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College problems.

College problem #1 : FRIENDS.

I make no new friends in college. Of course, dont count those who smile and nod to you while walking pass by, those arent really friends, its just manners. I dont mix with my classmates. Some of them immature boys I really couldnt stand, I mean hello its no longer high school, move onnnn and Kyle, am not talking about you kayy :)   ni de peng you.

What I see in other class is super bonded friendships between classmates, just like instantly become best friends already.
Hanging out everyday, having fun, doing silly stuff, posting photos & statuses to show how much they love each other and how lucky they are to meet with one another yadah yadah yadah..               Honestly, I AM SUPER JEALOUS LOR.

Its not like complaining my classmates are no good. Its just we have no mutual topics. You know sometimes I really wanted to talk so bad but I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY, even when I started off a conversation, it didnt go well also lol. Its like

Me: Hey you know the new mall Paragon is opened  
Classmate: Ya.
Me: Have you visited yet?
Classmate: Yes, just now.
Me: Was there fun?
Classmate: Okay lor.

WHUTTTT. It is freaking hard to keep up a conversation like this. Felt like I was the only one putting efforts in.
Or maybe they just dont want to talk to me, so I stopped trying. Didnt talk much in class now.
They are actually planning for a beach BBQ thing in this coming Thursday,poor me is looking forward to it, hoping a lovely fancy BBQ session will make some good changes between me and le classmates.

Dont get me wronged people. I am not complaining.
It must be my problem I suppose, how the hell people make so many friends already but I am still here stuck with high school friends, Dini, who also bonded so much with her classmates already! :((  left me alone being the anti-social.

Hey, I am not arrogant okay.  I know my face looked like dont-mess-with-me-bitch-dont-even-look-at-me, but in fact, I am just fucking tired, bcos I have no one to talk to. Can someone come and talk to me already T_________T
In the other hand, I dont find people in TARC friendly.  Some of them girls just like it so much to stare at people, from head to toes, with no smile. Sometimes I just wanna yell at them in the face WHAT CAN I HELP YOU WITH BITCH?!  :@

One of the reasons is that I still havent find people who shares the same interests with me.
Im that kind of girl who likes to play, doll up, hangs out, parties, laugh, have fun and enjoy life; not that kind of keeps on study study study and have no life one. I need a friend, who can shares everything we love. Blogs we like to read, places we like to chill, shops we like the most, taking cute & weird photos, party hard together, laugh like nobody cares, talk heart to heart..

But everybody seem to have that one friend already. What else left for me? Jiak sai lor.

College problem #2 : Having no car.

I am sure all of you notice, people who owns car has suddenly *proof* became the most popular person on earth. From breakfast until dinner also got people jio , never have to be afraid to eat alone.  Sad thing is, I AM THE ONE WITH NO CAR LOR. Pity me have to walk to school everyday, go take away foods from kopitiam or sometimes have to eat alone lor.

Interested fact I found about Tarcian, they are not helpful. Seriously, we are going to the same damn place, like school, from the same damn place too and we know each other. It is like fucking hard for them to give us a ride, I mean come on what is your loss. ARE U HAPPY SEEING ME WALKING UNDER THE FREAKIN SUN. Coming to this college made me see clearer many people's true color.  Like when they cant help you, they dont want to. Being selfish makes one ugly.
Of course I am NOT talking about everyone. Dont take it too personal :D
# but if the shoes fit, feel free to wear it.

I asked one of my friend who is in Inti, has no car too. She said her friends are all happily to help, give her a ride back to hostel even it is not located the same way they gonna use to get home. Why are others so good. Is it about the college or what.
I doubt it.

For guys who trying to get girls and have car. *Jackpot!*
It sounds offensive, but this is the truth.   Take it or continue lying to yourself.

OKAY done with my college problem.

Remember when I said my eyes caught virus? Here's the photo.
This time is so serious until my eyes couldnt be opened the next morning. I had to skip morning class :((
Post one more with my face. Embrace yourself okay people dont be scare off..

 HAHA. Fucking scary right.
It is much better now but still, I am not wearing contact lenses. Letting my eyes to rest.
For y'all who wears contact lenses out there, please make sure yours are totally clean, wash them properly.
DONT BE LAZYYYY. You dont wanna end up like me ^_______^

Arghhhhhh I got so tired lately. So tired that even teacher was worried about me lol.
She then analyzed for me that it was because I skipped my breakfast every morning.
I've got enough foods, enough sleep.  Just not enough healthy, didnt get enough vitamin I guess.
Google ing how to be a healthy baby ^___^!

Despite the previous red eyed vampire looking photo, dont worry people I still look just fine like this.
My latest photo, shooting with the babessss. Stay tuned for more photos X.

Final exam in two weeks time. Good luck to me! 
Signing off xoxoxoxoxoxoxox *


  1. Good luck and jia you in your exammmm! :)

  2. Girl, you will face problem when it comes to group assignment. Try to hang out, keep in touch with the classmates during this semester break. Good luck! :D

    1. Alright sweetie, I will try. Thanks for the advise! :D

  3. Used to study in tarc and frankly, yes, i agree with you. :p
    It'll get better, jia you . :D

    1. It gets better now! Hehhehe okieee <3

    2. I tried once wanna talk to you and be friend with you but when I smile at you , you looked away :(

    3. Oops Im sorry :o I must have missed you. Try calling me next time aight cause I walk very fast in coll & I dont really look at people heh x

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