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Avicii's Rave Party | Sepang International Circuit

Hai!  I am back from the most happening rave party
Avicii's - by We Love Asia!!!

It was like the best night of my life no kidding.
It felt as if I have lived my life to the fullest and I almost cried my ass off during the end of the rave!  Blame it on the fireworks setups. It was all super touching to me! *cries for music*
The night before the rave. I was excited like a crazy already lol!!
To be frank, I was being super excited one week before the rave.
Played myself all the awesome Martin Garrix's sets and Avicii's!!

Okay I have a confession to make.
I ditched Avicii.  
When Ivor first asked if I wanted to go to Avicii's when we had other choices like Tiesto. I was like why Avicii? He was no good. He wasnt as big as Hardwell, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren.
But still, I decided to go just because I didnt wanna miss out a chance to rave!

If you know me in real life, you would know I am one big fan of EDMs like I couldnt breathe without them. There are many kinds of EDM thou, my favorite kind would be Dubstep, Electro House, Progressive and currently, Chillout Dubstep
Well, Avicii was more into  House's.
Listened to few of his sets, I was like okay, not too impressed.

In fact, till the day before Avicii's, I still didnt like him that much.
I mean, I wasnt into House. Which is why, I was never a fan of Avicii..

But guess what!! Tim Bergling aka Avicii proved me damn big ass wrong!!
Its official.  I love him so much now.

Oh and I wanted to introduce Avicii, to those who had no idea who he is.
(Some of my friends thought he was a singer lol I felt like jumping off the cliff trying to explain to them who Avicii is)

Tim Bergling (born 8 September 1989), better known by his stage name as Avicii◢◤ which representing the "A" and "V" and is derived from the Buddhist term Avīci. A Swedish DJremixer, and record producer. Avicii is a dance-genre DJ who ranked No. 6 on the Top 100 DJs list by DJ Magazine in 2011, No. 3 in 2012, and was ranked No. 3 again in 2013.

Okay? He is not a singer. He doesnt sing. Also, that was not a concert. That was a rave party.
Swear I repeated for  more than10 times lol

Okay back to the topic!
Big thanks to Ivor's brother, Ian for driving us around, much appreciate!
Aha of course, us before and after dressing up. Lol I looked super horrible man ;p
Cosmetic saved my life.

Hai.  Make up for the rave :D  didnt put much effort thou.
I was thinking why try so hard when the make up was gonna melt anyway.
I knew it because it wasnt my first rave, I've experienced the sweaty-ness, pack-ness, hot until you want die- ness of a rave already lolol!! So I learned.

Ahaha tiny pony tail I have there.  Typing my hair up made me feel less pekchek but it annoyed the hell out of the person who stood behind me lol wanna say sorry to KT!! 
He was like 'Will you stop jumping?' as my ponytail kept on slapping on his face 
AH HAHHAHA. Sorry. I had to jump :p

Arrived in Sepang pretty early but we didnt care :D
Started dancing as soon as we get there.
Local DJs were surprisingly good that night, was that because they were challenged by international legendary DJ like Martin Garrix & Bassjackers!?  Ours local DJs did a great job too!

Congorock spinning. He was awesome!
Played a couple of my favorite songs since the very beginning.
I was super pumped up for the night :D

Next, Martin Garrix!! 17 years old legend. 
His drop was dayummmm yummyliciously good!!
He played his latest track as well - Wizard but nobody seemed to know the song.
Pretty sad for him lol everyone recognized him as the DJ of Animals only.
So he played Animals 2 times that night :D
Cannot wait to hear more track from this talented kid. (Allow me to call him a kid cause he is younger than me ahahahah but more successful than me fuck.)

Here's Wizard. Trust me this is 10 times better than Animals.
Martin Garrix is da bomb!!   

Rested for a while and went to look for some friends after Garrix's spin.
There were too many people! Phone cannot call, no data connections and all.
Tsk tsk.

