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Dessert date & dinner date.

After leaving this post wordless for months, with just plain photos, I'm finally updating here.
More words and photo captions!

I had a dessert date with my bubsie.
Still remembered it was Thirst2013, wtf last year.
My bubsie's boyfriend actually asked her to go for Thirst2013 with him.
But then we has this date planned ahead her boyfriend asked, I secretly think that she didn't want to let me down by standing me up, as well as she knew it exactly how sad I was for not being able to make it to Thirst. She probably didn't want me to add oil on the fire hahaha.
Awwwwww just my assumption but I think it's true thou :p

Remember when I blogged about their first branch in Straits Quay? Click here to read it.
A year passed, Chocolate Passion seemed to be doing well and had their second outlet opened at Gurney Paragon.
The one in SQ was really small and narrow. Glad that they decided to choose the second outlet by the balcony.
The shop was spacious, clean and really amazing. Too bad I didn't manage to get any photos.
You should probably go pay a visit yourself  *wink wink winky wink*

They were having this promotion by the time we visited - 3 tiny pieces of heaven for rm10.

The boom - chocolate boom! 
I actually viewed quite a lot of photos/ videos on Instagram before visiting.
Ahhhhhhh it looked amazing! Couldn't resist so we just ordered! 

Shhh, miracle is happening.

Gahhhhhhh!   <3  damn good and lived up to its name.
Hahahahhaha totally not overrated!

Yours truly looking greedy hehehe.


She's annoying 

Sending love in lazy yawning pose.
If you can see, the majestic building behind was Paragon residence. In front of it is gurney drive leh.
It means that you can actually have the ocean view while tasting the heaven chocolate dessert.
Never a more perfect place to eat dessert man!  Way to go Chocolate Passion. Good choice :)


The other night, I had a dinner date with my Sex&TheCity darlings @ Behind 50.

Pretty impressed by our ability of discovering things out. Behind 50 is even a proper shop, it is not located in any building. It just somehow popped up at the end of a very corner. Small and humble it doesn't make a noise lol.
Heres Michelle & Ai Jia posing for our victory. Never underestimate girls' power of finding things out HAHA
They have all these vintage looking photos framed up and hanging on the wall.
Much cozy and the photos are actually good.

The menu.

Me as usual, asking for recommendation.
I dont know why! When it comes to a new shop, I will totally lost all my ability to think of what to eat.
LOL I will normally ask for what is good. Aikkkk the trouble customer.

Got caught taking selfies with Mic's TR15  :o

Us while waiting for Chia En, who just finished a test at college and on her way to meet us.

Tell you a bad news first, once we're done with the dinner at Behind 50.
I went straight down with food poisoning and it was the most serious food poisoning I have ever had in my life.
I was sick for a week and literally couldn't walk at all, very serious to the point my mother had to visit me at college hostel and brought my pity ass back home. LOL!! Not sure it's the foods at Behind 50 or my own problem.

Don't know whats this.

Some almond thing I think? 

The overrated carbonara. HAHAHHAHA
I'm just hating cos it made my puked and lao sai like siao T____T
This is the cause of my food poisoning son!!

Us the S&TC girls hehehehhe.
Omg just noticed we all wearing high waist HAHAHA 高腰怎麼了.

Not willing to go home too earlier, decided to chill at Brew Thirty Two.
Which is Mic's favorite coffee place and she recommended to us, really good! I love it there too.

Why posing with the pipes hahahaha weird children.

Edited the brusher HAHHAHAHAHA a bit gelly.

End it right here. Bye!

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