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Kissing my diploma life goodbye;

So I had finished my Diploma course for a month now.
Despite the fact that I won't be participating the graduation ceremony with all my friends, 
nor will I be getting the certificate soon due to my inability to pass some of the papers.. 
Yet, I still consider myself being done with the course as there's no more class for me to attend.
All I have to do is go back and take the subjects that I previously failed.
(I already talked about this in my 2015 Resolutions blog post.)

It's just pre-graduation as it's only diploma that we have accomplished.
So all of my friends are heading to KL for degree next while I stuck here on the island..

Sadness started flowing in my veins two weeks before our last final exam,
Everyday I wake up to something that says:
"Cherish the days left with them Karwei, you won't be seeing them after these 2 weeks ady"

It sounds a bit dramatic but seriously, 

I wasn't this sad during high school graduation because it felt different!
Everyone that went to your high school lives not far away from each other and will always feel connected.
But all of these friends you made in college, 
From different states, you live with them, spend most of your time with them, you see them more than your parents in these few years  (referring to those who stayed in student hostel, like I did)
Rather than friends, they're more like life partners..

Recall the moments when I first started my college life, everything was super difficult back then.
I didn't make much friends, they were all pure acquaintances,
I hated college so much I even wrote a long blog post to rant about it:

Not long after the blog post was up, I happened to encountered A LOT of friends that just click without much words.
And things started to go really well and dull college life drastically turned brighter!
So trust me, time is all you need to finally find where you belong :) !
This is a blog post dedicated to all my college mates, 
I wanna have this memory stuck forever in my head. 

Lucky for me, I have pretty cool classmates hehehehhe.
Although we have different gang of friends but the bond is still there, and we could always count for one another when help is needed or better yet, when it comes to standing up for ourselves :P
SO HAPPY to have met everyone!  Please don't ever forget about me and how cute I am T.T

Of course, there were also some girls that I tried to mingle with but they turned out to be evil queens and the biggest gossips.. How would I know? Hahaha because everytime I walk into class, they cover their mouth whispering to each other while pointing at me, do till so obvious like scare people dono you talk shit about me.
Cus I always sit the front row in class (huiyo) then these girls sit second row, then my CHIO FRIENDS happened to be seated at the third row and they kind of witnessed everything hahaha then told me to be alert.
Hey, I didn't mention names, or point out anymore. Don't be sensitive on this one :P
Don't get all worked out and fit urself in the shoe unless it fits well then what can we say :)

Now moving to my close friends:

My gratitude towards this guy is beyond words.
He is literally one of the smartest guy I met and tell me who the hell scores like 4 flat for 5 fucking times?
Yet, he's never arrogant or ever thinks he's smart. He lives by the word "humble" and
 hates it when people label him as "4 flat" or call him out for being smart (wtf?)
Always willing to help when people come up to him for questions while I sit beside being annoyed haha.

Also, he couldn't bear watching as I started failing too many papers,
He offered to help me revise those subjects that I have to resit. And those upcoming papers to make sure I don't fail them again lah please. Why you still befriend with me when I am such a failure and loser T.T
Some of you might think it's nothing, just lending your friend a helping hand, but it means a lot to me ok?
Wei, it's really very nice of someone when they actually went to find back the notes, the tutorial answers a year ago, view it back to job the memory, then try to make time for you(especially when every sems also damn hectic) and repeat the materials that they've passed and never have to look at for your dumb ass. 
It was all extras and he didn't need to do those! But he did anyways. 想想可能是因为他第一看这么笨的人 他可怜我了 I know I said it a million times, but seriously, thank you Jia Le. I can't wait to see you 发光发热.

Let me introduce you the unluckiest yet the best assignment group in the world..
Unlucky because I was in it..
Awesome because Jia Le was in it.. 
From left: Hoong Zhan, Wei Teng, Jia Le, Siew Ying, ME ^.^ 

From semester 1, they had already figured what kind of a lazy ass I am, yet have never ever given up on me.
Yea, I am the kind of group member who rushes her part of assignment at last minute and only send in 2 hours before the time we were told to hand in, still very shamelessly went to party the night before.. 
At the beginning of every semesters, I was so afraid that they would ditch me and go look for someone who has more capability or even simpler, more responsible.. I mean like, it could be anyone? lol
But guess what suckers I met the best people in the world who were so good they literally glued my lazy ass with their hella-smart-and-hard-working fortitude from Semester 1 till the last until we graduate. 
Don't get the wrong idea, I am definitely not proud of what kind of a useless person I was.
What I am trying to emphasize is my appreciation..
Thank you guys, for scoring all the coursework such high marks. I honestly can't imagine where would I be 
if I get low coursework marks and still getting this kind of result. Probably get all Fs.

