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Avicii's Rave Party | Sepang International Circuit

Hai!  I am back from the most happening rave party
Avicii's - by We Love Asia!!!

It was like the best night of my life no kidding.
It felt as if I have lived my life to the fullest and I almost cried my ass off during the end of the rave!  Blame it on the fireworks setups. It was all super touching to me! *cries for music*
The night before the rave. I was excited like a crazy already lol!!
To be frank, I was being super excited one week before the rave.
Played myself all the awesome Martin Garrix's sets and Avicii's!!

Okay I have a confession to make.
I ditched Avicii.  
When Ivor first asked if I wanted to go to Avicii's when we had other choices like Tiesto. I was like why Avicii? He was no good. He wasnt as big as Hardwell, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren.
But still, I decided to go just because I didnt wanna miss out a chance to rave!

If you know me in real life, you would know I am one big fan of EDMs like I couldnt breathe without them. There are many kinds of EDM thou, my favorite kind would be Dubstep, Electro House, Progressive and currently, Chillout Dubstep
Well, Avicii was more into  House's.
Listened to few of his sets, I was like okay, not too impressed.

In fact, till the day before Avicii's, I still didnt like him that much.
I mean, I wasnt into House. Which is why, I was never a fan of Avicii..

But guess what!! Tim Bergling aka Avicii proved me damn big ass wrong!!
Its official.  I love him so much now.

Oh and I wanted to introduce Avicii, to those who had no idea who he is.
(Some of my friends thought he was a singer lol I felt like jumping off the cliff trying to explain to them who Avicii is)

Tim Bergling (born 8 September 1989), better known by his stage name as Avicii◢◤ which representing the "A" and "V" and is derived from the Buddhist term Avīci. A Swedish DJremixer, and record producer. Avicii is a dance-genre DJ who ranked No. 6 on the Top 100 DJs list by DJ Magazine in 2011, No. 3 in 2012, and was ranked No. 3 again in 2013.

Okay? He is not a singer. He doesnt sing. Also, that was not a concert. That was a rave party.
Swear I repeated for  more than10 times lol

Okay back to the topic!
Big thanks to Ivor's brother, Ian for driving us around, much appreciate!
Aha of course, us before and after dressing up. Lol I looked super horrible man ;p
Cosmetic saved my life.

Hai.  Make up for the rave :D  didnt put much effort thou.
I was thinking why try so hard when the make up was gonna melt anyway.
I knew it because it wasnt my first rave, I've experienced the sweaty-ness, pack-ness, hot until you want die- ness of a rave already lolol!! So I learned.

Ahaha tiny pony tail I have there.  Typing my hair up made me feel less pekchek but it annoyed the hell out of the person who stood behind me lol wanna say sorry to KT!! 
He was like 'Will you stop jumping?' as my ponytail kept on slapping on his face 
AH HAHHAHA. Sorry. I had to jump :p

Arrived in Sepang pretty early but we didnt care :D
Started dancing as soon as we get there.
Local DJs were surprisingly good that night, was that because they were challenged by international legendary DJ like Martin Garrix & Bassjackers!?  Ours local DJs did a great job too!

Congorock spinning. He was awesome!
Played a couple of my favorite songs since the very beginning.
I was super pumped up for the night :D

Next, Martin Garrix!! 17 years old legend. 
His drop was dayummmm yummyliciously good!!
He played his latest track as well - Wizard but nobody seemed to know the song.
Pretty sad for him lol everyone recognized him as the DJ of Animals only.
So he played Animals 2 times that night :D
Cannot wait to hear more track from this talented kid. (Allow me to call him a kid cause he is younger than me ahahahah but more successful than me fuck.)

Here's Wizard. Trust me this is 10 times better than Animals.
Martin Garrix is da bomb!!   

Rested for a while and went to look for some friends after Garrix's spin.
There were too many people! Phone cannot call, no data connections and all.
Tsk tsk.

 Joy & Ivor being my virgin-rave partners of the night!
Loving Ivor!  She gets as high as me as soon as we got in.
Awwwww gotta love this girl :D
 Awesome buddies! 

We continued dancing till we couldnt feel our legs anymore.
So we suggested to rest like sitting down for a couple minutes while waiting for Avicii's setup.
Not till 11pm,  we heard I Could Be The One being played out loud!
We were like oh my gawd and the crowd danced hard jumped high again I swear we were all fucking exhausted already.  Power of a living legend!!  XX

Smart phones smart phones smart phones.

King of the night.

As I mentioned above that I wasnt impressed by his track?
Damnnnn I was so damn wrong! You gotta listen to this man in live!
His spinning was so good he brought the crowd to the whole new level of HIGH!

As I said, #3 on Dj Magazine is not kidding.
If you understands his music.
Dont simply judge (like me) before you know any more of his songs, or listen to him live!

By the way, he kept Wake Me Up till the end, played it as the closing track.
The crowd went super crazy I thought it was already the highest point of the night
Till the fireworks setups!! 
It was like the climax of my life at the very moment I felt like it was time to die already lol!
Not kidding! Didnt manage to take any photos as I was too busy enjoying the moment

Cannot describe how much I love EDMs and what raves do to me. Indescribably feelings.
It makes me cry I mean for real those music is in my soul, its like a part of me already.
If I must say it was like a strong arms that brought me back to life and made me feel alive when I was so close to jumping off a cliff to end my life. Fuck I am dramatic. HAHAHHA

Well. Now Im back to reality. Life goes on.  
Counting down till my next rave ;)
Sadly I'll pass Thirst 2013. Cant do 2 raves in a fortnight.
This face crying about the fact that I am going to miss out on my fav DJs W&W and R3hab!

See you FMFA & ASOT next year! :D