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2013 Resolutions

#1  Keep my hair long.
This is so important I must put as first place!!   5 years of being a tambai short hair school girl (forced to, dues to school rules)     finally wo de chun tian lai le hahahahahahhahaha I actually had long hair when I was little until 13 years old, got into Chung Ling Butterworth. It was all worth lah ;)) !!        You can call us ugly its okay, nevermind one. We still have one thing to do - keep our hair long.  Bcos we are not in our extreme look yet, if you already have long hair & youre still ugly, YOURE DOOMED
My favorite haircut yet  ^___^ !!   goodbye short hair..
But, you cant rush into this kind of thingy. Growing yr hair will take lotsa time. So yeaaa, be patience.. TT  it will go through chin-length, then shoulder-length, then armpit-length maybe wtf.  Whatever it is, this is my expectation after 3 years:
Only if my hair can get this volume lolololol.  My dream hairstyle lah  dont laugh at me

#2 Stop being lazy.
Cant tell how lazy I am.  Everyone has their own life direction liaw. NS de go NS, study de go study, want work de go work liaw.  Me leh?  Still rolling at home like SPM just ended yesterday. *fyi, I had been rotting  ever since SPM ended, one month ady I sat at home wu suo shi shi*   I know everyone had been thru lazy times, but I bet Im the laziest wtf

RAWR I cannot be like this anymore T_______T  want to keep myself busy but dont know how to.. any job vacancy?    Also I swear to myself once I get into college, cannot be lazy like this anymore!!   *finger crossed*

#3  Be more sociable & make more friends.
I am not a shy person but if we just met, yes I am.   I am suck in knowing new friends, I dont know what to say, no idea how to start a conversation.   When random strangers talk to me I will be like 'huh? What?' or just stare in blank like a silly girl lolololol hope that I can solve this problem soon cause I really dont wanna be social-awkward ;//  
 I want make more friends in college & not being an awkward freak. Comeeee on & talk to me! We can be friends :DD

#4 Get a hot & fit & angel-alike body.
Recently very oily ;((  Im that kind of people easy to thin & easy to fat. Lolololol flexible body.  I could be like 'eh, this week Im so thin leh' then I will look good in every outfits by that week.   After that hor, 2 weeks later, I will become like very very fat & oily & suddenly cant wear all my outfits wtf ALWAYS ONE ;((  can I just slim down & forever dont fat back? Okay lah maybe I should get abs so I wont get fat too easy.
Yeeep its her again! Hahhahaha what do you see? I see abs abs abs abs abs abs abs abs abs..
Getting a hot body takes time too, all you need is to workout workout workout, will start soon! ;))

#5  Attend more parties.
Im 18 now! Finally I can get my ass into clubs without sneaking in. Started clubbing since 16 and it was so paise being underage. Every week need to borrow IC from 18 years old ++ girls & memorize different IC different week in case the bouncer would ask and all that stuff. HAHHAHAHAHHAHA finally now I can guang ming zheng da walk in using my very own IC ^__________^
 But NOOOOO wait,  my birthday is at July so it means I will be an official adult only after 7 months later. 
Tahan tahan tahan until 18 years old already, now still want me to wait for 7 more months UGHH =.=
Anyway, I am quite a party-animal lahhhh.  Just that I seldom club nowadays in case.. you know, I do crazy things & since I have decided to take good care of myself so I wont club so often anymore! :)  Even when I do, I know exactly how to be rational & unlike the old me liaw okayyyyy. Now I club like an adult HAHAHAHHAHA ask me to party, I would love to!  

#6  Earn more money.
Due to I was too lazy to get up & find job. My only income is from my online boutique Kassanova support me and show some loves babies. U dont wanna see me die in poorness HAHAHA   there are accessories, clothing & trendy shirts come please shop with me ^___________^   

#7 Be a better person.
Actually I have no idea of the exact meaning of being a better person. Maybe it just simply means to be someone better than I used to be.  Get rid of my stupid temper but it already got so much better nowadays HAHA =D !!   take good care of my own body & reputation,  dont let anyone who loves me to worry about me -  maybe its smtg like this lah hahahahahah   and and and, I will never repeat all the previous mistakes I have done. Should learn how to appreciate for everything that Im having, and I am doing it right now! :D

Hopefully I can stick to all my resolutions bcause if I do, I will be very proud of myself & feeling successful. 

You only live once, all you gotta do is to work hard, play harder, party hardest !! ^________^  dress up nicely everyday, feeling confident, looking beautiful, put on your heels, and  partyyyy hardddddddd    YOLOOOOOOOOO

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