Hoong Zhan. Been requesting to touch his chests muscles since the day he got ripped.
All he did was avoiding me!! AT ALL COSTS.
Every time I get closer to him with a sly smile, everyone in the room will shout
"Run Hoong Zhan run!! Karwei is coming" 

Why u guys jealous wanna ruin my plan.

Meet my biggest fans in the world. HAHAHHA
These 3 pictures pretty much summed up our friendship.
Always the weird ideas-thinker, worst jokes-cracker, and the dirtiest mind-existed.
That guy who was showing a thumbs up, is Wei Teng.
He is one of my classmate who said his first impression of me is that I looked freaking fierce pff
I was like NOOOO 姐只是累了
He is such a nice guy and always drive us to makan during break time.
Tho he has nothing to complain cus he's gotten the chance the fetch pretty girls (Dini and I)
Also very steady and damn on especially when it comes to clubbing HAHHAHA 
Our college life would be so different if it wasn't for him and his dirty mind, 
always thinking the dirtiest side of every single thing lehma.
Please make a bed available for me in your hostel at KL I'll go down anytime T.T

The guy wearing spec on the right, Chun Yen, How do I even begin to describe this guy.. 
Just listen to how he talked to me in this video(he is the last guy):

你们听他在这影片中跟我说话的语气,就知道他平时对我就像一坨屎那样  T.T 

Hahaha just kidding! 
He is the one of the most easy-going friend I have, knows what's good or bad for him, his priorities. 
But he has his limits, when there's bullshit in his life he'll cut it out without hesitations..

He's also the person who I shared the biggest secrets with and talked to the most when I was troubled.
He tends to analyze my problems and after every talk with him I feel lighter and know what I gotta do next!
I don't know why I didn't choose a girl friend to do so with, it's probably because I didn't find any of them as reliable as he made me feel because he normally didn't give a fuck about my problems, he just listened and then maybe judged me secretly HAHAHA then one or two days later he'll suddenly forgot what I told him already.
If I were to do the same to a girl, she'd probably go spread all around the kampungs cus u knows, girls

The best part about Chun Yen is that I could always randomly hit him up at his hostel.
Well, not just me, anybody could. 
His hostel is the most relaxing place to rot around and smoke, chill, maybe even take a nap there.
 (hor Kai Wen hor?)
There was a leather sofa where everyone just slacked like a boneless chicken or smthg,

But I very hate him cus he dumb and makes the worst statements of me!!
The saddest news is what he says is actually correct always make everyone laugh T.T
Then I also hate everyone.. 总是把快乐建筑在我的痛苦上

Being around these friends of mine, I have always been a laughingstock to them..
Like how they clapped their hands laughing when they saw me banging my head into a glass window so freaking hard the whole restaurant actually shake I then kneel down crying out of pain cus it hurt too much and the only person who asked if I was okay was the waiter, while my own friends are laughing to tear..
(Maputo I'll forever remember this one, guys, I swear)

If anyone were to say "there is no pure friendship between a guy and a girl"
I'd smack your head with a fucking chair because there is,
and stop making unnecessary comments about other peoples' friendships,
If they are happy joining certain people then let them be, don't be a judgmental cunt.
And you have no idea how they have helped one another to get through the downs in life.

One day, Dini popped up with a statement, she said:
"从来没有朋友能让我们那么舒服做自己的hor ,就是完完全全100%" 
I have never been more agreed with anything. 

In life, I have different gangs of friends to do different things with.
But being friends with these people, they make me the happiest and laugh the loudest.
I LOVE how everytime we hang we could just say the most random shit and be our most sarcastic self and none of us will be offended because we are so used to it and have bond that is strong than that!

Thanks everyone for putting up with me and forgiving how annoying I am still willing to love me.
(maybe some of you just didn't have choice hahahahhaha)
I've always shared weird stories that happened to me with you guys and you guys actually enjoyed!!
可是话说回来  我也是大家的开心果呀
没有我 生活该有多无聊啊  XD

Grateful beyond words to have met these people in my life.

我现在最大的希望就是不让距离破坏我们的友情  不让忙碌把我们的感情变生疏
眼看每个人都要各奔东西  为自己的理想前进
可能会遇见很多不同的人 看到很多不同的东西
可是很希望很希望 等哪天我们又聚在一起  却还保留着当年的疯狂和笑声 。

I wish everyone a good life ahead! Xx
Pass your degree with flying colors, get an ideal job at a decent firm,
Earnings exceed your expenditure, got gold to spare on hands,
When it happens, remember to give me a call and offer to buy me drinks!
Always ready :p



  1. you and your friends are so funnyyyyyyy ahhahahahahaha
    btw, you looks prettier when you smileeeeee by showing tooth!!

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  3. Very nice and interesting post! It is sad and at the sametime happy moments of one life. Sad because you are leaving many nice people behind and happy because you are heading towards a bright future.