these satisfactions I knew they already are giving me their best
I don't want to lose to anyone, no matter in mentally or physically.
I don't need very expensive lifestyle but I want what most girls have, deep down I know that I already am losing by having this thought, but I always get this feeling it seems everybodys doing better than I am
I always say to myself that so what people can have this have that, cos their parents bought em, but you bought with your own money leh!  It's different it's different you are a better person.

But in the end, I guess I am still defeated, by reality.
It's like no matter how hard you worked right, life always finds its way to fuck everything up.

I don't expect anyone to understand.
Also, I've been pretending as if I am fine in front of everybody, cracking jokes, acting all relaxed,
In face, I am not fine, at all.   I can't even get myself together, every breathe that I take just remind me that everything valuable that I had, and lost, due to my clumsiness and I hate myself to the bone for that
The pain is indescribably aching.
I don't know
I don't know when do I get to buy all these things back
Even working and saving up take times .
And it it is going to take longer than it seems .

Whoa this is one long ass blog post.
This is probably the lowest point of my life and I can't help but kind of wet my keyboard
I've honestly never been this opened up in public. I feel naked but I am not even close to ashamed.
This is who I am and you either just accept it or get off my blog already .
Also!! I am neither seeking for sympathy nor attention, just to clarify that I am not the kind of person you thought I am, and hmmm so that you'll know how I actually feel

If you're a hater reading this, secretly gloating and going to say shits or use this post against me,
Wells it says a lot about yours personality, not mine .


  1. Hey there, I am sorry to hear that u lost ur belongings again. Gonna curse that matefarker for commiting crime. Brainless or what== btw, I admire ppl who only spend money that they earn, IN THE HARD WAY. jiayou and stay strong =))

  2. Take care lah...i know your feeling but at last ..你的人沒事就好 =]

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