 Joy & Ivor being my virgin-rave partners of the night!
Loving Ivor!  She gets as high as me as soon as we got in.
Awwwww gotta love this girl :D
 Awesome buddies! 

We continued dancing till we couldnt feel our legs anymore.
So we suggested to rest like sitting down for a couple minutes while waiting for Avicii's setup.
Not till 11pm,  we heard I Could Be The One being played out loud!
We were like oh my gawd and the crowd danced hard jumped high again I swear we were all fucking exhausted already.  Power of a living legend!!  XX

Smart phones smart phones smart phones.

King of the night.

As I mentioned above that I wasnt impressed by his track?
Damnnnn I was so damn wrong! You gotta listen to this man in live!
His spinning was so good he brought the crowd to the whole new level of HIGH!

As I said, #3 on Dj Magazine is not kidding.
If you understands his music.
Dont simply judge (like me) before you know any more of his songs, or listen to him live!

By the way, he kept Wake Me Up till the end, played it as the closing track.
The crowd went super crazy I thought it was already the highest point of the night
Till the fireworks setups!! 
It was like the climax of my life at the very moment I felt like it was time to die already lol!
Not kidding! Didnt manage to take any photos as I was too busy enjoying the moment

Cannot describe how much I love EDMs and what raves do to me. Indescribably feelings.
It makes me cry I mean for real those music is in my soul, its like a part of me already.
If I must say it was like a strong arms that brought me back to life and made me feel alive when I was so close to jumping off a cliff to end my life. Fuck I am dramatic. HAHAHHA

Well. Now Im back to reality. Life goes on.  
Counting down till my next rave ;)
Sadly I'll pass Thirst 2013. Cant do 2 raves in a fortnight.
This face crying about the fact that I am going to miss out on my fav DJs W&W and R3hab!

See you FMFA & ASOT next year! :D

New phone // Ghost In Dorm Incident #2


Taken with my new phone, an app called 美颜相机. Fake rightttttt! ;O
Aha edited cute bokehful with 美图秀秀 .
Sho nice all these China apps hao xi huan ;p suitable the most for ugly people like me.

Sorry to disappoint you.  I did not get 5S! T_______T
*jumps off building with regret*
I got an i5 instead. Black color somor! So not me. All my gadgets have always been white.
Nehmind thou, much better than my old phone already.
Be grateful bcause I actually paid for it with my own money. Aha 

MY horror story ah.
Happened in Sem 1 also (last semester).

Warning: Close this tab immediately if youre now alone, or in any student hostel.
Also if you have any disease, headache toothache stomachache, pregnant, or stinky feet.

There was a night I went makan makan jalan jalan with my friends who came all the way from Bayan Lepas (the other side of Penang) to Tanjung Tokong just to find me and my friend.
Till we finished lepak like usual they sent me back to hostel.
If I am not mistake that time was around 11:50+ pm already.

But they be like: so early? Want go back already meh?
Cause you know how us teenagers always pattern pattern wanna stay up late then get up fucking tired the next morning make excuse cannot make it to the morning class lolol.
So I suggested to come over my hostel living room to chat lor.
Very kind of me right.

I was sitting in the passenger seat, all nosy touching his stuff around.
Also I happened to open his drawer at the front seat and took his electronic cigarette out, looked at it for a while. Then I put it back as soon as we arrived at my hostel.
I swear, I put it right back in the drawer.

5 of us then got ourselves out of the car, walked in my hostel.
The moment we walked in, 
my friend spotted a fucking electronic cigarette on the television table
My friend said.
Then I was like

My friend was too damn ass nosy, he went an open the electronic cigarette.
Saying 'if nobody smokes here then what is this electronic cig doing here'
As soon as he opened the case, the next sentence he said gave us chills.
Then I was like wut, walked up to check on it.

True. The electronic cig was being wrapped by tissues, looked exactly like the one I just opened in his car just now.   I was like FUCK.

The other 3 friends of us were stunned. 
We looked at each other speechlessly, no one spoke a word.
No one dare to.

