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Go go Penang explore!

It's my college buddies and I! We had been planning this even before our final exam hehehe gladly everything went smooth thou that wasn't exactly what we planned. 

You would know if you follow me on dayre, I kinda lost my blogging passion ;//
But hehe Im trying my best to make it happen here
Had to resize them photos into 640px so the photos quality will be quite bad.

 Meeting them @ their hostel early in the morning.
Had to drive all the way from Butterworth to Tanjung Bungah, so sleepy
Just realize my thigh gap is goneeeeeee, go die! How could anyone be so fat.

 He loves me; He loves me not   Illuminati tee
 Before departing.
 In the car with the annoying chunyen.   I always feel like asking him diam even thou he wasn't talking hhahaha its becoming a habit! Sorry :p

Thanks weiteng for driving us all around;
 Thanks my mama for my amazingly natural smooth hair.
New phone stickerrrrr  :D   it glows in the dark kay.

Now let me introduce you my college buddies hehehe
From left:   4 point 0 yet superb humble aka redbox junkie Jia Le HAHHAHA don't get to hit me through the computer screen now you gotta keep it till next sem :p   &  Class rep aka gym junkie Hoong Zhan  & Another top student aka one piece 宅女  Siew Ying 

From left:  Chun Yen the only one not from our class oi wtf you doing here  &  Wei Teng and he is single if you're interested can find him on fb  &  Me  &  classmate Terence
We had our quick lunch @ 七条路 pasar woooo so nice.

Got a bunny up on my head hehe. Omg my hair color is a disaster .

Arrived in our first destination - camera museum!
Both of them boys at the back looked like they were discussing the ways to end my life hahaha because I was way too annoying, kept asking for photosss

So we got in camera museum with student price showing our student cards and apparently the ticket priced for students is still rm10 which is shockingly expensive because that means the normal one is even higher than rm10 which is absurd because I personally don't think anyone would pay higher than that for a visit to lame place like this but the reality seemed to prove me wrong as the place was pretty crowded thou it was just weekday.
Wtf my sentence was long and wrong with all kind of grammar mistakes but someones too lazy to have them corrected aiya  this is a personal blog not an English essay class right.

By the way, if you're keen and want to waste money, the camera museum located right next to the famous Italian restaurant VIA.PRE, which located right across the street of QEII.
LOL all I know is restaurants' name sorreh. Big eater here.

 First thing coming into our eyes once we stepped into the museum, this piece of artwork.
The staff there who was in charged to explain things for us claimed that it was Penang during 19 century which is like thousand years ago. Sweet

 I've got my mask on!   Po po po poker face po po poker face
 Cartoon me :D

 Hello! Ready to explore the world!?

 These 2 photos are blur as the camera lens was dirty I guess
This is the reflection thing and the staff told us to pose exactly like what the other person is posing, really hard okay!  But look at gay Hoong Zhan & Chun Yen thou .. #gay

 They say this is how nowadays waiters wait on tables.

My class rep is desperate, you can call his number.

 Just chilling with my homey the Spiderman at the England some sort of tower
Problems?   :D

The Spiderman die die didn't wanna save them.
 Didn't wanna save us neither  :((
Hahaha this is the most interesting one to pose with! No more d.

 Dei thought you all 飞轮海 is it.

Tea with Lim Guan Eng hehehe
Eh if you guys want more photos come take from me , also bring me something to eat otherwise I don't wanna send you GAAHAHHA #evil

They said I weighted like an elephant.

There goes our rm10. Such a wasteeeee I could've had one tomyam mee.
Guess where was our next destination?!

So we spent an hour car ride to this place -


 As soon as we got there, I looked at the tent wondering
"how the fuck did we all ended up here?'
Then asked whose idea was it to come to the goat farm, it surely not mine.
It was Dini's!  At the end she was the one that put the biggest plane and stood us all up.
Never trusted this gal again. Hmpp

 Aiya so naughty cannot.
 Got to feed these animals a little and this one happened to strike a pose.
Nice one goay. Or I meant goat. Hahahah
My surname is always mistakenly typed as goat!

He be acting lovely.

To be frank I don't like visiting places like this not because it's dirty and stinks but the fact that all them animals looked depress hurts me a little just like when I visited zoo I felt a little sad inside seeing them animals being all locked up and their faces expression says a lot about it too. This is sad.
Thou once in a while is okay!   I didn't even know goats have horns on their heads
Lol new things learned.

 Hahahhaha guise..


 Holding the map and figuring what to eat what to eat!

They said I looked ridiculous with the side pony tail.
Sad okay. I thought I looked cute like this

Bye bye goat farm.

We then went to eat Air Itam laksa because I asked for it.
Hehehehe we had 2 dinners thou.
乡下 tomyam mee. Very expensive okay I prefer to eat it at Raja Uda Joo Heng.

Back to hostel to rest a little then we went to watch Devil's Due at 11:30pm
Probably the worst movie ever produced. The whole thing was blurry and shak-ey I was fucking dizzy the whole time. Plus the scenes are dark, make me headache omg not even scared.

The next morning, I had the hardest time crawling out of bed omg I swear I wanted to kill whoever suggested to wake early in the morning to go cycling hahaha. Glad that we did it thou!
I LOVE CYCLINGGG *vroom vroom vroom*
Okay I wanna be a backpack traveler with a bicycle someday. I decided.

 The place we rented out bicycles from. Friendly uncle and aunty and the rental very cheap compared to other places  - only RM8! It's near to China House, just turn into the lorong before Cozy In The Rocket lol all restaurants name again.
Omg I can barely recognize Penang road's name but I can never forget all these places I mean they've got good foods leh  :p
Siew Ying looks so sunshine and happy early in the morning;

Me? As grumpy as the top minions.

 Gotta watch out bicycle mak rempit gang*

 Team red. Uncle behind don't smoke can hahaha

 Team always-ride-so-fast-until-lose-us-at-the-back lehma.

 So chillyyyyy :)   Team Tarucian cyclist!

Why does Wei Teng always manage to look at the camera.

 Cycled to eat dim sum. The decorations very CNY feel aiks I can't wait!

Mission accomplished!

We got honked more than 20 times within 2 cycling hours hey,
How can people be so inconsiderate?
Some honked for us to watch out I get it but some just honk out of absolutely nothing. Wtf?
Penangite ah penangite, grow some brain.

Then we went to crash Wei Teng's place @ Ocean View.

Chilled by the pool at night.

Okay this post is getting a little too annoying and long, better end it right here.
Love hanging out with these people, lucky to have met them in my college life. Thou they love scolding and insulting me and deep inside I swear they quite love me one
HHAHAHAHA ok la sorry.
Without them I don't know what would I be doing now.
Probably tweeting all day and hating everyone around hahaha.
Till the next semester guys! See you when I see you :p
Quite a good pix Chun Yen took for me. Now I forgive you for being sho annoying :p

Thanks for reading, ciao!
And omg my blogging passion is back.


  1. The place you visited is actually not The Camera Museum. It's Made In Penang Interactive Museum, which I don't think it's suppose to be called a museum (I don't like that place either) XD but I like The Camera Museum thou :P It's located at Muntri Street.
    ps: still prefer your previous blog template because it's easier to read the other post :)

    1. HAHHAHAHAHHA sorry, I got it all mistaken ;S

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