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Products Reviews | NATTA COSME

** First of all, I have to say thank you to NattaCosme.com for inviting me for this product review. *takes a bow
I was really surprised receiving the email :D  thanks again for the awesome products 

So, since I have started schooling. Im forced to walk to school everyday, not very far lah.
Just like, you know, one street away from the place I stay. Those very very long kind of street lol.
Everyday the weather is so hot, walk here & there. Im tanned & face was exposed too much to the sun :((
Then my skin condition has became very very bad I would say.  Super oily and many suddenly many mini acne popped out zzzzzzzzzzz hen shen qi.   My almost-close-to-perfect skin gone already  -..-  dont even how to take care anymore.

My point is that I no longer have perfect skin lar. Just to being honest with you guys ok :)   
Also I have to declare that Im not being paid for the review/ to say the products are good. So Im just gonna write exactly how I feel, 
my own very review after trying out the products. ^_________^ 

 Can this parcel be any cuter?!   
Taa-daaa!  Let me reveal whats in the box already!  :D
Naruko's Tea Tree Oil  Out series.   Goshh just came right in time to save me terrible skin.  T....T 
From left :

 Tea Tree Oil Out Acne Toner
Best one for oily/ oily combination skin,  suitable for anyone acne problems, big pores, blackheads. 
 I think its very very refreshing and most importantly, non sticky at all. This is what I care about the most nowadays. The previous toner I used was so sticky until I got my stupid hair stick all over my face, super irritating.  
Everyone wants awesome refreshing toner, and I really recommend this one. 
Been using it for a week and it successfully keep my oily skin under control
Really. Not. So. Oily. Anymore.

Tea Tree Oil Out Night Gelly
My favorite one!  As for me a lazy person, I just apply it all over my face, wait for it to fully absorb. 
Then I can go straight jump up to bed already. And let me tell you why is this my favorite one
Bcos you can see the result on the next morning!  Reduced some of my mini breakouts overnight.
Moisturized my acne, reduced my sun burn (sometimes I use it to nap, after walk back hostel from school)
Plus, its super hydrating that my skin appears to be toink-toink every morning, ahhhh 

But the thing is, you cant apply it too much, it kinda make your face sticky. 
So, just apply the right amount to your face would be perfect :)   dont be greedy k hahaha

Tea Tree Oil Out Peeling Gel
Is a scrub product, which really freaks me out -..-  
Bcos the amount of the dirt got off my face right after I scrub is .. unforgettably de many.  Hahahahha very very many until I cannot believe my eyes that it was me in the mirror!!   Damnnn, imagine how dirty my skin is :S
Eh hello, not only me. Everyone of you who is reading this, maybe yours is just like mine ;pp
Those are the dirt you cant see with eyes,  even if I clean my face everyday, applying toner & emulsion.
Yet, the result I got after scrubbing really scared me.

Yes,  I think scrubbing is important now.  It removes the dirt deep in your pores & clearing away dead skin cells
And back to the product, its especially made for people with acne / pores, oily, dull / uneven skin tone problem. 
Totally made for me lolol

Three of the products above are very satisfying :D  
Changed my mind about Naruko, I used to hate it cos of the sunblock (if you read my previous post)
But now that I love it!  :))  

If you are having acne / pores / blackheads/ problem,  I seriously recommend these products .
Using them all at the same time is even more efficient!

So cute of this lil hair stopper thingy! 
Friends told me to use when us girls cleaning our face, but I dont care. 
I use it like all times, when Im studying, driving, doing homework, and anytime I have the urge to chop down my annoying fringe  :D   very helpful lah cos its very solid, nice quality unlike those I bought before, spoiled after few times tsk tsk.

Kiss Me Hand Cream 
It is a famous hand cream in Japan market, to cure dryness of hand and deeply moisturize.
Yes, it does moisturize your hands nicely but ..    it smells really really bad. And super oily after you applied it on.
Too oily I cant even open my door, those round circle type of door thingy if you know what I mean -..-
Moisturize function is okay only if you can stand the smell & oily-ness

quite disappointing.. heard of this brand so maybe I've had higher expectation towards them.

One irrelevant bare face selfies of mine.  New 3 tones lenses I love! Looking natural. 

And next next next, guess what ..

 The cutest mask evah!! Awww

Tied my hair up then due to the stupid weather.
And putting on make up cos I realized I looked suck lol. Endless selfies with the cutest masks :D 
 actually still got one more but I used it already cos I cannot wait to try out HAHAHAHAHA

There you go, Baviphat Woori Gokmul series & Juicy Mask Sheet series
Never heard of Baviphat this brand before they sent me these.  Then I googled it myself, saw plenty of good reviews but I doubted it abit bcos if it is really good, Y U NO FAMOUS ?!  Or maybe just the noob me didnt know about this.. 

I then tried it out myself, the Woori Gokmul I was like..
Works like every other normal masks, nothing really excites me :/
*but the packaging wins it all hahahah*

Then to the juicy ones .. *drums roll*     GOSHHHHHH I LOVE THEMMMMM!

First, talk about the grape one. It is for lifting and brightening purpose.
It smells very very sweet, like candies! I get so excited then moment I opened it up already :p 
The result?    Very moisturizing and watery, there is some extra essence that I applied to my face after putting the mask, before I go to sleep. My face is very hydrated the next morning, better than my Holika2 Aqua Fantasy emulsion I would say lol. 
The essence works really well.

Next, the green tea's.   It is for moisturizing and lifting.
Not as good as the grape one (hahahaha I prefers the smell :P)    but it works good too.
Moisturizing is true and lifting, a little bit maybe.  After using both of them, my face feels firm to touch.
Will probably continue using them for better effects :D

Me looking so happy after discovering new awesome masks :D

But the thing is, not much place here in Malaysia you get to purchase Baviphat products.
Uploading the mask's photo to Twitter and people were curious about the brand, asking for link already.

If you're keen,  log on to http://nattacosme.com/ to purchase!
NattaCosme is one cosmetic company, consists of both online shop and an actual store located at Seremban.
They sell almost everything like skin care's, hair care's, body care's, make up's, with various brand.
And they work very efficiently!  :)  thumbs up.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, stuff they sell are way cheaper than market price!

good news to all my readers,  you can get RM5 discount for purchasing above RM50 and FREE SHIPPING
for purchasing above RM70!!  All you need to do is to apply the discount code :  KWG55

One more irrelevant selfie HAHHAHAHHAHA hit me.

The overall is, I love these products (especially the tea tree oil damnnnn :p)
If you have any acne / blackhead / oily skin problem, go get it already.
And go to the site of course cause you can get discount with the code hahahahha.

Thanks for reading & for appreciating my thoughts and stuff. Im no professional but glad that I still have you here reading *wink.
Be sure you come back soon.    WAVES HAND AND KISSES.

ONE MORE ONE MORE lol. I off now. Kthanksbye.


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