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Humble Beginnings | Chocolate Passion

Girlfriends & I also dropped by Straits Quay to chill a little. 
Jayee again, being our tourist guide ^^
No photo of Ivor & Dini cos she no post mine in her blog HAHA damn xiao qi.
The famous Humble Beginnings . Like finally they launched in Pg.  
Us pity Penangite/ Butterworthite used to order all the way from KL & pia all the way to Auto City to collect just one cake tskk   but its worth it lar, best crepe cake ever (pardon me to say this, havent try Malacca's) 
Not to be mentioned, my babe as well ordered the whole cake the other day when we went visited her place.
And what was really considerate is, they do have delivery service, all the way to BW! :DD
So we dont have to pia all the way to Straits Quay lah lolol

Not too sure about details, for more info you might check out:
Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe
3A-G-23, Block A
Ground Floor

Straits Quay

Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang

Tanjung Tokong


Tel: 04 890 7112
Business Hours: 11am to 11pm (daily)
French Vanilla Crepe which I personally thought is the best! 
Milky but not too milky. Compared to The Twelve Cups, HB's kou gan is so much better.
The Twelve Cups is nicee but way too milky, tried 10 flavors but after all you realized, they actually tasted all the same -__-

Pretty HB larr (Y)
Yours truly been feeding herself with nice yummy foods so she put on alotsa weights.
Tskk ;((   enjoy life is more important shi bu shi!! 

Were walking around and spotted this lovely shop cause they smell very nice leh!
Its a shop called Fresh Desire, they sell lovely skin care product & many many kind of soaps.
Blogged before in my skin care post, click here to view my skin care post.

With awesome lighting too lolol
Wearing the same maxi as my last year's birthday ;pp

Us with our hauls ^^
Friendly staff & attractive goods made us stayed in there for pretty long time. 
Girls must go check out I tell you.

One last dessert @ Chocolate Passion before we head home.
Chocolate cafe that Jayee described like it was the best one in whole Pg which can even be compared with Australia's. Tsk but we know Jayee never really acted so kua zhang about foods cos she is very picky about what she send into her mouth & rarely praise &  she really like to critic -______-  means she quite standard about food (LOLOLOL SLAP ME)

So I quite qi dai abit lah ^^

Chocolate Passion Chocolate Cafe.
3A-G-36 Straits Quay
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang
Tanjung Tokong
10470 Penang

Tel: 04-890 6121

"Chocolate Passion is one of the newest chocolate cafes in Penang. Established by Callin Tan, the cafe located in the left side of the main entrance of Straits Quay specialises in handmade chocolates. I found this hidden gem with tiny bites of deliciousness during a shopping trip."  - CK Lam, my very fav food blogger.

Gifts & sovenir :D
Signature handmade chocolate.
100g = RM38
100g is like 7 or 8 pcs only so its quite pricey you know..

Cozy environment. 
But the area is really small that they only allowed to place 4 small round table indoor. 
Two more tables outdoor if Im not mistaken.

Just realized I forgot to talk photo of this Chocolate Pizza so I stole this from IVOR's hahaha
Umm very bread is very soft and not bad, Chocolate is a girl's best friend! :DD

The picky princess Jayee and me. Hhhahahaha

Nah here!  Dini Jayee Ivor and Meeeeee :DD

Mad love this photo!! Taken by Ivor's while I was posing for another camera ♥ 
she was asking for photos too and she acted like that bcos I was in her way ?! Hahahhaha 
Okay thanks for reading,   buai buai 


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