Then another guy finally gathered his ball together and said:
Means he wanted to go check if the electronic in car was still there or not.

We were like
Ahahhaha then of course he came back safely,
Saying '不在了' means  it was gone.

Means the one on my television table was my friend's.
Damnnnnn this is super scary.
I could fucking swear I put it right back once we arrived in our hostel.
Even if I dont, how is it possible for me to put on the table, 
He spotted the electronic cig right the moment he walked it. 

If it was about me saw something, you could say its my optical illusion nevermind.
But this time, theres a proof and five of us fucking witnessed it.

W h a t t h e f u c k.

18's Birthday Celebration | Deluxcious

HAHAHAHHAHA I am one lazy ass bitch!
Apart form lazy, I am crazy! Having class tomorrow at 9am, have to be in the campus at 8am and I am not in Butterworth.. which means I have to be driving at 7am, waking up at 6am and now.. 1am already dafuq am I doing. Not to be mentioned tomorrow will be a super long day lor!   :C
lets hope I survive.

So today Im gonna be blogging about my birthday celebration, which was 4 months ago.. HAHA SO LATE.. DONT THROW ME EGGS!!
Dini & Simay.
Girls of the day. Taking this photo damn intense I tell you ;s 
'Eh eh the the light turn red ady fast fast fast!?'  *pass over my camera*
Simay. Most comfortable shoulder on earth x
Mai gawddd I looked so fat back then. Why didnt anyone tell me?!
Great interior design.
Appetizer table!
Grabbed some quick bites before we get to order the main dishes. The salmon is not so fresh but acceptable yet.
My favorite one! 
Nawww its buffet lunch therefore we could order as much as we wanted till the last call 2:30pm. 
So we ordered so much to the point you dont wanna imagine HAHAHA
We were super full after but you know we, as girls, always have room for desserts ;p
Shyang Shien! Omgggg miss you so much. Hope Taiwan has been treating you well :((
Dont always emo nemo on Twitter okay you know you can always talk to us whenever theres something, maybe we cant help but will always be here, if you in need of a listener! 
But most of all musts be happy lar! X

Looking back photos of 4 months ago thinking we all looked like crap already.
Cant imagine till we look back from 5 years later HAHHAHAH gonna punch myself.
Me being a fair skin girl nawwwww so not me.
One with my bestie Weiwei, zomggg you looked so diff HAHAHAHHA!
One of me! 
We then went outside. Aha *catch Simay's flying kiss from behind*
*kisses back*
Forgot what we were arguing about O___O
Then Weiwei or someone yelled : shut up come take pix. *immediately posed*
One of my favorite group photo! X

It feels good to blog about old dates, trying to recall the fun things that we did, happiness that we shared. Nothing is the same anymore; SS went to Taiwan to further her studies, Simay is all packed with form 6 tuition, exam & stuff. Left Weiwei and I meeting up each other every weekend. 
Secretly hoping that we'll last forever. 
Never ending friendship.

Till the next time, x


If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, or you are followingme on Twitter.
You would know that I nampak hantu.   O_____O!  << I know right..
Hahahahaha everyones been so curious couldnt stop asking how was it and all. Think I've repeated the same story for more than 10 times already. Sooooo, why not blog about it instead!?   When people asks I can be like go view my blog, at the mean time I get to gain views leh HHAHAHHAHA #心机重
Not sure you guys are being plain nosy or you actually guan xin me. 

So this was not the first time I met something dirty already, by dirty you know what I mean.
I used to hear things, but this time, I saw it, I fucking witnessed it. 
One of my face before the horror story happened. Chang bai or not 
You wanna hear story? Here you go:

Incident #1 : 
Happened in Sem 1 (I am now studying Sem 2), that was one time I got food poisoning, 
lao sai for more than 10 times in a night and I threw up, a lot. 
After visiting doctor, I went back hostel to sleep. It was only 9pm.
I was so sick that my head was spinning the whole time, everything I saw was a blur. 
Halfway of sleeping, all of a sudden I heard some Chinese 唱大戏 voices right beside my ears.
AHAHAH not lost conscious so serious but still, I was blur!  Once I heard something wrong, I sat straight up and looked around, was stunned for a little while, trying to recall if there is any 大戏 there around my hostel area.

