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Working experience #3

My third semester is bout to end and no, I did not spent it slacking around, rotting home all day being lifeless.
As usual, I got myself a part time job, I worked for exactly a month!
No rest, no fuss.  For a lazy ass girl like me, I didn't even mutter a single word to complain about this job
It was the best damn job I've ever gotten so far!!  Cos.. it allowed me to put on make up nicely every day!

Taa daaaaaaa ~

Yours truly in transformation 
Wells.   It was a internationally well-known make up store. 
Won't be revealing the name but I guess if you're a girl you would have guessed by now!
I wasn't a staff there nor will be. I actually just replaced a staff of theirs who took a long leave to go give birth.
I was just a part time gurl. Mehhhhh
But I honestly learned a lot working there. And I am sharing them!    Also rants.  

#1  Most amazing colleagues & the bitter-sweet behind of the sales industry 

Hahahaha I know what most people think,  the store's staffs are unfriendly.
When I first told my friends I was going to work there, they be like 
'Wth! Later you become arrogant like them you dont talk to me anymore'

Aw man.  People had been getting wrong impressions of them. I mean my former colleagues
In fact, they're the best.  Ours (or theirs)  supervisor brief them almost every single day to remind them to be nice to the customers, smile and be friendly, also I can see them always trying their best to make that happen.
But in the industry of services, things don't go the way they were planned.

Who knows when are you going to meet an idiotic customer whom totally rude and obnoxious?
Of course, we would still be nice bcos customers are always right!  I geddit I geddit.
But after half an hour, our smiles get tired and your dramas haven't end yet.
People get tired.   Maybe except for some people and their self-created lil dramas, that shit is never ending        And I guarantee you all of us girls never got enough hours of sleep that require our brains to function properly the next morning hahahaha. Soemtimes we just staring at each other and getting impressed by how tired one another is, raving how regret we stayed up for nothing    #girlsbeinggirls

The funniest thing is,  the foods we craved for everyday and the noisiness when we all got together
This conversation happens everyday 
Colleague A  : Eh 我想要吃 ice cream
Me : 我要我要我要 !
A : OK我去買
B : 去哪裡!  買什麼!
A : Ice cream 啦 你要嗎?
B : 不要啦 昨天才吃,  等下4點我去買Pizza 你要嗎
Me : 我要我要我要 !
C : 不要買料我打包給你們料   
A : 那個放著先   等下餓料才吃

And the fods changes everyday and I'm really amazed by how many foods we could think of.
I put on so much weights!! I have the body of an elephant now I'm not even kidding TT 
Had so many amazing girly moments with them was memorable.
I don't have a sister and always imagine what its like to have one.
So.... this is it?     

Insert an irrelevant selfie of me so you don't drown in words 

#2 Knowledge about cosmetic & skin care products 

Not kidding yo!  Just name anything from the store and I can immediately tell you what is that for 
Cosmetics I used on my face every day are all from the store, I've already tried everything!

I am sharing some of my favorites. As well as tips if you were to go shopping  :)

Best face primer  -  The Balm (other brands are quite sticky so it's a no from me)
Best concealer - Time Balm from The Balm (perfect!)
Best liquid foundation - The Balm (great coverage) / Cyber Colors (hydrating)
Best blusher  - The Balm Boy's Series  (I just fucking love this brand and think they're underrated)
Best bronzer - The Balm Hot Mama
Best brows pencil - BCL liquid brow pencil 

Best creamy eyeliner - Canmake creamy eyeliner (thick and damn pigmented)
Best lipstick - Revlon Color Balm (so far my fav! Moisturizing cos my lips are really dry)
Best finish powder - Cyber Colors (give you a smooth finish with slightly shimmering texture)

Ahhhhhhh honestly can't share enough! I need to describe them more.
Btws, as I lost most of my cosmetic, very clumsy of me actually put all my cosmetics in the bag that I lost .
 I'm going on a cosmetic shopping soon.  I'll see what turns out to be really good and write some proper reviews of them.  Since I have not been doing review, miss it! Hopefully I'll have more time to update this space as a new semester kicks start.

Wait, I've been getting quite a lot of requests for my make up tutorial  ;//
Ok tbh I don't think I can do that. Most of the time my make up is just me throwing on random things on my face follow my mood of the day, I have no skills. You might wanna check out these youtube gurus they're my favs!
They're really amazing thou I'm a girl I swear I have this hugeeeeeee Internet crush on them!
As for my make up tutorial, hmm,   I'll see how it goes, maybe till I get a new camera ok TT

#3  I was never a racist, till I started working there ..

For my own safety purpose, I am not revealing what race that is.
I scare people hood me with helment you know, gangster man, dont siao siao.
I'll leave you guessing since I'm just ranting anyway.

Like I said, I WAS never a racist girl, I actually have quite a lot of friends from different races, and we're all good. No misunderstandings no conflicts.

To make this part clearer, I'm gonna name the race I hate as X.
When I first started working,  I don't feel anything wrong with providing them service.  But I swear to you, 10 out of 10 of them told me 'just looking around'  Alright, nothing wrong with looking around, everybody does.   Till they started using ALL of our testers.  Eh lehma? Even lipstick they want to put like 3 layers of colors from 3 different brands. You need so cheapskate or not.    PLUS,  THEY NEVER BOUGHT ANYTHING FROM THE STORE. NEVER.  I even saw the same girl twice or thrice a week, every once ina while, I knew she was going to be there, use all the testers of cosmetics, from face primer to lipstick, till using out fragrances' testers to end this 'makeover' of theirs.  I'm assuming they were going for dates, came to the mall earlier with care face, shamelessly walked into the store and used all the testers. EEW IS YOUR SURNAME GELI?   I worked there for a month, I honestly never seen anything from race X purchases anything more than rm30. Z.   I'm not implying that I hate poor people BUT I definitely cannot stand people that have no shame and keep taking advantages, you could have just bought the stuff back home and use it, you come back like this twice a week you have no fucking shame??

Not only cosmetics,  they use the fragrances like they own the fucking damn place.
Every time, they just walked in, avoided eye contact with us, quickly spray the perfume on their body, for maybe like 5-7 press on the button, lehma you want die in the perfume is it?  And they would walk away their fastest speed before we get to walk over there to ask what we could help them with. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Very very very geli ok.   I know I know, you have the right to use the tester but what makes you the owner of this place, just walk in and use all you want?  According to the rule, when the customers want to try the perfumes, we have to spray on this cute little piece of paper for them.   Bcos most of the scent of perfumes will change when they're sprayed out for a while, then we would like names of the perfume on that paper for customers for reference purpose.  TESTERS NOT FOR U TO USE AS YOUR OWN ONE LA  ma de.

Sorry but  from this experience of mine, I literally look down on everyone from race X.
I know you can't judge the entire race for the behavior of one person, BUT WHEN  EVERYONE I SAW FROM THAT FUCKING RACE ACTED ALL THE SAME?? GO FUCK YOURSELVES AH OK.  No wonder so many people say race X sucks now I know exactly why, no more defending for you.


o.o again, I think I accidentally talked too much. Gon go back to reading now sons.
Thanks for reading tata!

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