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18's Birthday Celebration | Deluxcious

HAHAHAHHAHA I am one lazy ass bitch!
Apart form lazy, I am crazy! Having class tomorrow at 9am, have to be in the campus at 8am and I am not in Butterworth.. which means I have to be driving at 7am, waking up at 6am and now.. 1am already dafuq am I doing. Not to be mentioned tomorrow will be a super long day lor!   :C
lets hope I survive.

So today Im gonna be blogging about my birthday celebration, which was 4 months ago.. HAHA SO LATE.. DONT THROW ME EGGS!!
Dini & Simay.
Girls of the day. Taking this photo damn intense I tell you ;s 
'Eh eh the the light turn red ady fast fast fast!?'  *pass over my camera*
Simay. Most comfortable shoulder on earth x
Mai gawddd I looked so fat back then. Why didnt anyone tell me?!
Great interior design.
Appetizer table!
Grabbed some quick bites before we get to order the main dishes. The salmon is not so fresh but acceptable yet.
My favorite one! 
Nawww its buffet lunch therefore we could order as much as we wanted till the last call 2:30pm. 
So we ordered so much to the point you dont wanna imagine HAHAHA
We were super full after but you know we, as girls, always have room for desserts ;p
Shyang Shien! Omgggg miss you so much. Hope Taiwan has been treating you well :((
Dont always emo nemo on Twitter okay you know you can always talk to us whenever theres something, maybe we cant help but will always be here, if you in need of a listener! 
But most of all musts be happy lar! X

Looking back photos of 4 months ago thinking we all looked like crap already.
Cant imagine till we look back from 5 years later HAHHAHAH gonna punch myself.
Me being a fair skin girl nawwwww so not me.
One with my bestie Weiwei, zomggg you looked so diff HAHAHAHHA!
One of me! 
We then went outside. Aha *catch Simay's flying kiss from behind*
*kisses back*
Forgot what we were arguing about O___O
Then Weiwei or someone yelled : shut up come take pix. *immediately posed*
One of my favorite group photo! X

It feels good to blog about old dates, trying to recall the fun things that we did, happiness that we shared. Nothing is the same anymore; SS went to Taiwan to further her studies, Simay is all packed with form 6 tuition, exam & stuff. Left Weiwei and I meeting up each other every weekend. 
Secretly hoping that we'll last forever. 
Never ending friendship.

Till the next time, x


  1. Yes i agree that the group photo is really really nice! pics come out so nice when in outdoor settings! Wishing you all the best!

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