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DARI Cafe 다리

Hello people xx
Just finished one hectic week, like phewww.  But more tests & presentations coming up soon, not to be happy so fast.  College life is not kidding huh   ://

So I paid a lil visit to this lovely cozy Dari (Korean) Cafe which located very near to my college.
I am not really into Korean foods so yep, guess I will just make a quick post about it :p

The environment is super cozy and warm!  :D

Tari Dari Cafe
No.  : +604 8997273 or via Davi
Business Hours : Mon - Sat11:00 am - 8:30 pm

 Cute walls decorations ♥    
Those adorable ribbons hair pins are to be sold one I guess. 
SO CUTE ME WANT!!    But hair is still not long enough to tie :((
 Some handmade accessories too, lovely.
Friendly looking counter.  and cute waitress too!  Forgot to take a photo of her, aiyaaaa :S
This handmade menu.
 Kimchi soup with vegies, mild salted egg and chicken pieces.
Looking good.
 Some chicken thing with rice.
 The famous dumpling.
My  order, some Rabokki noddle things :S    Fucking spicy until IcannotIalmostsnapped
They think its funny to see me cry eating noddles, but hello you self try see lar. Duhh.
After that I kinda leave the whole plate there, wasted money ohhhh :O  

No photo of yours truly will be shown, was suffering from dont know what disease, which made my lips
 so dry and swallow like a sausage, not kidding  T______T  but it gets better now!  
Put the blame on the stupid weather, sometimes hot like fucks, yet sometime it can rain all day.    
Take care okay whoever reading this.  ♥  


My baby girl has left us to Australia to further her studies already.  Miss her so much.
Had no idea how much this chick means to me till the moment I saw her walking away from us all.
Maybe its just her annoying-ness, hahahaha just cannot live without it .
Its okay, she's all over the social-network, I can still see her everywhere hahaah! 

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