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IVOR's birthday celebration | Ben's Paragon

Ivor's birthday celebration it is!  :D  

Just fyi,   your truly is getting chubbier & chubbier so you will be seeing alotsa fatness in this post.
Dont judge just wait,   I am working on it already ..   -___- 
Why got so fat?    Cos LIFE IS TOO GOOD :)

Birthday girl iz the biggest fan of Italian foods.  So we decided to dine here @ Italiannies, Gurney Paragon.

Didnt take enough photo on that day cos my camera was left only like 20% battery.
Shooo sad!  :((  ntg feel worse than bringing a dead camera. Tsk

And there,  girls of the day :D

Complimentary bread  &  the olive oil thingy.   The black stain looking thing tasted like vinegar.
We totally had no idea how to eat these, just dipped the bread into the olive oil -__-
.. which is really stupid
Cos I have done some research now, and found out the bread was suppose to be dipped with other sauces.
HAHAHAHHA cute us.

 Meatball spaghetti :D   
 Chicken Milanese.  Grilled chicken breast topped with diced tomatoes, came with a cream sauce and stewed spinach.  The chicken is well-cooked, soft & tender. The sauce is very good too!  Love the perfect combination :)
Pepperoni pizza.  Crunchy and good.  

The foods are good, waiters are friendly. Environment is cool too. Perfect place to chill :)

Lot 1-31, Ground Floor, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

+604-228 9761

 We girls then switched to Ben's for desserts.
What to eat what to eat.

 The Rocky Road!   the best best best best cake  I have ever tried! like, seriously.. big fan of this cake now.
Cause we girls like sweetness, I dont know what else to describe but must go try okay guys!
Ben's signature chocolate cake.  One heaven piece too, ughh we almost died in the sweetness there 
The cake is melting if you notice  -___- 
Didnt get to try their main course there cos we kinda read some of bad reviews of Ben's. Lolol.
Will prolly go back check out for more, its better to try yrself than blindly believing reviews on net right! :) 

They also have this card game thingy on every table.  Let us had a fun time talking about dreams, future, childhood, anything. 
Great bonding times ^_________^

Kindly remind, to make reservation before in case they full house.

Address: 163C-1-03, 163C-1-04 & 163C-2-02, Pesiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang.
Tel: 04- 228 8909

Poor birthday girl still have to drive us around. 

We lurve you okayss 

Some sort of OOTD photo. lolol.

Remember how I complained about college life in the previous post?
Well, things werent so not too bad after all! :D  guess everything is getting better nao.
Good life. X 


  1. Happy belated birthdate to Ivor.

    Hopefully college is better for you now

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