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Review: Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Hello dollies!   I'm back with another product review.
Today I'm going to talk about Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Before being sent 4 whole products of awesomeness by the generous Natta Cosme, I've actually had 2 Miss Hana gel eyeliner that I purchased personally. They then contacted and sent me another 4, each in every color!
  I was so thrilled. Xx and now I've got like 6 Miss Hana eyeliner hohoho
好的東西不嫌多噠   好不好 :p

Rolling in my fave Simpson T shirt :p  

Product Description 
Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, it's based on waterproof, oil, concentrated color three demands:

  • Extreme color, beyond the shortcomings of poor market Eyeliner Pen hair color, evenly colored and achieve color full excellent natural lines to create three-dimensional deep eyes!

      • Gelatinous texture characteristics of the ◎ plastic pen type, stroke smooth, the texture of moderate hardness, ductility, pen design easy to use easy to draw. Perfect to fill the liner at the accurate fast draw a variety of eye type, make the eyes more attractive.

      • Extremely waterproof removable --- a long time anti-sweat, anti-tears, oil, and maintain a whole day without smudges. Even dim Dan atheistic eyes can easily outline the eagle electric eye or deep cat eye makeup, can easily have, and become the focus of public attention!


      Unbelievably good waterproof function 

      So this is my attempt :

      Still looking perfectly fine after all.  Nice!

      Hello babiessss
      Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner series has got 4 colors in total :
      01 Night Black
      02 Galaxy Black 
      03 Choco Brown
      04 Golden Brown 

      I categorized both the black and brown ones and I'm going to apply each categorized colors to one eye only to show you the difference.  I am a black eyeliner kind of girl, I usually go for black but brown is for casual light-makeup day! 
      Let's see how both colors go and which I'll like better

      Applied black color to my left eye.
      I first dapped my lash-line using the tip of the eyeliner, only I draw a tiny line along the lashes
      I used to draw only upper eyeliner, but then I realized what a big difference lower liner makes!
      It defines your eyes better and of course, makes your eyes more "pop" in photography x

      There!  Much larger and defined eyes.

      On the other hand,

      Instead of using the pencil to draw the end of the liner, I used angle brush to carry it upwards.
      Using brush to help with you eyeliner not only make it less harsh-looking, but create a soft smokey look 
      I like how the brown liner is working our for me! 

      Brown brown brown  ;3

      Can't tell which I like better 
      Black is more defined, larger and more of dolly-looking ;
      Brown is natural, casual like you don't even try hard and you'll look this good 

      One more pis,  very unglam one please get ready 

      Very ugly leh!   #RealCandid lah I'd say!   It was taken the moment I blinked my eyes.
      Not supposed to post a funny-looking picture to ruin a blog post and the color difference of both eyeliner look actually obvious!
      So I had to :p

      Decided that I like black better! 
      But I like brown too :3
      But black! 
      Brown tho :3

      HAHHAHAHAH #girlsbeinggirls 
      Duh, nobody asks you to choose, get both of the colors!   :p you'll someday need them anyway

      One thing that I dislike about it is that it gets broken easily.
      My bad tho, I made the eyeliners exposed down under the sun for too long, I sometimes left them in the car lol careless me!
      Avoid placing the products at extreme temperature such as hot sunny day, or low temperature place

      GOOD NEWS to my beloved readers!

       Natta Cosme is now having Ramanda promotion which is 
      20% OFF for MISS HANA Waterproof Gel Eyeliner!!
      Simply key in "MHES 20" during check out. The code is valid till 31/8/2014.
      Speaking of the price of the eyeliner, RM24.90, the original price is very very affordable, plus now you can get it 20% off some more.
      Its now or never! 

      Happy shopping xx


      1. I really need to know how do I sharpen this eyeliner or is it really just that short? :(

      2. I really need to know how do I sharpen this eyeliner or is it really just that short? :(

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