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2012: Lost & Found.

I had literally lost all the people who had been best friends of mine for these past few years.
Twitter wars. I had always started the dramas first  *head down as I feeling guilty deep down* 
I think karma served me right & I had learned this in a hard way - never take people for granted 
trust me at this one, bcos i had really suffered alot friendships problem in this whole freaking 2012.

My studies.
I had totally abandoned my studies & I really really really regret now ;//  i dont know why i just been so lazyyyy and couldnt pay much attentions.    Promise I will change this bad habit once I get into college, feeling regret is very bad, like a big huge stone is pushing yr heart. You know you did it wrong, but you cant change the fact already  *sobs*

- no more talking at this point bcos this relationship had been really amazing to me & i don wanna complain -

hahahahahha so happy at this one! :)  my achievement in 2012 alright.

Found out who my real friends are.
People come and go in your life.  Some people gone, and here comes the people who worth staying in your life.
Thanks for coming into my life. And I really appreciate you guys, lets make our friendship f o r e v e r
*dont want to write too much 肉麻肉麻的话  super very geli hahahahah u guys know my heart can already*
Real Friends - people who make your bad times become good times & make your good times become unforgettable! :D   :D 
- when you take photos with yr best friends.. tsk hahaha -
I got more worse & horrible photos, trust me you dont wanna see those.

Got my very first semipro camera by myself.
Not sure about you guys but this is actually one proud thing for me teeheee*  Sony Nex F3 babeh.

#Successfully cut down my body weight without doing anything.
The most fat moment, I had been 56kg youuuuuuu know! How horrible :'(  
You cant really see that bcos I am tall, and my fats got separate all over my body so u cant actually see how fat I was. When I tell people I was 56kg people were like 'wtfff impossible'   Lehma trust me okay?! 

Photo taken two months ago. Randomly got body weight test at school and the result.. 49kg HAHHAHAHA
Some people asked me how, but I REALLY DONT KNOW HOW LEH =.=  its not me being selfish tsk
But I did figure one reason.. its my ex boyf knows how to take good care of me!  :)   take control of things I am really bad at, like my body weight.. lolololol           So yea.. go find a boyfriend who know how to take good care of you, thinks of the best for you, sayang you but wont spoil you! Hahahhaa

So yeaaaa, thats all my summary of  some of my 2012 memories. You know typing blog cant really show how you feel. 
I gotta feeling, 2013 is gonna be an awesome oneeeeee! ;)  Lets kick it off with an awesome beginning.  
Where do you guys up for countdown party?!    Will blog about mine soon.  



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