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I swear this photo would be nice if it isnt out of focus *angry emoji* .

So bestie and I paid a visit to this unique cafe called Just Something (Art Space).
Didnt know it only opens at night, we went at the noon and got disappointed when it shows 'CLOSE'
But nvm, cute us went there again at night! Since it is so close to me place, just like one street away :)

Note:  photos in this post will be looking vintage abit bcos the lighting in the Art Space was no good.
So I had to edit abit lar, quite suitable to the place's concept.

 First stepped in.
 It was so full that we had to wait for one hour . I was like 'Whats so good about this cafe?! Full house?!'
I must try.  Therefore we went home, and drove there again when he called and said theres a seat available. 
 Menu with no price list on. rolled eyesssss.
And the unfriendly waitress appeared to be very impatient too.
Bad impression already ://
 Yours truly  ;))
Then the Flower Pot being served up. Reminds you of Fa Guo San 's signature cheese cake doesnt it? 
Stated that it is the combination of Ice-Cream & cheese cake.
Eating-a-plant-and-tiok-caught-in-action expression. Hhahahah candid! :((
So.. how was it?
I gotta say.

It was not orea pieces on the top, but some kind of choco crunch thingy which is kinda disappointing already.
There's a pungent smell in the cake. Ice cream was no good too. Overall, sucks.
Silly girl who got tortured by the plant together with me cause we both ordered Flower Pot. 

I personally think that things that attracted people to this cafe was just about the decorations & environment.
Which are only okay to me bcos there was kinda hot. AIRCOND Y U NO COOLER?!
Little corner for people to take photos. I didnt bcos too many people were staring.
Pfff. Stare what stare, never seen a blogger in action?  :X

I would tell you the location but I dont want you to go..
Go and try it out yourself, then you will know whether I am lying, which I am not. 

Address: 6998 TKT 1Jalan Ong Yi How
13400 ButterworthPenang.  (Upstairs of the shop located beside Maybank)
Luck is needed finding this place, good luck.
Lil tips my dear!  Make reservation before you go, 04-313 3635.

You dont wanna wait for the whole damn day, plus another hour, then get served with sucks foods.
I was like  

What makes me even more confuse is, people posting photos of the flower pot with caption
Excuse me *clears throat* ,  define delicious.

#Personal opinion, no offense and dont take it too personal
Not to be hard on anyone#

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