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Had a great lunch date with my Weiwei Simmmzzzzzzz :b @ 55's
I wanted to try out The Daily Dose Cafe as well but 55 haz the cutest 3D Art Coffee leh! I must have D;
Then I made a call to confirm that 3D Art Coffee was available at the moment, okai x 55 then.

Photos credit to my bub's Casio smtggg camera x mai camera iz not back yet lehma.
Embrace yourself, this post is gon be so full of my damn face aha cause bestie only sent me photos that have my face in.
Alohaaaaa! :D in case YOU MISS ME ALREADY. Which Im sure YOU DID :D

Sooooooo, two happy girls ordered the main course already.
It came to drinks, I was berry excited!
Me:  Any recommendation for 3D art coffeeeeeeee?!  Yes I sounded like a duck pushing the tone.
Indecisive Waiter: There are Cappucino, Latte, Mocha.. 
Me:  Ooh? Which one is cuterrrr? :o
Indecisive Waiter: Do you want Dinosour.. Cat.. or Bear?
Me: Bear!   &  Weiwei Simz:  Cat! 
Indecisive Waiter: Wookay but I have to ask my senior whether we can prepare it for you right now.

Me:  *scowl*  aight you let me know soon.
My face while waiting cause I was way too hungryyyyyy D; stupid Weiwei made me waited for an hour with empty stomach tsk tsk aha eat shit lahhh ni :p   then the humble-looking waiter came & said : 
Sorry ah because our 3D art coffee only available on tea time, which is 3pm, you mind waiting?
I was pretty pissed, whats up with the waitress who told me it would be available at the afternoon.
Took a look at my watch, it was 2. Fineeee it was only an hour, I could wait.
Carbonara - my order. Aha so many bacon pieces so delicious so happy.
But the sauce tasted average thou, not creamy enough. Too tasteless for my liking :s
I would rate it 6/10. Such a letdown mannnn. Ive had a lotsa hopes :o
Looking so happy because I hadnt start eating yet -_____- 
Aha in case you noticed I've switched places, for the lighting babeh! Its all for better photos. 
#BloggersJob #MostResponsibleBlogger #MustReadMyBlog

Ahhaha keeding! 
Then bestie ordered Grilled BBQ Chicken which tasted so good that I forgot to take a photo D;
You might wanna wait for her blog for updatesss http://weiweisim.blogspot.com/
Finished the damn spag & waited impatiently for 3pm.
Tied my hair up a lil cos it was too hot & I was too pekchek. Look at my stupid ponytail
MY GOD ITS DAMN TINY I've kept my hair for a year already its still short like fuck. No shits

Then out of sudden the rubber band decided to break into two pieces -____-
Zomg dear rubber band, can we not do this in public.
Combed my hair a lil & got caught in action D;
Look at my teeth. Now you know why I never smile with themmm :'((

It was 3, like finally I asked the waiter to come over & order. He was like 
'My senior is unable to make it for you right now, because the boss isnt here. He always insisted to make the coffee by himself bcos if we spoiled it he will get really mad..' and yadah yadah yadah.
So I asked, when will the boss be there?  'I am not sure. You mind calling him by yourself?' 
Z is it me or you the one who works here?   Fine, I called the boss.
The man apologized & said he would be there in half an hour, sounded like a nice dude.
But we just couldnt wait any longer, got an errand to run.  So we decided to take off.

What made me really upset was, the girl who picked up when I called stated that the coffee would be available at the afternoon, and the waiter who told us to wait till 3 then said they were unable to make it for us after we did. If you couldnt, just tell us so. Dont keep us waiting so long for nothing.

Photo from timeout.com

55 Cafe & Restaurant

Address: 47 Lorong Stewart, Georgetown, 11300 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

Phone:+60 16-464 8118.

Make sure you call to confirm if youre keen for the 3D Art Coffee, you dont wanna end up getting disappointed. Will definitely pay a visit back for their coffee, hopefully they dont give us no more fake hopes. And hopefully the boss will be there during my next visit.

Last but not least,

Got this dress from a random boutique in Raja Uda for rm68, then I got home, spotted an online blogshop selling it at only rm30+! Its like double the price zomggg this is why I hate shopping actual shops ahahah but its cool, lovin the dress.
My yellow sling bag is from Brands Outlet & flats from Vincci if youre keen.

My sem break has finally come to an end. What have I achieved in these past 3 weeks. NOTHING lolll.
Gonna move back to hostel later, lets hope sem 2 goes well even thou Im having bad feeling bout it already aiya timetable is all packed & classes from 9am till 5pm! Can dieeee ya knowwwww :o  
Will update & let you all know if I survive.

Aha act what emo floral girl. 
Thanks for reading, till the next time x

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