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Club Asahi Miami | Soju Room, Penang

Its Asahi babeh!!    Never a big fan of beer, but Asahi is so far my favorite.
Forgot to bring my camera on that night, as I was actually thinking of partying hard :p
Photos credit to IVOR. 

 She being my lucky partner of the night!  Hahhaha.

 Thanks to this fellow for driving us back and forth Butterworth. The party was worth it.

From the photobooth.

Make up faded, trying to edit some blusher & lipstick on my face then it turns out.. hahahahahaha
Still not an expert mah :((

This guy, he's totally like guy version of me. Lolol.  101 similar of mindset, attitude, personality and stuff..
Talking to him its like talking to myself -_______-     brothers we are.

Soju's default DJ.  He came up to me and he was like 'I think I saw you somewhere before' 
and I was like

Then it rings a bell!   We met before at some random club. 
Awww still remember me :p

The party was okay. I cant say it was very fun. Everything was cool, just the atmosphere is so not high. 
# No offense #  but seriously , its all about the people, even when the DJs put really amazing songs already still, everybody kept standing straight like a tree, or walking around here and there (our table was beside the walking way, your truly had to squeeze herself into a tuna so people can walk pass by for hundred times, no kidding)   
Not sure its us Malaysian or what,  go party to stand there pattern & being on their phones one, not have fun one. 

So the next day I went Cuvee.   Parties dont count days :p 
Also bumped into this hottie Ewen, who came to party right after she touched down from HK! <3

Short post as not having much photos. 
Till then, xx


  1. nice party! glad that you had fun there! =D
    and wow u know the DJ there. really a party-goer! =D

    1. Good party indeed. Were you there too?
      Hahaha I was just 'happened to know the DJ' :)

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