But that was impossible, we have no temple around that area and that wasnt Chinese July month either. But I was too sick to be afraid so fuck it, I just laid back in my bed to continue to rest.

Now the weird thing happened, once I got my head snuggled into my pillow, 
that 唱大戏 sound is fucking back.
It was right beside my ears. Right beside! I swear!
I was so sick I wasnt even scared. I just got fucking pissed off because 'something' was interrupting my sleep -___- I was like 'tskkk fuck off' 

Once I swear, the next moment, my ears got back to peace. The sound was gone.
It was just one second. So I got back to sleep very quickly..

Till I felt better the next morning, just realized what the fuck happened last night.
Called my mother immediately and went home to pray. 
Sifu gave me 4 hu tao aha but things still happen after ..

Incident #2 :
The scariest shit I've ever met in my entire life. Not alone, but with my friends, 5 of us.
I dont wanna talk about it now. Maybe next time..

HHAHAHHAHA diao geh.

Incident #3 :
Last night. I was heading out at 11pm something to grab supper with my friend. As usual, to talk non sense with my girlfriends, I sent them snapchats. ( Because we are close like that!! ) Ps: download snapchat & add me karweigoay & send me shits!  I loveeeeee that app! 
Okay back to the topic, 
I was sitting alone in living room on the couch waiting for my friend to come pick me up.
Checking on how do I look with my phone front's camera, what girls usually do right! 
Suddenly!! I saw a fucking shadow walk passed by behind me
I turned around immediately, but no one was there! NO ONE NO ONE NO ONE
So I was like

Dont tell me it was optical illusion or some shits, I fucking swear I saw something.
My friend arrived on time, I got into the car as fast as I could, ran like wind okay warao.
Once I did, my body started to ache like a motherfucker.
I mean for real! I didnt know why, my arms, my back and shoulder part super pain like I've got hit by baseball bat  (I know this feeling because.. been there -____-)

Very scary okay you wanna appear neh mind but dont make my body ache can.
Still need to party okay.

Incident #4 :
The next morning, (The day after I bumped into ghost)
I was feeling nauseous throughout the entire morning so I skipped class a bit. 
When I was packing, getting ready to go home, I saw something, made me totally collapse #崩溃
Roommate leave her laptop on while she went to shower.
Guess what, I saw the face of 唱大戏's actor/actresses on my roommate's laptop screen, 
as if its smiling at me. 
I looked at it from far, I thought it was like an advertisement of China website or something.
But then I glanced at it for the second time, 
I recalled of the weird sound I heard when I was down with food poisoning.
Stared in blank for a while. I was so scared, like totally, couldnt move nor speak.
Then my roommate came back in after few minutes, the face disappeared from the screen.
I couldnt say a thing, I have no proofs.
This is too much.

I kept all my stuff the fastest speed I can. 
Waited for my friend downstairs, I couldnt even sit on the couch anymore.
This place scared me, I didnt even feel like spending anymore minute or even second there.

Now I am home, typing this in my mother's room because I need company otherwise I cant say this. Wtff useless right but you come try and see, I havent even collapse for the first 3 times, but the 4th,  too much to bare. 
It looked like it was smiling at me, with some sort of evil grin. Oh pleaseee
I am just one normal girl, what do you expect me to do.

Not to be mentioned, my legs are full of bruises.

I went for a pray just now hope everything goes well from now onward.
Moving out from that house soon.. cant do this anymore
Once I posted status on FB, many of my friends came up and told me that they had heard stuff of my hostel already, it is already famous by having dirty things inside, some of them even witnessed before me. Aiksss

Best luck to me.
The end people, there go the stories. Lets see if one day I'll blog about incident #2