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Bobo's Wedding ♡ part 1.

Two months ago, I was dozing off in college's library. My phone sudd rang and freak the shit outta me .
A phone call coming from Bobo, I thought to myself finally this puto came to the realization to ask me out.

Me: 怎样
Bo: 我跟你讲一个东西哈 你不要紧张哈
Me: *突然紧张* 什么事 什么事
Bo: 我hor.. 要结婚鸟咯

I always knew this day would come!

Everybody got the news, and all of us were super duper excited all over social-network esp Twitter!
AHAHHAHA just couldnt stop tweeting aww we were damn looking forward to her wedding leh :D
We had this wechat group to plan everything bout being so called 'sisters' for her wedding
EVERYONE WAS SO EXCITED GAHAHHA cant believe its over already :'((

Splitting the wedding into two parts you dont wanna read until you go crazy :p
 We girls gathered at Chia En's at 5++ was suppose to depart at 6. But you know girls, make up hair do and stuff, the most unforgivable is Ivor only went to buy Nu bra at the very last minute! Wtf hahahha so kinda departed at 7, still able to make it ;)  #girlsdrivingskill
Loving this pix! But I hate the peace hand sign lolol.
 Meet Peiru! <3 She came back all the way from Sg just to attend this. Aha nah kidding, shes having a break.
This sassy lady looking damnnnnnn fineeeee that night x
Thank Micmic for all the awesome photos from TR15! I was so wrong bout this camera ;o
One more selfie before we took off ;p

Some crazy selfies spam while waiting aha
Fang Zi! Long time no see please sing to me soon I missy your voicey! 
Lihan! <3
Aijia! <3 Most of our photos are freaking blur, whyyy :// maybe your face too tight ady HAHAHAHAHA
Simaymay came and didnt wanna take photo wiz me :'((
*ta shi huai ren* pointed
Ahaha just kidding, nobody can resist not taking photos wimme cos Imma annoying ;b
Best friend of the year, Nu Bra Ivor & rushed-from-Inti-right-after-test Weiweiz
Singapore sexy ladehhh! 
And some of Bobo wedding photos are being played as slide show. Nawwww
Shes so gorgeoussss I cant even..

Then the wedding got started, Bobo walked in looking like the most elegant woman in the world.
I was thinking to myself damnn, Ah Lee is a freaking lucky man.
Seeing her all grown-up like a total lady got to me, I felt like crying, so bad :'((
Even after we sat down Chia En said 'dont you guys feel like crying!?' I was like YAYAYYAYAYA!
Like whats going on, we are all from lil kids shouting wanna fight like gangsters and today, there she is
Stepping into the another stage of her life - marriage.
She is fast. But she is gonna marry to Lee anyway. All of our friends knew right from the start when they were together.
They were meant for each other.

My gorgeous ladyyyyyyyyyyyyy boboobobobobobobobobo! 
Fabulous ladies from Chung Ling Butterworth! <3
Wah what is this man, Bo and Vor having boobie fight what am I doing beside ahahaha

Lastly, I have something to say to Bo. Not sure if she reads my blog;

We got into a fight. Not exactly a fight but we stopped talking, until this year we got back to each other.
Just so you know, days without you are the most miserable days in my life. I swear.
I went through the breakup alone, cigg alone, beer alone. I missed you so much but I was too proud to put my face down.
Cant even remember how we got so close to each other but it just turned out I.Cant.Live.Without.You

I used to call you Giegie, then you would tulan and said '讲几百次liao不要叫limpek Giegie 难听到死'
Giegie, ni zhi dao ma, you are the best best best best best best best girl I ever met.

You've got the best temper. You know me well, so well until I used to doubt that you understand me more than I do. Whenever I got pissed off and wanted to fight teachers or anyone back in high school, you were always there. You know where is my limit, where is the point I was gonna explode and fuck everyone, you would hold my arms to make sure I dont stand up to cheng those people. Surprisingly, it worked. You hand gave me the power that can immediately get rid of all of my anger. I dont know how you do that, its just the way you held me, soft and tender, so much love.  Can you hold me ever again?
I promise to be there and hold you, too, whenever you need me, wherever it is, whatever happens.

Youre very considerate & soft hearted. Remember when I used to call you laopo?! HAHAHHAHAH omg TT
You were like a family, like a big sister and I was the kid who always got into trouble. You always took good care of me and everything eheheh remember when that was one time, I hit my leg in Voodoo I got this massive blemish on my leg and it was fucking ugly!? And I was going to attend Tenby's prom night, you laughed at me said I was gonna sia sui lang TT but later you help me to massage the blemish to make sure it fades away and I dont siasui lang! Hahhahaha why do you have to be so tender and considerate and lovely and flower omgggg Joejoe ahhhhhhhhhh :'((!! 

Everyone in school likes you. I mean everyfuckingone. You are a total babe, but then you have so many knowledge about cars/ super cars, many until sometimes I could sit beside you stare into blank for the whole day wondering what the fuck you are talking about with Jia Hao em all! -.-  You get along with all the boys, because you know everything. Literally every single thing! From clubs, to cars, to beer wine champagne, to what shop is having promotion, which new design of Gucci is coming out hahahaha dear you are a perfect!! With you getting married I swear some guys' heart are secretly breaking. 

Thank you for being the most wonderful laopo of mine during the last 2 years in high school.
Short but more than enough, I bet some people dont even get the chance to have this kind of amazing friend like you in their entire life. I was and still very very lucky. We aint so close anymore but hello, please know that you will always have this special place in my heart. Never, ever fade away.  I love you so much Bobo Ng.

You have been so kind and lovely to all of your friends. And I know how much family means to you.
Now please, you are asked to accomplish this special request for all of ours' sake.
Be The Happiest Women. Can you do that? You can, and you must. You deserve to.
Sometimes Im a lil worried about you, if you know what I mean :) but I wish am being worried for nothing.
Prove me wrong okay. 

And I miss falling asleep with you in class then I cuddled you abit ;b

Happy Marriage! X

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