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Coffee Smith

 Hello guys!   I'm so sorry for not blogged for so freaking longgg!
I know, I know, it has been really long since I talked something about myself, both of my previous(or most) 
blog posts are all about product reviews, my favorites, etc.   
So, if you're wondering how have I been?
I've been great, awesome, and all thing, oh busy!  
Okay to be honest I actually have no idea what the heck had I been caught up with, it just felt like I never had enough time to come up here and blog.  Maybe I was just too lazy doing this, I mean, I'm on my laptop every.single.day.

So today, I'm going to introduce you my new favorite cafe in Penang, Coffee Smith!
Visual time first, then I'll tell you how I feel about the cafe and why I like it so much. X

Companion of the day.  Pei Sean & bestie Wei Wei

Banana Chocolate

This is one of the drink I've ever had throughout my entire life.
The main boys, bananas are really fresh and sweet. Mixed up so well with the chocolate drink.
There's a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, it then melts down and you'll have to stir it together with the drink. Miraculously, it ended up making the drink even more flavorful than it already is, and really, trust me, the drink is very very flavorful itself.
For every sip you take, there will be like a mouthful of heavenly good banana and chocolate combined.

God I'm good at this, let me host a food show already hahahaha.

Benedict Egg w Hollandais

The cafe's signature dish?  Most likely.  Every photos that I saw posting from Coffee Smith, they have this ordered in it.
Well, this was my bestfriend's order so I just got to take a bite of it  :'(

You know how (most) egg benedicts are sour and slightly stink, because the chef claims that they have to put vinegar in the egg so they don't spread, or something like that (I wasn't listening lol)
I've had really terrible Egg Benedict experiences actually. First, at Whos Bryan restaurant; Secondly at Kaffa Cafe.
Egg Benedict from both the places I mentioned turned out to be weirdly sour and only looked good on the presentation.
They kinda ruined my day lol.  I mean, I went for the breakfast and was hoping to get good foods. What happened?!
Oh got carried away, my point is that I now, officially, hate Egg Benedicts  :@ can't trust them bitches no more.

BUT BUT BUT,  Egg Benedict from Coffee Smith didn't not taste sourly AT ALL.
In fact, it was quite delicious.  And Wei Wei kept on raving, and raving how it was the best Egg Benedict shes ever had.
She then put chili sauce on her egg benedict :3     weirdo.

Fruit Ice Cream French Toast

There's bread, there's fruit. 
The bread is finely dipped with cinnamon so it tasted sweet and soft (I don't like soft bread tho)
But if you do, consider ordering this because Wei Wei (that bichie again) kept on snatching the breads from Pei Sean's plate of food,  saying it was so good.  -____-  She liked the foods there so much I don't geddit haha.
This is more of a dessert but holysheet, the amount of the breads is enough to make you full already. 

Garlic White Wine Clams Pasta

This dish is a complete scam.  
The photo on the menu of it is big clams covered up all the noodles, but it came as tiny little 'lalas' wtf (*^$&(*%&)(%@)@$&
Imagine my face when the waiter walked towards the table with something that is totally different from what I saw on the menu.
Almost jumped up with rage and yelled.
HAHAHHAHA. Just kidding, not that aggressive a person.   Or am I.

My order, sadly, is the worst of all.   Walao eh. I was the hungriest of all ok.
The noodles had no taste at all, they were hard to chew and not flavored at all.
NOT FLAVORED AT ALL.   The lalas were better, tasted salty but the noodles still very geli lol.

Just find my legs looked interesting in this photo.
Haha, I've got really tanned recently cos I picked up swimming lessons!  The reason was because I scared of being drowned lah hello I live in Penang there's so many areas closed to the ocean.  I'm scared.
And I'm really digging the tanned, I try putting on body butter to make it look more shiny and I LOVE IT.

A full table of good foods.  Except for mine, bad.    BADDDDDDDDD I TELL YOU.
Wells others were good tho :3
There's more I want to share with you guys tho:

I've read COUNTLESS number of bad comments about Coffee Smith on 4square before visiting.
I kind of mosaic the name and photo of them because .. I feel its the right thing to do.

Lets see from my point of view.

Problem #1   Rude services.
The waitress that waited our table was nice as a person, looked young and new to work. She seemed nervous tho.
We visited at lunch time, the cafe is fully packed with human-beings: families bring kids, screaming at top of their lungs.
The entire cafe was a mess and crazy as fuck. Still, the waiters trying to satisfy everybody as they very occupied already.
I see no problem at all.
Till we about to leave, we asked a waiter passed by our table  "Can you get us the bill, please?"
Instead of saying 'OK'  or 'Wait'  he looked over helplessly to another supervisor-looking guy, hinting for help.
The supervisor-looking guy then ordered another girl to get us our bill.
From what I see lah, okay, just plain assumptions of mine: 

The waiters are not rude.  They're awkward.  Coffee Smith seemed to hired students to wait tables
And most of them looked as if they didn't have any working experience, so when they were thrown questions, or asked services, they got nervous and didn't know how to react. The guy looked quite funny when I asked for the bill lol why?

Problem #2  Foods take forever to be served.
HA-HA.   You are never gonna believe me, but, 
Our foods were served within 10 minutes.   within 10 minutes.   I mean it.
Even the time we took considering what to order was longer than the food took.
Here's it went:

While handing our order sheet to the waitress, I was really hungry so I asked 
"請問會很久嗎? 大概要多久?"
Then she answered
"呃 就等一會兒 可以嗎"       of course can lah arbo. 

Being the usual me, once she left the table I threw my camera at Weiwei saying "eh eh 幫我拍照"    
Notice the 2 photos above?  Yep, taken at this time.   She took only 3 photos, they turned out okay.
So I transferred them immediately to my phone, wanted to edit and upload on Insta before the foods come.
Who the fuck would predict this:
At the moment the photos (three only) were successfully transferred,   the foods came.
It was really fast, we were really shocked, and I was really hungry lolol
Eh crazy fast okay?   Once she left, 3 photos taken and transferred, suddenly the foods served.

Soooooooooo, this problem didn't happen to me as well :3   
Guess I was lucky.

#3 The environment
This isn't any problem, just wanna share my point of view.

The cafe is really spacious compared to other little cafes popping in the island.
A lot of parking lots too as it is near to the bay at Kapal Singh Road.
The cafes faces just right in front of the sea, see? Sea.  Thats why I learn swimming.
Hahhahahaha okay not related :/

OH!! Did I mention everybody in the cafe speaks in this adorable Taiwanese accent hahahaha!!
It is because Coffee Smith was originated in Taiwan so it means their main branch is in there. So yea,
Taiwan foods yo :D

Final exam in 2 days, still I'm up here slacking.
Signing off now, thanks for reading xx

Wearing my new favorite lipstick, Naughty Nude from Too Faced!
Too Faced oh Too Faced, always been my favorite brand.

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