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New phone // Ghost In Dorm Incident #2


Taken with my new phone, an app called 美颜相机. Fake rightttttt! ;O
Aha edited cute bokehful with 美图秀秀 .
Sho nice all these China apps hao xi huan ;p suitable the most for ugly people like me.

Sorry to disappoint you.  I did not get 5S! T_______T
*jumps off building with regret*
I got an i5 instead. Black color somor! So not me. All my gadgets have always been white.
Nehmind thou, much better than my old phone already.
Be grateful bcause I actually paid for it with my own money. Aha 

MY horror story ah.
Happened in Sem 1 also (last semester).

Warning: Close this tab immediately if youre now alone, or in any student hostel.
Also if you have any disease, headache toothache stomachache, pregnant, or stinky feet.

There was a night I went makan makan jalan jalan with my friends who came all the way from Bayan Lepas (the other side of Penang) to Tanjung Tokong just to find me and my friend.
Till we finished lepak like usual they sent me back to hostel.
If I am not mistake that time was around 11:50+ pm already.

But they be like: so early? Want go back already meh?
Cause you know how us teenagers always pattern pattern wanna stay up late then get up fucking tired the next morning make excuse cannot make it to the morning class lolol.
So I suggested to come over my hostel living room to chat lor.
Very kind of me right.

I was sitting in the passenger seat, all nosy touching his stuff around.
Also I happened to open his drawer at the front seat and took his electronic cigarette out, looked at it for a while. Then I put it back as soon as we arrived at my hostel.
I swear, I put it right back in the drawer.

5 of us then got ourselves out of the car, walked in my hostel.
The moment we walked in, 
my friend spotted a fucking electronic cigarette on the television table
My friend said.
Then I was like

My friend was too damn ass nosy, he went an open the electronic cigarette.
Saying 'if nobody smokes here then what is this electronic cig doing here'
As soon as he opened the case, the next sentence he said gave us chills.
Then I was like wut, walked up to check on it.

True. The electronic cig was being wrapped by tissues, looked exactly like the one I just opened in his car just now.   I was like FUCK.

The other 3 friends of us were stunned. 
We looked at each other speechlessly, no one spoke a word.
No one dare to.

Then another guy finally gathered his ball together and said:
Means he wanted to go check if the electronic in car was still there or not.

We were like
Ahahhaha then of course he came back safely,
Saying '不在了' means  it was gone.

Means the one on my television table was my friend's.
Damnnnnn this is super scary.
I could fucking swear I put it right back once we arrived in our hostel.
Even if I dont, how is it possible for me to put on the table, 
He spotted the electronic cig right the moment he walked it. 

If it was about me saw something, you could say its my optical illusion nevermind.
But this time, theres a proof and five of us fucking witnessed it.

W h a t t h e f u c k.


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